Which is most favorite bride moonstone wedding ring?

You finally want to buy your moonstone wedding ring? With us you will find an unbelievable selection! This ensures the individuality of the wedding rings, which we offer exclusively for the wedding ceremony and of course for the engagement.

Buying wedding rings: how do you choose your rings?

When preparing for the wedding take the wedding rings a central position. There is a lot to consider. When you first look into the unbelievable world of wedding rings, you will surely notice that these rings are available in countless variants and price ranges.

That concerns their material, the color, the shape and the stones. There are also an infinite number of designs. Therefore, every couple can buy very special, perfectly fitting wedding rings from us. They can consist of various gold alloys, but also of platinum, palladium, titanium or stainless steel. There are even more variants, just have a look at our shop! If you are thinking of engagement rings, you will of course also find them with us.

Which is most favorite moonstone wedding ring for bride?

Moonstone wedding ring is preferred by the bride, but there are also men with engagement rings. For wedding rings, however, the unwritten law applies: Both partners wear them and therefore choose them together.

This beautiful custom is ancient and is still practiced today all over the world, regardless of religions and cultural customs. When couples buy their wedding rings, they pay particular attention to these characteristics:

Moonstone wedding ring 5 Trends

Material: Gold is the classic, but there are many other materials that are just as valuable (platinum, palladium) or cheaper, but very beautiful. Take a look around the shop and decide in peace!

Price: Wedding rings can, but do not have to be, infinitely expensive. The following applies: We offer you the right wedding rings for every budget.

Stone: The diamond or brilliant very often adorns the bride’s wedding ring, but there are also other possibilities.

Engraving: The engraving on your wedding rings is practically a must and doesn’t cost too much either. There is hardly a couple who do without the engraved wedding date.

Design: This depends entirely on your personal taste. Moonstone wedding ring can be very classic, simple and elegant, but also very modern in design.

Ancient tradition of wedding rings

Wedding rings couples put on each other’s fingers in ancient times. Their shape symbolizes infinity and permanence. The ancient Romans and Egyptians wore them on their left ring finger.

Romans love for moonstone wedding ring

With the Romans it was rather unusual for husbands to wear a wedding ring. Rather, the bride received this as a “confirmation of receipt” when the husband had received the dowry. A holdover from this period is our modern custom of only allowing women to wear engagement rings, although there are now exceptions to this.

The fact that we wear the engagement ring on the left and the wedding ring on the right in Germany and Austria is, by the way, an exception on a global scale: In most countries and cultures it is worn on the left hand as it has been since ancient times.

The engraving in the rings is also very old. One thing has been preserved over the millennia: the wedding ring is probably the strongest symbol of loyalty.

Buy moonstone wedding ring made of yellow gold

Yellow gold is a classic material and is therefore still the most popular choice for wedding rings. The various alloys 333, 585 and 750 yellow gold are available for this purpose. We have noticed that couples like to buy wedding rings from us, which are made of the 585 yellow gold alloys.

A wonderful example of this is moonstone wedding ring set. The surface is matt sand, the set is exceptionally beautiful. Its unique setting is what makes this ring so valuable. Of course, other alloys are also possible. Their numbers are easy to interpret because they always refer to 1,000 parts. The 585 gold therefore contains 58.5% gold.

What is the weight of moonstone wedding ring?

That corresponds to 14 carat gold. The carat number relates to weight, it is a traditional reference value. 24 carats would be pure gold with 99.99% gold. 585 gold is considered to be of very high quality and durable, and it will withstand the many years of your marriage with ease.

750 gold is even more valuable, but also a little more sensitive. Ultimately, the choice of alloy is a matter of taste and price.

Buy wedding rings made of white gold

White gold also contains platinum, palladium or silver, which changes the color and hardness. The price is also influenced by this. The moonstone wedding ring is exceptionally beautiful examples. The white gold alloy makes the rings a little harder and leads to the special design of white gold that jewelers and goldsmiths invented in the early 20th century.

They first used nickel, which made the rings lighter and much cheaper, which was intentional. However, nickel is allergenic and also not very valuable. That is why it was abandoned and today, as mentioned, white gold is made with platinum, palladium or silver.

How to trade in moonstone wedding ring?

Certain amounts of nickel are no longer allowed. Platinum is just as precious and even rarer than gold. Accordingly, it is expensive; it is usually traded at prices similar to gold. Alternatively, white gold can also be made with the somewhat cheaper palladium or the much cheaper silver.

The latter moonstone wedding ring is very soft (in contrast to the hard platinum), on the other hand, it is also the most shiny metal of all, which makes a white gold ring really sparkle. Again, it is a question of price and taste which you choose. There are other types of alloys, including copper, which leads to red gold. Here you still have very beautiful white gold wedding rings.

When should you buy your wedding rings?

Basically, you can look around for the moonstone wedding ring as soon as the wedding date is set. There are good reasons for this: The wedding costs money in various places, so you have to plan well with your budget. However, you wear the rings all your life. So maybe you should buy your wedding rings first and then take care of the rest.

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