​What To Look For In a High Quality Citrine Engagement Ring

Big Citrine Neckalce Yellow Gold 13mm Round Cut

Citrine rings are unique pieces of jewelry because of their dazzling look but despite this, are still very affordable. Most people generally think of this dazzling yellow gemstone when they imagine this kind of jewelry, although, in reality, Citrine represents a range of colors. Because of the so many different kinds available on the market, it is actually easier to find one perfectly suited to your partners particular taste. Here are things to look out for when browsing for a citrine engagement ring.

The Gemstone

The first thing to look out for is the quality of the stone. To do this, we can actually determine citrine’s quality the same way we would for diamond. Pay close attention to the very important four C’s that are used to determine basic gemstone quality- color, clarity, cut and carat weight.

One of the defining aspects of identifying a citrine ring is the color, so this is a very critical aspect of determining your jewelry’s quality. Citrine is usually a deep yellow color and this color has to be even throughout the ring although color gradients occur, however, this detracts from other aspects such as the look and feel of the ring.

Because of citrine’s light color, inclusions are clearly visible inside the stone. The clarity is absolutely essential for this gemstone. The general rule for determining clarity with citrine is that if you hold the gem up to the light and there is nothing you can see inside with your eye, then it’s a good gem.

The cut and carat are mostly about personal preferences. Whether gigantic gems or small solitaires, there are high quality gems that fit your tastes and budgets.

The Band

Pear Cut Citrine engagement ring-Solid 14k White gol

A high quality citrine ring needs a band of just as much quality. Look for rings featuring decent precious metal alloys. If you go for silver for instance, the best to settle for is sterling silver at the least. If you are going for gold, then go for something above 14k so as not to degrade the ring’s quality. White gold or sterling silver are used for the popular citrine rings because of the contrast between the yellow stones and the tones of the precious metal, but choosing one is more a case of personal taste. There is also a very feminine citrine heart ring which has a slim polished silver band and has a delicate heart shaped gem set in the center. This design is a great choice for your special sweetheart as a Valentine’s day gift.


6.5mm Round Cut citrine Engagement Wedding

Another thing to look out for is if the ring has any accents. Accents are additional precious or semi-precious gemstones like diamonds or other precious metal in the band like gold alloys. Accents provide a bit of uniqueness that makes it very special. Small diamonds compliment citrine rings well when set in designs where the diamonds completely encircle the center citrine.

In Conclusion, never settle for something inferior. If you take time to inspect the gemstone, band material and accents carefully, you’ll end up with a citrine ring that’ll last for decades and probably your whole lives.

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