Why a Pearl Ring is Perfect For Your Daily Wear?

Why Choose Pearl Ring As Your Day To Day Wear Jewelry?

Pearls have been the talk of the town for centuries, when it comes to buy wedding jewelry. People call it a gemstone that represents wisdom, innocence, elegance, sophistication, and purity. Pearls are eye-catching and simply-stunning. A pearl ring is always people’s first choice, when they want a perfect alternative to diamond rings.

However, many people ask a question that would it also be a right choice for daily wear? So, the big question is that is it really a worth buying a pearl ring when you will be wearing it daily? This article is going to answer all your questions.

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Should You Buy a Pearl Ring for Daily Wear?

Different people have different opinions regarding the daily use of the pearl rings. Some might call it as an unreliable selection for the daily wear because they believe that pearls are relatively soft gemstones. However, there are several other compelling reasons that make it a perfect choice for daily wear. Here are some of the major reasons why you should opt for a pearl ring for daily wear.

1. Variety of Choices

A normal perception about pearls is that they are white sphere, perfectly round gemstones. However, it doesn’t stop here. Pearls are available in a variety of shapes and colors. This is something that many people are not aware of.

From Black Tahitian to Golden South Sea pearls, there are literally so many options available for almost everyone. Irregular shape pearls are highly popular and sought-after options these days. Because of their irregular shapes, you can easily add a personal touch and style to your daily wear ring.

2. Pearls Complement Any Outfit

Yes, you can wear pearl rings with almost any outfit you have. You can buy it on your engagement, and then literally use it with any outfit and jewelry you have in your collection. Be it a formal or casual outfit, pearl rings look stunning with almost any outfit.

How? A black or white pearl blend easily with any jewelry and complements the overall look. So, people who say pearl rings are not a good choice for daily wear should rethink.

3. Affordability

Comparing the price of pearl rings with other popular gemstones like diamonds will show you how economical pearls are. The price of a standard diamond ring can be around $500 or more. On the other hand, the same size pearl ring will be available around $250 only.

So, there is an immense difference between the prices of the two gemstones, while pearls still are eye-catching and stunning. However, the price of pearl rings may also go upwards with the quality of metal and craftsmanship. If you are planning to buy a ring for daily wear, then the competitive prices of pearl rings is one major reason of choosing this gemstone.

4. A Unique Option

Pearl rings are quite unique as most people opt for the other gemstones like diamonds, rubies or sapphires for engagements. You can go unique by choosing a pearl engagement ring at competitive rates, and then use it on a daily basis. When wearing a high-quality pearl ring, you would be getting compliments from many people around you. Just try it.

5. Great Symbolism

When we talk about gemstones, then most people take it as symbol of something. In fact, many choose to buy a particular gemstone for its particular symbolism. In case of pearls, they are associated with harmony, innocence, peace, purity, and wisdom. These all are the characteristics that are ideal for all relationships. So, if you believe in symbolism, then this is another good reason why you should opt for pearls for daily wear.

6. Pearls Complements and Skin Tone

This is an important factor that many people ignore while buying an engagement ring or even a ring for daily wear. It is important that the gemstone you buy must complement your skin tone. Fortunately, the two popular colors of pearl, black and white, adjust very well to almost any skin tone. This is an advantage that doesn’t really come with many other gemstones. So, whatever skin tone you have, you should know that pearls will look nice on you.

7. Pearls are Avant-Grade, and Traditional Too

You are special, and you need something to wear that is special too. Pearls stand out of the rest because they are traditional and Avant-Grade at the same time. It means that you will have a mix of both tradition and modern-day jewel ideas. This is another big factor why pearls are most popular choice for daily wear rings.

8. Versatility

Do you know that pearls are known as the most versatile jewelry? Through ages, pearls have also been recognized as symbol of fidelity, strength and power. Pearls can be used on many occasions, such as anniversaries, engagements, or on any event as they represent fine tradition. You can say “Pearls are forever”.

So, aren’t these enough convincing reasons to say that pearl rings are great for daily wear? The only thing to be concerned about is to ensure that you are buying the right, high quality pearls.

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Care and Maintenance of Pearl Jewelry

You should wear your pearl rings semi-often, if not every day. Originally, pearls are found in the water and they benefit greatly from absorbing your skin oil during the day. To remove excess oil, dirt, perfume or sweat on pearls, you should use a soft cloth to wipe gently. Do not put your pearl rings close to the objects, such as jewelry as such objects may produce scratches on pearl. When not using, you should wrap your pearl rings in a soft cloth or linen.

You can also use a soft pouch to store your pearl ring. Pearls must not be stored in airtight packages like plastic bags. You need to understand that pearls require moisture for long life. We also recommend you to keep your pearl rings away from hydrogen peroxide, chlorine bleach, vinegar, perfume, hairspray, ammonia, and other cosmetics. These are the substances that can damage the surface of pearl.

In a Nutshell

Pearls are relatively soft gemstones, and many people take it as a drawback. However, it does not mean at all that you should totally avoid it. Apart from its soft nature, there are several other welcoming features of pearls to take a look at.

You can literally wear your pearl ring any day and on any occasion. If taken care of properly, the pearl rings can easily last for years. Choosing the right pearl ring and taking care of it in a proper way is all what you need.

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