Your Complete Guide To Buying Alexandrite Rings—35 Elegant Alexandrite Engagement Rings Online 2023

Indeed, diamonds are forever, but there are not a lot of gemstones that are as mysteriously enchanting as alexandrite, which makes it the perfect engagement ring option. The stone is rare and its ever-changing hue makes it extremely special and just the ideal engagement ring for brides who something special.

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What Is Alexandrite?

Alexandrite Engagement Ring Plain Gold Band 145/18K- 6x8mm Oval

Alexandrite is a the rare variety of gemstones that belong to the Chrysoberyl family. It is generally known for being a pleochroic stone, which means it changes color according to its setting. Alexandrite has a green to greenish-blue appearance in broad daylight but has a reddish to purplish-red hue and in some cases, pinkish appearance under incandescent or candlelight.

By GIA:”Often described by gem aficionados as “emerald by day, ruby by night,” alexandrite is the very rare color-change variety of the mineral chrysoberyl. Originally discovered in Russia’s Ural Mountains in the 1830s, it’s now found in Sri Lanka, East Africa, and Brazil, but fine material is exceptionally rare and valuable”.Alexandrite is a birthstone for June,and so is the 

The History of Alexandrite Gemstones

The first discovery of alexandrite occurred in 1834 in 
emerald mines near the Tokovaya River in the Urals. It is believed that the gemstone’s name alexandrite comes from Russian tsar Alexander II , because it was discovered the the same day he came of age. Because of the red and green colors it displays, which were also the colors of the old imperial Russia, it was adopted the national stone of tsarist Russia. This stone’s regal history and rarity make it extra special and exclusive.

The Types of Alexandrite Engagement Rings:

Natural Alexandrite Engagement Rings

Natural alexandrite of the high-quality will usually change from Green to Red color according to different light sources. The change is so unique that no hints of green appear in the red, and no hints of the red appear in the green. Just by turning in light, the gem can appear to have magically transformed entirely from one color to another. Natural stones that have this property of changing color are extremely rare and are some of the most sought after. However, keep in mind that there are lower quality alexandrites which look more like water color painting, with some purple spilling into the green and vice versa.

LabCreated Alexandrite Engagement Rings

The hardness, color change, and chemical composition of lab-created alexandrite is the same as its natural namesake. However, with regards to color, the lab-created variety has a green hue, which tends to lean more to bluish compared to the natural version. Its red hue tends to lean more to purplish. The color change of true lab-created stones is more spectacular.

Simulated Alexandrite

Simulated alexandrite refers to a version called Alex, but is not really an alexandrite stone. There are tons of simulants out there. Whether it occurs naturally or lab-created. It is important to watch out for simulants as this variety does not change color or change into the wrong color. Some are not even the right color to start with. Also, most simulated stones don’t measure up in durability. Simulants have been made since the 1800’s due to its mystical lure. So if you are searching for an alexandrite engagement ring, then keep in mind that being antique does not translate to authenticity. Always buy from trustworthy jewelers that have tested and examined the stone.

How to Pick a Alexandrite Engagement Ring

To choose natural alexandrite engagement ring center stone, the main considerations couples should have in mind are the color and color change, clarity, size, and certification. However, the most important aspect to consider in choosing a natural alexandrite stone is its color change. High-quality natural alexandrite change color from a sharp blueish-green color to a full red or purplish-red color. The value of an alexandrite stone is determined by how fully it changes color. The color change quality scales include three options: “weak”, “moderate”, “strong.” The color change of about 85% is sharpest in the finest stones, moderate shows around 50% of color change and weak color change can only be slightly noticed.


High-quality alexandrite is green to blue-green under sunlight, and red to purple-red under incandescent lamps.


Good quality alexandrite has few inclusions. Rarely, needle-like inclusions create a cat’s-eye.


Alexandrite is most often available in mixed cuts. Its rarity means it is often cut to save weight.


Most cut gems weigh less than one carat. Larger, higher-quality gems rise in price dramatically.


The shape of the stone has the least effect on the rarity.Pear Shapes, Marquis and Round might be popular shapes for smaller alexandrite rings.
Ovals, Cushions, & Emerald Cuts are more desirable when it comes to large sizes.

How to Care for Your Alexandrite Ring

It is not hard to take care of your alexandrite ring Since it is a pretty hard stone. It is recommended to use a soft brush like an old toothbrush as well as with soap and water at room temperature. For a more in-depth clean, you can visit the jeweler you purchased the ring from. These experts are trained at cleaning your ring using steam, sonic clean. This type of drain cleaning is called full detailing.

You can also clean at home by putting the ring in a bowl of water, add some drops of plain dish detergent, then rinse and dry the jewelry using a soft cloth. even though alexandrite might be hard, but it is not as hard and durable as diamond. so you should take care to remove it before doing any activity like heavy cleaning, swimming, exercising, or using chemicals.

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