What Are The Most Popular Wedding Ring Styles for 2022? 10 Ring Trends

Once you find that special love turns to marriage, there’s one highly anticipated step in between: getting engaged!
After two years of wedding and proposal postponements, couples are eschewing tradition and going with their gut when it comes to design details—and that includes wedding jewelry.
Of course, just like your marriage, your engagement ring should stand the test of time. Expect to see grandiose styles not only in rings but all bridal-related trends. 

2022 has seen some major shifts in the most popular engagement ring styles, though hits like elongated diamonds in a solitaire setting and non-traditional designs remain a constant.
You don’t have to stick with what fashion dictates, but knowing what’s cutting edge can guide your decision when it comes to choosing the perfect piece. 

Now, scroll through BBBGEM 2022 FIRST HALF Top 10.Pick Up ahead.

Scroll on for BBBGEM 2022 FIRST HALF the top 10 engagement ring trends you’ll be dying to get your hands on (or get on your finger).

#1 Three Stone Opal and Amethyst Ring Set

SKU:Opal-set-0411b; Sale Price:$719+

Oval Opal Diamond Engagement Ring Rose Gold Art Deco Amethyst Ring

#2 Minimalist Opal Dainty Ring

SKU:LC001 opalring; Sale Price: $99+

14K/18K Opal Engagement Ring Minimalist LC001

#3 Pear Opal Shaped Band Ring Set

SKU:opal-set-0714c; Sale Price: $645+

14K/18K Gold Vintage Pear Shaped Opal Rose Gold Engagement Ring Bridal Set Milgrain

#4 Three Stone Alexandrite Engagement Ring

SKU:Alexandrite-ring-0601b; Sale Price: $160+

Three Stone Color Changed Lab Oval Alexandrite Engagement Ring

#5 Three Stone Opal Engagement Ring Set

SKU:Opal-01; Sale Price: $861+

Three Stone Oval Opal Wedding Engagement Ring Set in 14K Rose Gold Diamond Matching Band Anniversary Promise Ring

#6 Classic Round Moissanite Wedding Ring Set

SKU:FOUS-0038; Sale Price: $1299+

Forever One Moissanite Engagement Ring Full Eternity Diamond Wedding Band Bridal Set 7mm Round Solitaire Ring 14K Rose Gold D-E-F Colorless

#7 3pcs Pear Alexandrite Ring Set

SKU:alexandrite-set-0513a; Sale Price: $939+

3pcs Pear Shaped Alexandrite Vintage Engagement Ring Wedding Set

#8 2pcs Pear Halo Moissanite Ring Set

SKU:moissanite-ring-set-022; Sale Price: $1055+

1.5 Carat Pear Shaped Moissanite Engagement Ring Set Diamond Matching Band 14k Rose Gold Halo Stacking Thin

#9 Color Change Alexandrite

SKU:Alexandrite-set-08/12A; Sale Price: $729+

14K/18K Gold Round Alexandrite Diamond Moissanite Three Stone 2pcs Engagement Ring Set

#10 Lab Emerald Wedding Ring Set

SKU:emerald-set-0702a; Sale Price: $809+

Vintage Oval Emerald Engagement Ring White Gold Women Bridal Set 1.2 Carat

#10 3pcs Princess Cut Alexandrite Silver Ring Set

SKU:alexandrite-set-0505a; Sale Price: $389+

3pcs Princess Cut Alexandrite And Diamond Engagement Ring Set Basket Prong Set

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