Top Trends of the Amethyst Engagement Ring For 2019

Well ever wondered how you are going to make your partner happy by giving them a World class proposal? Here I’m talking about your lovely girlfriend. Well, in the past, diamond rings used to be considered a lot and they were regarded as a center stone on engagement rings. Well, not anymore. For now, Amethyst engagement ring have taken over the jewellery industry. They are the best alternative for your girlfriend. First, An amethyst is a precious stone which consists of a violet or purple varieties of the quartz gem. The amethyst is known for being a royal color as well as a gem of peace. They really exhibit a beautiful violet hue altogether.

So, How do you Customize an Amethyst engagement ring?

Whichever style of the amethyst engagement ring that you select, always ensure that the gemstone in placed in a very secure and comfortable setting. If the gemstone to be mounted is designed in different shapes, always choose a setting that will protect all the four corners of your gemstone. With a variety of designs to choose from, the best ones to go for is the Vintage and Halo engagement rings in white gold.A 3 carat amethyst stone with a 3 stone ring display a unique look. This design represents a couple future, the present and the past, which is a thing of beauty to go for.

The Best Cuts

The best cuts such as the oval cuts, cushion cuts and the heart shaped cuts always make an impressive show on the Amethyst engagement rings .Personally, my all time favorite and recommendation is a big oval cut arrayed in a white Gold band. For amethyst stones, they are affordable when compared to the diamond ones. For that reason, it’s easier to get glamorous without getting broke.A recap of the best cuts;-Heart-shaped-The Oval cut-Cushion shaped cut

The Best Metals for an Amethyst engagement ring

The white and gold has always been my favorite color for the amethyst engagement ring. Also, if you need a classic touch , the Gold yellow type is the best for you. For a trendy and glamorous look, a white platinum ring will make your partner feel special.Here is a summary of the best metals;-The Rose Gold amethyst ring-The white Gold -Yellow Gold

Is it Possible to Pair a wedding Bond with Amethyst?For sure, Amethyst engagement rings and matching brands are an elegant choice for couples. Alternative amethyst and diamonds will always look breathtakingly beautiful. For elegance, pair a halo engagement ring with a diamond brand.

Is it possible to Pair a matching earring/necklace with an amethyst ring?

Definitely! Pairing earrings and necklaces with your engagement ring is always a lovely way to complement a good dinner dress. The best recommendation is a dangling drop(amethyst earring) accompanied with a matching necklace. This s for a good Emerald engagement ring.Also, purple studs works well for an office ensemble. For this gemstone, it’s always classic and you can work with it all year round.

How do you take Good care of your amethyst engagement ring?These rings tend to get pale if exposed to extreme heart or direct sunlight. The amethyst jewellery should be cleaned with warm water or better, an ultrasonic cleaner with a soft bristle brush. Store your engagement ring in a nice box.Please note that the ring should be separate from other jewellery. This type of gemstone is versatile and offers a rich history. A vibrant hue is also its feature and is perfect to be treasured for many years to come.

What are some of the Advantages of this Ring?-It is a good show of elegance.-It is durable and can stay for many years to come.-It is affordable compared to diamond ones-It is a trendy ring which is representing the future

Well, with all this knowledge in mind, you can now impress your partner by selecting the best amethyst ring for them. Good luck!whether you’re an alternative bride seeking a diamond alternative, hoping to channel your birthstone (let’s hear it for February babies!), or simply seeking a more affordable option to diamonds and precious gems, a amethyst is a beautiful choice.

Here, check out our favorites in a range of cut and settings. At the very least, we recommend treating yourself to one for the good vibes.

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