Your Guide to Beautiful Emerald and Diamond Ring

A ring is the most valuable procession a woman can own. Evan Esar once said that.

The bright sparkle of a diamond ring often renders a woman stone-blind to the defects of the man who gives it.

However, the quest to find a beautiful emerald and diamond ring is not easy. Sometimes the cuts are not satisfactory. Sometimes people are looking for heirloom pieces and require a diamond ring that can be easily worn for generations. This guide will help in finding the beautiful and worthy emerald and diamond rings.

BBB GEM is a renowned global jewellery company. With more than 15 years of experience, they specialise in designing custom made jewellery. They have a wide range of rings from engagement rings to wedding rings, moonstone, and diamond wedding bands. They deal, not only in rings, but also in earrings, pendants, and necklaces.

The gemstones can also of the customers choice like emerald, sapphire, garnet, amethyst, alexandrite etc. The metal can be 10k, 14k, 18k, 925 Sterling silver, platinum etc. They have a skilled team which makes each piece by hand. They believe in providing the best customer service. They are goal is

Best Design, Best Quality, Best Price

BBBGEM has an all-rounder team including draftsmen, jewellery designers, jewellery makers, photographers, shippers, and custom representatives. Their products are unique and affordable. They take pride in their products being simple and elegant. BBBGEM uses carefully hand-picked diamonds and stones for their customers. High quality and fashionable products are their trademark.

emerald and diamond ring

Diamond Wedding Rings

Following are some of the products that will be a valuable addition to your jewellery collection.

Vintage Sapphire and Diamonds Wedding Band

This product is a band ring for women with white gold stacking and half eternity. It is available in a wide range of sizes and colours. This round cut blue sapphire and diamond ring is a perfect addition to your jewellery collection. The metal usually is either 14k or 18k gold.

Unique Moissanite/ Diamond Wedding Band

This is a woman’s curved white/rose gold stacking ring with half eternity. This pave set with baguette cut moissanite wedding band is for women who like beautiful and delicate design jewellery. It is available in many sizes and 14k or 18k metal.

Antique Floral Diamond Wedding Ring

This is a stackable 14k and 18k white gold diamond ring. The diamond is b001 and is the perfect gift for anniversaries. This art deco wedding band is of floral design and has an antique design which will also be suitable for making it an heirloom piece. This design and cut are available in a variety of sizes.

Gold Cushion Morganite Engagement Diamond Ring

This is a split shank styled rose gold engagement ring.

The stone is cushion shaped and the metal is 14k and 18k gold. This is a modern and sleek design ring. It is a 2-piece set with an 8 X 8 mm cushion cut natural pink morganite. It also has a 0.24 carat round cut natural conflict free diamonds. This is an extravagant product and is a custom-made product.

White Gold Diamond Wedding Band

This is a 14k white gold diamond wedding band perfect for an anniversary gift. This ring has an art deco antique design with mil grain full eternity. This product has a wide variety of designs and can also be customised in different gold types (white/yellow/rose). This ring is famously known as the April birthstone ring in the world. This is also a 0.24 carat round cut natural conflict free diamond. This is usually matched with other rings to give you the look you desire.

Rose gold Engagement and Wedding Diamond Ring

This beautiful product is an art deco diamond wedding band with a half eternity matching promise ring. The gemstone and diamonds ring are available in solid 14/18k gold and the diamonds can be upgraded. The main stone is a natural conflict free diamond with round cut design. The gemstone can be made of morganite, moissanite, aquamarine, topaz, amethyst, garnet, ruby, and so on. The product can be customised according to your style and gemstone requirements. Matching rings with different diamond cuts are also available.

Roberto Melecio’s Full Eternity VS Diamond Ring

This ring is a full eternity diamond and amethyst matching band with an infinity style. This is a custom-made design and is usually available in size 9. It also has VS diamonds and VS amethyst. It is available in rose gold with 18k gold metal.

A ring on the finger is worth two on the phone. We will, this is entirely true.

Following are some of the most beautiful emerald rings that would be timeless and worthy for your liking.Emerald Wedding Rings

Vintage Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring

An emerald engagement ring holds a special meaning. The emerald gemstone was used to represent gods and goddesses in some cultures and was believed to have a sacred religious significance. Emerald rings were given on engagements with prayers and wishing them luck, peace, and longevity to their marriage.

