Three common sense about garnet

Garnet, a gem
similar to pomegranate seeds in shape and color. Its price range is large,the color
is beautiful which meaning auspicious, garnet is one kind of medium and
high-grade precious gemstone that people likes commonly. Moreover, garnet has
earned the reputation of “the stone of women” because of its many
magical properties.

However, the
garnet is good choice, but some of the nous about it is not so well known and
even mistaken. Today, bbbgem will share some good idea about the garnet engagement
rings. After reading it, you will have a new understanding of garnet, and it
will help you to buy, wear and maintain garnet engagement rings.

Nous 1: garnet
is not all red

In real life,
many people are influenced by the name of garnet, which is widely believed to
be red. In fact, garnet has many colors, and garnet has a color that almost
covers the entire spectrum. In addition to the usual red, garnet has green,
orange, black, brown and so on.

Nous 2:garnet is
not all cheap

Perhaps because
the price of the red garnet is more cheap in the market, many people take it
for granted that “garnet is a bargain!” In fact, the price range of
garnet is very large, ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands. And there
is a rarity in every color of garnet. For example, here are some of the
following: Demantoid, tsavorite, and Mandarin Garnet.

Nous 3: the
lighter the garnet, the better

It is well known
that for most colored gemstone engagement ring, the stronger color means the
higher value. As a result, a lot of merchants are in pursuit of a deeper color,
and the gem is done manually. But garnet is the opposite, because garnet almost
is natural dark,however,shallow color is very rare.

people generally
believe that garnet has the ability of getting rid of ghosts and disasters,
enhance human vitality, loyalty and other mysterious forces, so it was widely
used by knights. Afterwards,this mysterious stone was quite active on
the collar of queen or royal. Therefore it automatically become a symbol
of femininity beauty. Nowadays, garnet is a precious gemstone and hot in
the fine jewelry.

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