The Color of Love: Ruby Engagement Rings

Ruby Engagement Rings: Everything You Need To Know

Ruby Engagement Rings have been used by the royals for centuries. This colored gemstone is a symbol of success, wealth, and ‘Love’. Ruby stones are very much similar to sapphire stones. Since rubies are scarcer than diamonds, so the price of a quality ruby stone is more than diamonds.

Originally, the ruby stones were majorly mined in Burma (Myanmar), but now it is very rare to find top quality ruby stones there. Today, most of the high-quality rubies are found in Thailand, Tanzania, Cambodia, and many other countries across the world.

Why Ruby Engagement Rings Are A Perfect Choice?

The beauty, durability, and rarity of this gemstone make it worth buying stone for engagement rings. Therefore, if you are looking for a beautiful and durable engagement ring, then ruby engagement rings are just the right choice.

The hardness of a gemstone is what decides its durability that literally impacts its cost. On the Moh’s scale, the hardness of the ruby stone is 9, which puts it in the list of the other hardest gemstones, such as Diamond.

ruby engagement rings

Planning Guide

You are here because you have probably already made your mind about buying a ruby ring. Here are the trendiest ruby engagement rings of 2020 that you can choose from:

1. Unique Ruby and Emerald Engagement Ring Winter Flower

This is a very unique and fancy ruby engagement ring with great looks and specifications. The best part is that you can easily replace the existing gemstone with any other gemstone.

Customization of the ring is also fairly easy so you can simply customize the ring shape and/or size. The ring is available in different colors like gold, yellow, rose, white in 18k and 14k. The price of this ring is approximately $1229 at BBBGEM. So, it’s a perfect option for your new engagement ring this year.

2. Antique Floral Ruby Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This is another great option available when looking for a ruby engagement ring in 2020. It gives an antique look while maintaining great aesthetics. The metal color of this ring is rose gold and the style and stone shape is floral and round, respectively.

You can buy this beauty for 14k or 18k depending on your personal preferences and budget. You can buy this engagement ring at BBBGEM for $1199.

3. Pearl Cut Ruby Engagement Ring

For people who are looking for low or mid-range ruby engagement rings, this is the option that you can select for only $489. You can go through the complete specifications of this engagement ring at BBBGEMS.

It is a halo style ring pear stone shape and the metal color is white gold. The ring can be purchased in either 14k or 18k. It’s a completely customized design that you cannot find anywhere except the BBGEMS. The best part is that you can wear it casually apart from special occasions.

Apart from the above discussed ruby rings for engagements, there are several other options available at the BBBGEMS. Just go through all options there and select the perfect wedding ring just according to your budget and personal preferences.

Tips on Buying a Perfect Ruby Engagement Ring

Before you buy your new ruby engagement ring, you must be aware of certain important factors to make sure that you are about to buy the perfect ruby engagement ring.

To help you make the right selection, here are a few important tips that you can follow:

1. Check before you Purchase

When buying a ruby ring, the most important thing is to focus on what you really want. Determining the quality of rubies from the photos is really difficult.

Remember that there is no specific industry standard for ruby rings. A+ standard of a specific vendor might be A for another. Therefore, you must physically check the color, cut, and clarity of the ring.

ruby engagement rings 2020

2. Pick the Right Color

Ruby engagement rings are popular because of their amazing red color. Hence, your first priority needs to make sure that the ruby color you choose is red. Other factors, such as clarity comes after the color selection.

Keep in mind that the ruby’s color has a big impact on the beauty of the stone. You can choose from medium-dark, lighter, or darker gems, depending on your personal choice.

3. You can’t find a ‘Perfect’ Ruby

Remember that you cannot find a ruby that is perfect in all aspects, especially in the case of large rubies. You may find a small gem to be perfect, but large gems come with imperfections.

Therefore, you should look for a good balance between the stone’s color, clarity, and cut. So, you must make your mind about little compromise, when buying a ruby ring.

4. Ask for any Enhancements

If there are any enhancements done over the ruby other than normal heat treatment, then it will reduce the ruby price drastically. However, some extra enhancements can also impact the stone’s durability.

Before you buy a ruby engagement ring, do ask the seller about such treatments. You can also ask the seller for the laboratory report.

5. Make Price Comparisons

Recognizing the original ruby gemstone is important, but pricing is also another important factor to look at. Before you buy a ruby ring from any seller, you can go online and search for different reliable sellers online.

Go through the prices of same size ruby gemstone rings available at different sellers and make comparisons. This will give you an idea about the actual price of the particular size ruby engagement ring that you are planning to buy.

Taking Care of your Ring

After buying a perfect ring, the next big concern should be to ensure its longevity, which totally depends on how you take care of it. Taking care of your ruby ring depends on what treatment the stone has gone through. Heat treated and untreated rubies are durable and stable.

These gemstones are resistant to light, heat, and many other chemicals. Steam and ultrasonic cleaning systems can be used to clean these gems.

Dyed rubies or fracture-filled rubies can get damaged by mild acids. You should only use damp cloths to clean your ruby stone. Boric acid has properties that can harm all ruby types, so you must keep your ruby engagement ring away from anything that contains it.

Lattice-diffused gemstones normally have shallow layers of color and re-polishing or scratches can remove these layers easily. Therefore, you must treat your ruby gemstone very carefully. Otherwise, the inner color of the stone will easily show through that will create a very messy look.

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