This emerald ring contains an 8 X 10 mm lab curated emerald located on a marquise diamond band. This vintage ring is redefined with a modern inspired oval cut and real diamond side stones. This can be made in rose gold and white gold. This will be a perfect gift to express your love and feelings for your other half. This is available in all sizes and comes with a matching band too.

Following is the product description:

1 Carat Teardrop Emerald Engagement Ring

This ring has a pear-shaped stone along with a matching band. It has a 14k yellow gold art deco matching mil grain stacking design and is available in all sizes. Emerald engagement and wedding ring sets are very popular these days. A stack of 2 or more rings is in demand. The emerald stone in the ring is lab treated (with heating and diffusion treating methods). The teardrop emerald is sized at 6 X 8 mm with VS 1 carat fitting. This is a custom-made product. The desi and the stone can change according to your demands. This also comes with a payment plan and return policy. Moreover, this set is currently on a 30 percent sale.

White Gold 14K Round Emerald Wedding Ring

This ring is an art deco style round cut emerald wedding and engagement ring. It is available in all sizes and a wide variety of gold types. The gemstone is a 6 X 8 mm pear cut Columbia lab emerald and the side stones are natural diamonds. Emeralds are in fashion and this ring is as fashionable as it looks. It would be an ideal gift for your loved ones and a perfect addition to your jewellery collection.

Halo Emerald Engagement Ring Set

This emerald ring is a marquise cut cluster ring from the rose gold bridal set collection. It comes in solid 14k white, rose, and yellow gold. The emerald in this beautiful ring is a 6 X 8 mm pear cut and lab curated. The diamond halo stone is around 0.12 carats, and the set design is prong. It comes with a matching band that is a moissanite pear cut band with 5 X 3 mm width and 0.03 carat diamonds around it.

This is a 14k white gold fiony ring. It comes with lab emerald accents with an intense vivid green marquise emerald. The size is 10 X 5 mm, and the set is a prong or pave designed. It comes in all sizes and a wide variety of gold metals i.e., yellow, white, and rose gold. Moreover, this product is also on 40 percent sale. Emerald rings are very trendy and such kinds of vintage designs are worthy of keeping them as an heirloom piece.Vintage Marquise Fiony Emerald and Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

Two Tone Natural Oval Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring

The emerald engagement rings are significant and have a specific meaning. It symbolises luck, peace, and longevity for your lover. This two-tone swirl emerald ring is a charm. It has a spectacular oval cut centre stone held in a prong setting with two white marquise cut diamonds on both sides of the centre stone. This graceful ring features a two-tone pattern. Furthermore, the ring is augmented by tiny dazzling baguette cut diamonds embedded on a white gold band. It is beautiful and elegant.

Following are the details and the picture of this enchanting emerald diamond ring.

emerald and diamond ring 2021

Solitaire Natural Emerald and Diamond Baguette Cut Engagement Ring

This is a Tapered Baguette inspired engagement ring with natural emeralds. The emerald cut emerald is a 6 X 8 mm with side baguette diamonds, radiating its hue of abundance. The emerald and diamonds are embellished on a 14k white gold ring held in a prong setting.

This ring has a ring queen floral design. This is an elegant piece of jewellery and will capture anyone’s eye. It has a unique vintage design with embodying floral elegance. The emerald cut emerald sits amidst a shimmering moissanite/diamond halo. The emerald and diamonds are embellished on a 14k white gold ring held in a prong setting. It is a fine piece of jewellery and will let you in awe.

Split Shank Natural Emerald and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

This beautiful ring design is inspired from Princess Diana’s engagement ring. The central stone is a natural emerald with a width of 7 X 5 mm. The ring embodies a floral elegance with a vintage split shank emerald. The emerald and diamonds are embellished on a 14k white gold ring held in a prong setting. It radiates its hues of abundance. It weighs approximately 1.2 carat, and the accent stones are natural diamonds. It is usually available in 14k/18k yellow gold.

To sum up all of this, Friedrich Schiller’s saying will suffice.

This ring for me is far most dear of all this isle within it knows.

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