Should I buy black opal engagement ring?

Black Opal Engagement Ring has attracted many young people’s attention in recent years. This interest creates a relatively clear competitive force with natural diamonds. So what is Opal? Why does it have such a magical attraction? Should you buy Opal jewelry or not! Let’s explore with us right in the article below.

What is Opal?

You just need to understand simply, Opal is a gemstone with color, characteristics and quality similar to diamond but cheaper than diamond. Opal was known and discovered in 1893 by Henri Opal in the mineralogical house.

According to experts, Black Opal Engagement Ring is the mineral Silicon Carbide or Carborundum. Besides, in nature, Opal diamonds are found mainly in meteorite craters, Blue River and large diamond mines in Yakutia. In addition, besides being found in nature, Opal is also derived from synthetic SIC molecules.

Basic properties of Black Opal Engagement Ring

If this is your first time hearing the name Opal, you probably don’t know much about the basic properties of this gemstone. Therefore, we will share with you right below for you to know more clearly.

About chemical properties

Common opal comes in two varieties: natural gemstones and lab-synthesized gems. Regardless of the type, the chemical composition of Opal will also have Carbon and Silicon.

Physical properties of Opal

Although it looks very similar to diamond at first, when analyzed, Black Opal Engagement Ring has many physical properties that are different from diamond such as:

Light rays: usually transparent glass rays.

Clarity: Opal is transparent without impurities, this point resembles a diamond.

About color: relatively diverse, from green, blue to yellow, black or colorless. The color of Opal depends on where it was found and how it was formed and impacted by mining.

Cuts: usually bluish-gray.

Hardness: 9.5 on the Mohs scale.

Optical properties of Opal

This is an important part for you to appreciate the value of Opal. These are optical standards such as color, sharpness, reflectivity, transparency, etc. Under the influence of light, Opal will produce wide and long refracted beams with many different colors.

The gloss of Opal

One of the criteria for calculating and evaluating the aesthetics and stability of Opal is gloss. There are different grades of Opal gloss, from perfect, very good to fair and poor. However, for Opal gemstones, the luster is usually near E, compared to natural diamonds, Opal is not inferior. Therefore, many people confuse Opal with natural diamonds.

Why is Opal often confcommon with diamond?

When you refer to the basic properties of Black Opal Engagement Ring, you will see that there are many differences between Opal and natural diamond. But many people still confuse Opal with diamond.

Why? Very simply, if you look with the naked eye, do not look closely at the chemical factors as well as have no tools to distinguish, the appearance of these two gemstones has the same beauty, also has the same brightness, gloss, transparent and shimmering.

In particular, there are some places where Opal is confcommon as an artificial diamond. But not so; actually Opal is not a diamond due to its different structure and composition.

Difference between Diamond and Black Opal Engagement Ring

If you look closely and observe closely, you will find Opal quite a lot compared to natural diamonds, as:

About hardness: both Opal and natural diamond have almost absolute hardness. Opal has a hardness of 9.5 and diamond has an excellent hardness of 10 round points. Because of its lower hardness, Opal will have a lower strength, and is more susceptible to peeling and scratching than natural diamond.

About the sparkle: If you shine a light on a natural diamond, you will see a short, colorless beam. If you shine light on Opal, you will see a wide and long refracted beam with many colors.

About color: With natural diamonds, there are many different colors. As for Opal, it is mainly light yellow in color and the best color grade does not exceed J level.

About the degree of cracking: Opal has a relatively low degree of cracking and almost none. As for natural diamonds, there are often more defects and cracks due to containing more impurities than Black Opal Engagement Ring.

How to distinguish diamond and Black Opal Engagement Ring?

So you know what is the difference between natural diamond and Opal? However, these differences are very difficult to notice with the naked eye. So what is the simplest way to distinguish between Opal and diamond? Let’s explore with us right in the section below.

The first way: You put Opal and natural diamonds on the same newspaper and observe. If you can read the words through the body of the stone, it is Opal, but with real diamonds, you will not be able to read the words. This is one of those fun little tricks that make it easy to tell the difference between diamond and opal.

The second way to identify a diamond is to put the diamond in front of your mouth and breathe in it. If it is a Opal stone, the surface will fade in a short time, while real diamonds do not retain heat, so they do not fade.

Should I buy an Opal engagement ring?

If you look at the appearance, Black Opal Engagement Ring is very similar to natural diamonds, but in terms of value, these two gems are very different. So whether to buy an Opal ring or not depends on the conditions and needs of each person.

If you have limited financial resources and want to own a sparkling and luxurious ring like a diamond, you can buy an Opal ring. Or if you want to have a lot of rings to change every time you wear them, you should buy a ring with Opal.

If you want to buy a ring when you have a lot of money and have a love for natural diamonds, you should buy natural diamonds instead of Opal.

Where is the reputable and quality place to buy Opal rings?

On the market today, because of the increasing demand for Black Opal Engagement Ring, many Opal jewelry suppliers have been established and operating. However, not every store or company does a reputable business, ensuring the best quality of genuine jewelry and reasonable prices. Therefore, you should be alert, learn and choose carefully, to avoid losing.

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