What To Know Before Getting Your Unique Emerald Engagement Ring

natural emerald engageemnt rings

Emeralds are arguably the most preferred gems after diamonds for
engagement ring jewelry mountings. These piece of rare green gems exude
elegance, class and style. It’s no surprise that these rare gems come next to
diamond as favorites for ring gem mounting for engagement rings, wedding rings
and so on.

Emerald engagement rings offer so much and getting one not only
requires a substantial amount of cash but a doze of sentiments as well. So it
is necessary that you consider essential points about this gem before you make
a purchase. Here are a list of things to be on the look out for to get the best

Color and Clarity

The first thing to look out for with your emerald gem is color and clarity.
Emeralds are radiant green stones, so you can rest assured you are getting a
good quality if the shade of the emerald green is a bright, luminous one.
Another thing to look out for with emerald gems is the presence of inclusions
in it. Don’t go for gems with blurry spots or discolorations which is a result
of gaps within the gem. However, these gaps can be covered up through gem
treatments with pure oil as it fills the spaces in the gaps eliminating the
cloud look.

Find out if your gem has been treated with oil so that you can avoid
heat maintenance treatment in the future as it could cause the filling oil to
melt out and cause the cloudiness to appear again.

Shape of the Emerald

Examine the gems shape as shaping for mounting is a very important aspect
of making a perfect emerald ring. Emeralds are tough stones but can quickly
develop inner gaps which can cause them to break during the shaping process.
The more complex the cut, the more expensive the gem but there is also the
likelihood such complex cuts could have streaks of leaks in them, so check for
these before buying.

Carat Of The Gem

The carat of an emerald, like all other gem stones are determined by
the actual emerald present in the cut. This is the size of the emerald without
the gap-filling oil. The size of every emerald is measured to be the equivalent
of 200 milligrams. The greater the emeralds carat, the more expensive it will
be also. However, in getting the over-all value of this gem, the emeralds
clarity is usually the most preferred criteria. This is such that even a small
gem in a smaller cut can cost more than a bigger gem with
slight clouding.

Get a Secure Ring Band

For engagement rings, a yellow gold band is often the top choice.
This band’s pleasant bright yellow contrasts the bright green shade of the gems
and provide a good accent to the stone. Gold and platinum are also strong
enough to keep the gem mounting in place. Other choices are white gold and
silver, but their hue doesn’t completely compliment the rings color like the
yellow gold can. Silver is not also that strong to hold the gem mounting in
place, so the prongs of the band should be inspected now and then to keep
everything secured.

Above are the main points to look out for in ordering the perfect
emerald engagement ring. With all these tips and and your budget, you are one
step away from the emerald engagement ring that you’ve always dreamed off and
is guaranteed to give you and your soon-to-be spouse joyful memories for years
to come.

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