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Ten Most Effective Shopping Tips for Opal Engagement Rings

Australian opals are popular as “Queen of Gems”. Opals are highly preferred across the world because of their ‘rainbow color’ feature. The colors of the rainbow are displayed in opals in astonishing and fascinating color patterns. Those patterns make opal engagement rings look extremely appealing to the human eye.

Opal Rings are a Popular Choice for Engagements – Avoid Word Repetition

Opal rings are unique and have a growing popularity among people who are looking for a perfect alternative to the traditional diamond rings. Unlike diamonds, genuine opals are rare. When opals are excavated they are instantly sold. Compared to diamonds, opals are affording. Therefore, opal engagement rings are a primary choice for many!

Unlike diamonds, opals are comparatively soft gemstones. On the Mohs scale, opals have a ranking of approximately 5-6. On the other hand,, diamonds are ranked 10 on Mohs scale. The hardness of opals is very much similar to glass. Using it roughly or mistreating it may easily damage your opal ring. So, before you buy opal rings, you should keep this factor in mind.

In case you have decided to buy an opal engagement ring, then you can follow our 10 pro tips to buy a perfect ring.

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1. A Mix of Colorful Gemstones

Opals look great when they are surrounded by other colorful gemstones. You can partner opal with bright emerald. This combination has would leave you mesmerized. Therefore, if you want something trendy, then artistically out this both gemstones in a ring that would take your breath away.

2. Does the Weight of Opal Really Matters?

A large size opal does not have more value, unlike the other gemstones like diamonds. Instead of opal size, you should focus more on the body tone and color quality. The Opal’s quantity in the stone is also an important factor when choosing your opal ring.

3. Checking for Clarity

There are a few factors that affect the clarity of gemstones like opal. If there are inclusions or flaws in the stone, then its value will be less. When buying a ring, look for possible minor cracks (called crazing) on the opal’s surface. Also look for any inclusion, like rock or sand as they might be embedded in the opal. If you find such imperfection in the opal, then you should think twice before you invest.

4. Handmade and Synthetic Opals

Basically, there are two types of opal; synthetic and hand-made. Natural opals are more valuable than the hand-made opals. A synthetic opal is created in the lab using the same natural opal’s chemical formula.

But, its density and pattern are different. Synthetic opals have less value when compared with the natural opals. When buying an opal ring, you should be aware of what type of opal you are buying.

5. Choose a Bezel (Rub-Over) Setting

When shopping for opal rings, you must choose the rub-over setting as it offers greater security and protection for opals. A thin gold bezel covers and follows the stone edge that protects opal from damage that might happen in case of an accident. This is why choosing the right bezel setting is imperative.

6. Claw Setting is Less Secure

Don’t consider claw settings because they offer little protection. Opal rings would wear down too early, so you better rethink and go for other settings, such as rub-over setting.

7. Boulder Opal is Robust

Boulder opal is robust, in comparison to other opal types. Because of this, it has an edge over the other types. If you are looking for the most ideal opal engagement ring in terms of strength, then boulder opal is your best shot! because of boulder opal’s rare ‘free shape’, it becomes possible to carve more creative designs out of it. – Avoid starting a sentence with BECAUSE

8. Low and High Cabochon

Choose a stone that has low cabochon. Why? A stone that has high cabochon is more vulnerable and exposed to damage due to impacts. Therefore, if the stone has a low or flat cabochon top, then you can go for it as there are fewer chances of it getting damaged.

9. Price of Opal Ring

The prices of opal engagement rings basically depend on the two main factors; setting and stone type. Before you buy your ring, you should do some research and negotiate with the seller. If your budget is low, then you can also ask the jeweler for a custom design to meet your budget. Good jewelers will always help you buy a perfect engagement ring within your budget, without compromising the quality.

For this purpose, we BBB Gemensure that you are able to buy your dream engagement ring within your desired budget!

10. Opal Patterns and Dead Spots

Various gorgeous patterns are available in the expensive opals, such as black opals. These patterns are because of the colors deflection. A larger pattern means more value to the stone. But, beware of any dead spots that might be present in these patterns.

When buying opal rings, make sure that there are no dead spots in the patterns. Dead spots would turn parts of the beautiful stone static and dull.

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Opal Maintenance and Care

Opals are very delicate gemstones just like pearls. Therefore, proper maintenance and care are necessary. With time, there will be marks and scratches on opal stone, thus nullifying the stone’s shine. If you notice that your opal is becoming dull, then you should immediately take it to the nearest opal cutter. He will polish your stone professionally which will revive the stone’s brilliance.

If there is any buildup of grime on your opal, then you can wash it using warm water and mild detergent. Do not use any chemicals, bleach, or ultra-sonic cleaners for cleaning purposes as they are not suitable for this delicate gemstone. If you plan not to use your opal ring for a long time, then you should wrap it using cotton wool with some water drops to make sure that the stone doesn’t lose water in the low humidity.

If you choose wisely, opal can be an ideal gemstone for your engagement ring. However, to ensure the longevity of the stone, you have to be cautious! 

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