Which is ideal shape for Black Rutilated Quartz Bridal set?

The question of how to choose
Black Rutilated Quartz Bridal set is one of the most important. And the process of choosing and buying is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. We suggest you understand it in detail.


♦ Choice of metal

♦ Fashionable design

♦ Options for the width of wedding rings

♦ Profile selection

Metal selection f

The first thing to do is to decide on the shade of the wedding rings, the type of metal from which the jewelry will be made. Furthermore, making rings from red gold is considered traditional, but there are other options. Variants of white, yellow, combinations of different shades of gold are popular. Silver rings also do not lose their relevance.

Do not underestimate Quartz Bridal set aesthetics

But relying solely on aesthetic preference would be a mistake. It is better to start from a practical point of view, because we buy
Black Rutilated Quartz Bridal set for all years of life together.

Think about which metal options are more to your liking, which are more often used in everyday life. Similarly, it is this metal that you give preference to when choosing wedding rings.

There are various options available for quartz bridal set

Variants made from combinations of different gold are considered practical. Combining several metals in jewelry will allow you to combine jewelry made from different metals. Moreover, combination models are suitable for both men and women. Wear several options in a jewelry store to find the option both in size and according to your liking.

Fashionable design ring with stone

Design solutions for wedding rings are divided into two types: decorated and standard (classic). The classic option is the choice of most of the newlyweds. According to tradition, rings should not have additional details, but be absolutely smooth.

The cost of classic wedding rings is lower than decorated ones, since there are no inserts or additional treatments.

Black Rutilated Quartz Bridal set engraving, cutting, and stones. It is important that the ring does not cling to clothing and is comfortable, since it will be worn every day.

Rings are usually chosen in pairs, but if there is a dispute, use a design that overlaps with each other.

Wedding ring width options a pair of silver rings

The width of the decoration is considered an important criterion. Narrow models are those that have a width of 0.2-0.4 cm, medium ones with parameters of 0.4-0.6 cm, and wide ones – 0.6-0.8 cm. On thin, elongated fingers they look beautifully all models of jewelry.

For a large hand, choose wedding rings with a width of 4-6 mm. For men, a width of 4-8 mm is preferable.

To find out which type of
Black Rutilated Quartz Bridal set suits the best, try on several models continued by the store. An “ideal” accessory will fit your finger as comfortably and beautifully as possible.

Profile selection of Black Rutilated Quartz Bridal set

The profile is the shape of the engagement ring in a cross-section. The comfort of wearing jewelry depends on the profile. Most of the products are characterized by a flat profile, the inner side is flat, and the outer side is rounded.

The current trend in the acquisition of wedding rings is the “comfort fit” profile. Decorations are distinguished by a rounded shape on both sides – inside and outside. This shape of the
Black Rutilated Quartz Bridal set is convenient because the product does not “cut” the finger in case of swelling of the hands.

Choose a comfortable wedding ring

It is customary to wear a wedding ring all the time. But not all the rings you like are equally “fit” on your finger. Similarly, this secret is located on the inner surface of the ring and called profile.

1. There are different ways to determine the size of your fingers.

2. We choose the shape of the ring based on the shape of your fingers.

The huge variety of finger shapes can be summarized in four varieties:

1. Long, thin fingers with articulated joints (dumbbells)

2. Chubby fingers, similar to children, with a constriction on the joints – chubby (sausages)

3. Smooth, straight fingers

4 . Conical toes (carrots)

What should be the shape of Black Rutilated Quartz Bridal set?

To determine the shape of the fingers, you need to raise your hand with the palm towards you and carefully examine the fingers. Look for external signs that indicate a particular shape: The ring on your finger should sit still and not squeeze excess skin from under the splint.

1. Round

2. Triangular

3. Moreover, rectangular

4. Oval

5. Similarly, double round

Chubby fingers will beautifully “settle” into triangular rings

Double rings are good for the glenoid fingers because they will not only fit tightly through the joint, but they will also sit tightly into place.

It should be noted that the most comfortable
Black Rutilated Quartz Bridal set can rightly be considered “soft rings”. In addition, these are difficult to manufacture (6-8 assembly elements) and, unfortunately, are not in such demand as round ones.

Do deep visual inspection

If visual inspection of hands and reading did not give specific results, you need to forget about theory and turn to practice. Visit any Luxury Jewelry Brand store to determine the shape of your fingers. Choose rings of different profiles for trying on, further on, according to the sensations, the most comfortable ones.

6. Learning to read the Black Rutilated Quartz Bridal set label

Luxury jewelry brand produces a huge variety of wedding rings. In the assortment of the Brand there is sure to be a ring that is convenient for you.

Black Rutilated Quartz Bridal set has an alphanumeric article. Similarly, this contains all the information about the product: its shape, profile, width, texture.

Since December 2016, the company has introduced a new encryption of articles for wedding rings. If you are at a loss in defining a profile, find its number in the article number on the label or ask the seller.

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