Your On-Line Guide to Spessartite Garnet: Meaning,Color and Benefits

What is Spessartite Garnet?

Known as the Garnet of the Sun,
before called spessartite, Spessartine is one of the lesser-known and
rarer varieties of Garnet. Because of its bright orange color, it is
also known as Mandarin garnet. The name spessartine comes from the
Spessart district of Bavaria. Spessartine can be confused with hessonite
garnet or yellow topaz. Yet, upon detailed inspection, its lace or
feather-like inclusions make spessartine distinguishable.From the point
of view of color, fenderite is an orange garnet without brownish tones,
with a vivid orange color. Its color definition is limited by its
internal iron content: when the iron content is high, fenderite appears
orange and brownish-red; when the iron content is low, fenderite appears
golden orange, and more garnets appear golden orange, this golden
orange color is similar to the color of Fanta drinks, hence the name

Colors of Spessartite

Depending on its chemical composition, the stone can range in color from orange to dark red, reddish-brown, orange-pink, orange-red, brownish-yellow, and sometimes almost black. Bright orange specimen, but, is the most prized.

History of Spessartine Garnet

In 1991, in the Kunene River basin in northwestern Namibia, on the border with Angola, some shimmering orange-red crystals were discovered after the sun had set on the pristine land. Because of their distinctive fiery orange color, they were initially called “Hollandine Dutch stones”. It was later identified as an unseen garnet, whose brilliance and brilliance redefined the concept of jewelry-quality manganese alunite garnets. Any simple naming by chemistry, geography or color is clearly not enough to describe its moving nature. Thus, the name of an orange-flavored soda representing happy fun was successfully borrowed – Fanta – the fenda stone. As a noble representative of manganese aluminous garnet, the orange tone of Fanta is controlled by manganese, but its final color is influenced by the element iron. It takes on an orange-red or brownish-red hue when the iron content is high, and a citrusy golden-orange color when the iron content is low. To obtain a pure, bright and vivid orange, the ratio of manganese to iron must be just right
Since Spessartite garnet has become more and more popular in recent years, first-tier brands such as Chaumet and Chanel are also very fond of using spessartite garnet, but this has not caused the price of fenderite to skyrocket over time. The market price of top quality fenderite is around US$1000 per carat; the market price of 3-5 carat fenderite with no defects visible to the naked eye is around US$400-800 per carat; the wearable grade fenderite is only about US$200, so fenderite is in a noble but not expensive stage, which is a good time to invest.

Meaning of Spessartine Garnet gemstone

Spessartine has many positive attributes as a healing stone. , t treats lactose intolerance and other problems in assimilating calcium. Mentally, it is a great stone for those who lack confidence. It helps the wearer recognize his strengths, and allows him to start on his true life path. Spessartine has also been said to stimulate the analytical parts of the mind.Its color can make people feel warm and relaxed

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