Why the opal engagement ring is an excellent alternative to a diamond ring?

Reasons To Choose Opal Engagement Rings Over Classic Diamond Rings

If you want to start your love journey by making a unique decision, we suggest you go with opal engagement rings instead of the common diamond ring option. After all a diamond ring is not the only choice available. Moreover, if you belong to the zodiac sign Taurus and Libra then opal featuring a dazzling mix of color is a perfect choice.

If you are bored with the diamond forever trend and want to choose something classier for your engagement ring. Then you should immediately scroll down and learn about opal engagement rings to make the best possible choice.

Opal engagement rings

What Is Opal?

Opal is a silica-based gem. It exhibits a dazzling effect which is known as the play of colors. Australia produces 90% of the world’s opal. The play of color in opal gives the sensation of a rainbow bouncing around inside the stone. Opal forms when mineral-rich water evaporates and leaves behind opal in the shape of the crevice.

History Of Opal:

Opal is present in history as the most precious stone. Many writers and philosophers compare it to volcanoes, fireworks, and galaxies.

Many cultures credit this kaleidoscopic gem with supernatural powers. Likewise, Arabic philosophers believed that it falls from heaven in flashes of lightning. On the other hand, Europeans consider this magical stone as a symbol of hope, purity, and truth.

Facts About Opal:

Opal belongs to hydrated silica minerals. It has a refractive index of 1.37-1.47. Opal is a soft stone compared to other stones. It has a 5 to 6.5 hardness on the Mohs scale. Moreover, opal contains up to 20% of water trapped in its silica structure.

Best Colors For Opal Engagement Rings:

The best thing about opal is it comes in a variety of colors. So you should select your color of love from these amazing colors.

White opal:

White opal is common in the market because it shows rainbow color flashes on a white background. However, these flashes may be long or broad, or small and glittery. If you want to choose a white opal engagement ring go for a bright multi-colored play of color to steal the glance.

Mexican fire opal:

This amazing bright fiery orange stone is a heavenly beautiful. On the other hand, fire opal is more transparent than other opals. If you and your spouse want to choose fire opal you should go for great clarity to make sure there are no cracks.

Black and grey opal:

Black opal is the most rarest and expensive form of opal. The smoky body color is the hallmark of beauty. Black opal consists of dark background on which there is a dramatic play of color with a flash of red, blue, green, and yellow. Couples should therefore choose a black opal engagement ring with the play of colors extends fully across the stone.

Crystal opal:

This jelly –clear crystal with fleshes of color is the most regal choice you can make. Crystal opal has an extravagant play of color therefore its main body color becomes unnoticed. Couples who want to choose crystal opal should check the stone for a high degree of transparency from all angles.

Boulder opal:

Boulder opal is a unique stone because it includes parts of the rock it was found in. If you want to choose a boulder opal engagement ring for your soul mate go for well- proportioned well-polished gems.

Why You Should Choose Opal Engagement Rings Instead Of Diamond Rings?

After knowing so much about opal, we are sure, you would prefer it over diamonds especially if you are on a budget. After all, the stone is budget-friendly while offering a stunning view. And if you still have some confusion we will clear these by stating three important facts about opals.

Opals are beautiful, unique and have no substitute:

No doubt that sparkly diamond melts your heart every time you see it. But why not break the chain and go for something rare and exquisite to set your own trend. Opals are beautiful, elegant and fall into the list of top five most gorgeous stones for engagement rings. Moreover, no other gem could display the shiny rainbow sensation that you will find in opal. Even diamond don’t have this property. Isn’t it something to drool over?

Opals show splendid blazes of colors that change at each point, with a wide reach (and extraordinary blend) of tones it creates magic. There’s no alternate we can suggest that gives you a practically identical look.

Opals engagement rings are not pricey like diamonds rings:

Have a low budget and want the most enchanting ring? Then you should buy an opal engagement ring. Opals are not as expensive as shiny diamond stones. You can easily get white opal for $150-400. Therefore if durability is not your concern you can easily choose opal.

Opal engagement ring durability is not an issue when handling with care:

Yes, we know opal is the softest stone found and it is somehow vulnerable to wear and tear. But many people reported wearing opal engagement rings for years and years. It’s just as you have to be a little careful and you will have this low pricey elegant stone on your finger forever.

How To Care For Your Opal?

As discussed above you can care for your opal and in return, it will remain your forever partner.

Activities and precautions:

Opals are generally delicate gemstones that contain up to 21% water. To keep them looking new, you’ll need to dodge scratches and enormous fluctuations in moisture content. Keeping away from scratches implies taking your opal ring off for sports, work out, dishwashing, and different exercises where it’s probably going to be slammed. Remove your ring before going in pools and try not to leave it for significant stretches in direct daylight.

Setting style:

Loves an opal engagement ring. Then you should have chosen the right style to protect it. A bezel setting is so popular because it secures opal in a way that it is not under stress. Furthermore, this delicate design will steal the show.

Opal engagement rings

Opal cleaning:

Keep your opal ring clean. We recommend cleaning your opal using warm water, mild dish soap, and a soft cloth. Simplicity is the best approach to cleaning it.

Cleaning mistakes to avoid:

Do not clean the stone using a toothbrush or firmer brushes to avoid any scratch. Remember to avoid industrial cleanser and diamond jewelry cleanser as it is harsh for opal. We don’t recommend using ultrasonic or steam cleaners.

Moreover do not soak your opal jewelry in water as this will lead to changing its appearance due to high water content. For instance, your opal is immersed in water dry it naturally at room temperature it will be back to its original state in hours or days. However, do not use high temperatures to dry your opal. The high temperature will lead to cracking and crazing.

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