Which is the best blue sapphire engagement ring for her?

Engagement Ring: Everything You Need to Know

blue sapphire engagement ring

Do you know the history of blue sapphire engagement ring? Do you know what the tradition is? How to use? The difference between engagement ring and engagement ring? We made a post suuuuuuuper completion for you to know everything!

Marriage proposal with blue sapphire engagement ring

Making a marriage proposal with a wedding ring is more frequent in Brazil. The two people wear a ring on the ring finger of their right hand, symbolizing the commitment between the two.

On the wedding day they can be replaced with new ones or simply change hands, for the ring finger of the left hand. This change occurs because the wedding ring must be worn in the hand on the side of the heart.

How much does an engagement ring cost?

It all depends on what you are looking for: style, design, material and gems. From marriage proposals with improvised blue sapphire engagement ring (very cute), tattoos, wedding rings, family rings or solitaires the size of celebrities’ ice cubes, all wishes are possible when you think about this meaningful jewel.

Depending on what you are looking for, an engagement ring requires a high investment. That’s because it involves gems in larger sizes and in more quantity in addition to noble metals like gold or platinum.

Which stone to choose?

Diamonds are still the darlings of brides, but some gems have special meaning and everything depends on taste and symbolism. What is not lacking are wonderful gems, such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires, in addition to semi-precious stones such as aquamarine, turquoise, amethyst, garnet, among many others.

The quantity of stones also has meaning: 1 stone means union, being two in one. Three stones are used one for each stage of the relationship: I loved you, I love you and I will always love you.

How to wear the blue sapphire engagement ring?

A country’s local traditions and habits have evolved and adapted to social changes. And it also depends on the willingness of each one to wear an engagement ring or ring.

If you follow the traditional line, use the blue sapphire engagement ring on the ring finger of your right hand.

If you don’t care about traditions, the right finger to wear the engagement ring is the finger you want.

In short, but you don’t need to take it literally:

Engagement ring is worn only by the bride on the ring finger in either hand.

Engagement rings are usually worn on the ring finger of the right hand.

Wedding rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

Wedding rings can be used with the accompaniment of the engagement ring and / or ring trimmer.

Upon completing 40 years of marriage, the couple celebrates the emerald wedding. A shared life deserves a special celebration, whether with friends, family or two. Check out gift tips for this special date and celebrate in style!

A new honeymoon with blue sapphire ring

With 40 years of marriage, the couple must have already visited many incredible destinations and created stories that will remain in their memories forever. At the emerald wedding, how about revisiting or knowing the destination of dreams?

This tip applies both to the present and as a celebration planned by the couple themselves. Another option is to visit four special destinations for the couple, each representing a decade of the relationship.

Jewelry with emeralds

Giving jewelry is always a great idea. A symbol of sophistication, a jewel is a special gift. At the emerald wedding, how about giving a beautiful blue sapphire engagement ring?

The yellow gold Imperial ring has beautiful emerald quartz of 4.88 carats in its center, complemented with 26 diamond points and two crystals that add up to 1.31 carats of a lot of shine and beauty.

Another great option is the basic imperial earring. With emerald quartz and yellow gold, this earring conveys sophistication and luxury and its versatility allows it to be worn on a daily basis or on special occasions.

Blue sapphire engagement ring brings Legacy memories

Another possible gift to celebrate the emerald wedding is the creation of a kind of timeline with the couple’s life up to that point. Photos, videos, small memories and significant objects can be brought together to exalt life for two.

In addition to a gift between the couple, this idea can also be developed by the couple’s children. These memories are more than a celebration. They are also a way of showing respect for a lasting and exemplary union.

Ruby Jewelry

According to the jewelry table in Brazil, the stone that symbolizes the emerald wedding is ruby. Symbol of eternal love, the ruby perfectly matches the proposal of the day.

The Red Carpet ring in yellow gold with ruby and diamonds is a unique gift for the emerald wedding. With a central ruby of 50 points, two diamonds in a 10-point navette and 40 more points distributed by the bezel, this jewel is the perfect gift!

Another beautiful ring to give as a gift on this very special date is blue sapphire engagement ring, with a ruby surrounded by 38 one-point diamonds. Perfect for women with attitude and good taste, this ring brings sophistication and luxury to the look.

In which hand is the engagement ring used?

World tradition says that the engagement ring should be worn on the ring finger of the left hand. This can cause a bit of confusion, since everywhere, there are people who wear a commitment ring instead of the ring during the engagement, and then it changes to the left hand.

blue sapphire engagement ring

So let’s explain what the conventional rules are for each type of jewelry. Remembering that these traditional rules are only suggestions for you to orient yourself. But you can break them up and use them in whatever way you think makes the most sense for the couple.

The engagement ring

The engagement ring, when given to the bride, should be placed on the ring finger of the left hand. The groom remains wearing nothing during the engagement.

On the wedding day, the blue sapphire engagement ring can be worn along with the wedding ring. It will also be placed on the left hand. Or the ring can be exchanged for the right hand. If the option is to change, the bride needs to pay attention to the size of the ring. You may need adjustments if the finger of the other hand is a different size, which can happen.


There are some couples who choose to wear blue sapphire engagement ring during their engagement. In this case, the rings are used on the ring finger of the right hand. From the date of the wedding, these rings are used on the left hand.

Now you know which hand you use the engagement ring on. If you still have doubts about the differences between engagement ring and wedding ring, check out this complete post that explains on this subject.

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