Top 10 Sapphire Engagement Rings Trends | 2020

Which Sapphire Engagement Rings Are Trending In 2020?

Are you searching for a royalty sparkler fit? You would be glad to know that the sapphire engagement rings are available in different hues and impressively unique styles.

When you visit the local market, searching for colorful sparklers, a beautiful sapphire engagement ring would definitely be a dazzling option to look for. For centuries, sapphires are known as the most precious and popular gemstones. They are also recognized among the “Top Four” precious jewels, including diamonds, emeralds, and rubies.

One of the reasons why jewelers like this durable stone is its hardness of 9 on Mohs scale. Diamonds have 10 on Mohs scale, which means that sapphire is quite near to diamonds in hardness. Therefore, if you need an engagement ring of high quality, then a sapphire engagement ring should be the right option to go for.

What Exactly the Sapphire Engagement Rings Mean?

The history behind the sapphire stone engagement rings dates back the ancient times. In prehistoric cultures, people had this belief that sapphire has strong protective and medicinal powers. According to the CEO of Yael Designs, Yehouda Saketkhou, the stone’s blue color is the symbol of the heavens.

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The representation of wisdom and honesty, this stone soon turned into one of the preferred gems of the medieval clergy and royalty. Even the kings, at that time, preferred wearing this stone, while signing treaties as they took it as a sign of lucky strike. Today, these rings are related to fidelity and wisdom, and also as the old-world romance.

The Origins of Sapphires

If we go back in history, then we will know that the most precious sapphires were excavated in Myanmar (Burma) and Kashmir. But today, Australia and Sri Lanka are among the greatest miners of sapphire. For centuries, Sri Lanka is recognized as one of the top producers of sapphires (like Logan sapphire).

In Madagascar, there are a few small-sized artisanal mines using the old-style techniques to mine sapphire by hand. This is a fact that the production in Madagascar is not as good as in the other countries. But, still the sapphire stones produced in this country are somehow as good as those that are mined in Sri Lanka in terms of quality. Sapphire stones are also excavated in Montana, but they are not as valued as those found in Sri Lanka.

Top 10 Sapphire Engagement Rings Trends

A sapphire engagement ring is a perfect, trendiest gift-giving option for a wedding anniversary. Just to give you an idea about this classic, the stone is also the first choice of the United Kingdom’s royal family. Prince William gave an 18-carat blue sapphire ring to Kate Middleton. The ring was originally gifted to Princess Diana, earlier.

To help you choose from the trendiest sapphire engagement rings in 2020, here are the options that you should go through:

1. Blue Nile: This oval-shaped 14-karat white gold sapphire ring comprised of a couple of diamond sunburst aura. The price of this item is $41,000 and available at BlueNile.

2. Grace Lee: DEMI DEMI Plus 8 14-karat blue sapphire in white gold is available for $2,880 at the GraceLee.

3. Ashley Zhang: Sapphire Pave Rolling Ring has a price tag of $3,000 at AshleyZhangJewelry. The available options are 14-karat White Gold and 14-karat Yellow Gold.

4. James Allen: The price of this sparkler is $3,080, available at JamesAllen. The engagement ring is available in Rose Gold, 14-karat.

Affording Sapphire Engagement Rings

Above are some of the most expensive rings that you will find. However, if you are looking for affording sapphire rings. You can enjoy a great collection at BBB-Gem.

Vintage Antique Diamond Floral Ring Art Deco-0917: The beautiful ring comes with white gold metal color with a sapphire-0917 present in the middle. The mesmerizing ring starts at just $617.

Cluster Blue Oval Cut Sapphire: Another great ring to buy for your future wife is this amazing cluster blue oval cut sapphire and diamond. The ring comes with the best setting of diamonds and sapphire. Three diamonds on each side, with a beautiful sapphire in the middle make it one of the most amazing rings that you will ever come across.

Solitaire Blue Emerald Sapphire Moonstone: This is a 2 piece square solitaire Blue emerald sapphire ring that would take your breath away. The beautiful designed, smartly composed and beautiful created, the ring is the best choice for a person you love the most.

Pink Sapphire 14k Yelllow Gold 5×7 Oval Cut Natural Sapphire Ring: Pink Sapphire is among the rarest sapphires that you will find. This beautiful ring is studded with a number of diamonds that further add to the appeal of the ring. It would cost you just $1,147.

Blue Sapphire Rings With 3 Different Sapphires: If you are looking for an extremely affording ring that has a unique aesthetic sense, then this is the best option. It will cost you just $498.

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Sapphires Other than Blue-Hued

If you want to buy something else apart from the traditional blue-hued sapphire, then don’t fret. Blue sapphires are without any doubt the most valuable and rarest sapphires available, but there are some other options available too. Other options are more budget-friendly, yet very attractive. You can also consider options, such as yellow sapphires and pink sapphires. Therefore, if you like a yellow or pink color ring for your engagement, then you can also go for it.

How to take care of a Sapphire Engagement Ring

Naturally, a sapphire engagement ring is highly durable. However, they still need special care. For routine cleaning, use a soft-bristle toothbrush and mild soap to clean your ring with warm water. We also recommend you to visit a local jeweler, once every year, for in-depth professional cleaning.

Take Away

You need to make sure that you are buying your stone from a jeweller who has a great reputation and applies standard treatments. Some jewellers use nonstandard ways of treatment, such as dyeing before the customer buys. Therefore, always check out the ring before you decide.

We, BBB-Gem, offer the best and authentic sapphire in the market. So, you can reach out today and have a look at our mesmerizing collection of sapphire engagement rings.

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