The Ultimate Guide To Buying Sapphire Earrings

Sapphire earrings

Sapphire Earrings-How To Buy Pretty Earrings

Choosing sapphire earrings depicts your royal taste. From early times diamonds are dominant in the jewellery world. However sapphire is now paving its way and sapphire earrings and engagement rings are the new fashionista’s favorite.

Sapphire comes from different regions of the world. For instance, China, Australia, Africa, and Madagascar. IT belongs to mineral corundum and is widely available in blue color.

Moving towards the tips to buy the perfect sapphire earrings immediately scroll down and find the best guide.

The color of sapphire earrings:

Sapphire is famous for its blue color but that does not mean it is the only color for a sapphire. Sapphire is available in many different colors. For instance:

Yellow sapphire:

The traces of iron in the formation of sapphire produces this adorable yellow color. Thus the bright yellow sapphire earrings will compliment your black and white dress perfectly.

Purple sapphire:

The traces of chromium and titanium helps to produce this lovely purplish hue. But this purple sapphire is a rare one.

Green sapphire:

This type of sapphire is available in color ranges from dark green to lime green. The green sapphire is the symbol of truth and integrity. Moreover, the green sapphire earrings go well with a green dress.

Blue sapphire:

It is the well-loved color of sapphire. Several heat treatments intensify the blue color of sapphire. The blue sapphire symbolizes deepness and passion in love.

The clarity of sapphire for earrings:

Sapphire possesses some needles like inclusions however it is a normal thing. Every stone consists of inclusions and it is very rare to find inclusion freestone. So always check your stone before buying. A clear gem indicates a stone with no inclusions seen through naked eyes.

Cut of sapphire for earrings:

The cut of a stone has a great impact on the look and price of the earrings. Because the cut of the stone decides how the stone will appear and pour the beauty. Therefore there are several cuts available for sapphire, for instance, round, cushion, oval and radiant. Despite believing your retailer you should check the stone by yourself in the light. In the lights, the facets and symmetry of the cut will be visible. The asymmetrical sapphire cut will not reflect light properly.

Carat weight of sapphire for earrings:

Sapphire has a heavier weight among all the gemstones. Thus the one carat weight of sapphire is smaller than the one carat diamond.

Furthermore, the large sapphire with heavyweight is expensive.

Metals that pair-up well with sapphire earrings:

Color of metals:

Royalty has been appreciatng sapphire from earlier times. Now sapphire jewelry is trending among all the people. But choosing a stone is not enough you also have to select the best metal to ensure a perfect combination. For instance, you can choose:

White metal:

The oh so white metals work best with deep blue sapphire to enhance its sparkle. Since the white metal will not reflect its own color on the crystal, thus itgoes well with blue sapphire. The metals available in white color include silver, palladium, zirconium, and white gold.

Furthermore, choose platinum because it provides safety and skin-friendly advantages. In case you are tight on budget, go with white gold.

Yellow metal:

Gold will never get old. The yellow shiny gold compliments blue sapphire and brings out its richness. However, you have to keep an eye on the carats of gold because the more the carat the softer is the metal. And a soft metal does not go well with hard stones like sapphire.

Pink metal:

The rose gold alloy of gold and copper is trending nowadays and loved by all. The pinkish shade of rose gold metal believes to be a friend of every skin tone. Thus you can set a blue sapphire in rose gold metal to make a spectacular combination.

Allergies associated with metals:

Platinum is a hypoallergenic metal so you can wear it without any fear. However, some people have allergies to copper, nickel alloys present in gold. Therefore platinum metal is the safest choice.

The best setting for sapphire earrings:

How to choose a setting?

Setting which maximizes sparkle:

You wear sparkling sapphire earrings to increase the shine of your aura. Thus choosing a setting that allows maximum light entering the stone and letting it shine brightly is the most important thing.

Setting which maximizes size:

Showing the world how big your heart is, is not easy but you can show how big your sapphire stone is. So choose a setting that is less visible and creates a big image of stone.

Setting which maximizes safety:

Maybe the setting which makes your stone look bigger is not safe and the possibility of stone falling out is possible. So you have to choose a setting that provides maximum safety.

Types of settings:

The setting is indeed an important part when selecting sapphire jewelry. There are two types of settings available prong/claw setting, bezel /rub over setting. We are here briefly discussing both the settings for you to choose the best one.

Prong/claw setting:

This is the most ancient setting used in traditional earrings. The metal is shaped like a basket in which sapphire is placed with four to six bent over prongs to secure it. Furthermore, it is checked that the prongs have symmetric placement around the stone.

Moreover, the stone should be faceted to secure it in the setting safely. However other shapes or sizes can also be used.

The biggest advantage associated with claw setting is its less visibility. The light could enter the stone properly thus let it shine more brightly. On the other hand, claw setting has a disadvantage too. The prong setting cannot protect the stone and it is more susceptible to damage.

Bezel/rub-over setting:

To show love for your woman and appreciate her activeness you should choose a bezel setting. Because the sapphire is completely supported by the thin layer of metal thus provides full security.

By choosing a bezel setting you can ensure that your sapphire stone is protected. The stone will not fall out neither it will be damaged by any impact. The bezel settings provide peace of mind while you are busy in several activities throughout the day.

Earrings back:

Not only a good setting provides security but also choosing perfect earrings back is essential for safety. La Pousette back is a famous choice of earring backs because it holds the stud carefully. However, the frictional backs are a cheaper option but do not provide good security.

Earrings backs have a relation with stone size. For smaller stones choose small ear backs, whereas for larger stones large ear backs are used to avoid earrings drooping.

Where to buy sapphire earrings?

Sapphire earrings

Buy online:

Internet is full of online earrings shops. You can choose your favorite design of earrings and order them at good prices. But for online shopping, you first have to set your price range. Some websites offer sections where you can enter your price range and get your desired earrings. For instance, you can buy a particular sapphire earring design for between $500 to $2000 from BBB-GEM. Online shopping is a less expensive way of shopping. Moreover, some websites offer free shipment and warranty to ease this process.

Buy In person:

People who are not fond of online shopping can buy earrings from any reputable seller near them. People prefer on-site shopping because it provides ease for trying on and pick the best piece.

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