September birthstone jewelry- sapphire

September birthstone jewelry belongs to Sapphire, the birthstone of September. It is most desired in its pure, rich blue color.It also presents in almost every color including pink, yellow and green. In the Middle Ages the gem was believed to protect those close to you from harm and also represented loyalty and trust.

Styles of the sapphire gemstone.

Typically, sapphires appear as blue stones, ranging from very pale blue to deep indigo, due to the presence of small amounts of titanium and iron within the crystal structure. The most valued shade of blue is the medium-deep cornflower blue. Sapphires also occur in other natural colors and tints – colorless, gray, yellow, pale pink, orange, green, violet and brown – called fancy sapphires. These different colors are caused by different kinds of impurities within the crystal.

There are many types of sapphire jewelry.For example,
sapphire halo engagement rings,Oval cut sapphire engagement ring diamond wedding ring ,oval pink sapphire engagement ring and pear white sapphire ring.

The photo below is a diamond and pink sapphire engagement ring.

pink sapphire and diamond ring

The Most Valuable Sapphire Gemstones-September birthstone jewelry

Sapphire is one of the most expensive gems. Also it is the next hardest gemstone after the diamond .there is a most important thing you should know is how to evaluate the quality of the sapphire ring to guarantee that you get the best quality your money can buy. You need to pay attention to these factors when you considering a fancy color sapphire. Cut. Hue, transparency of the sapphire.

Cut does not refer to the shape of the stone. Rather, it refers to the facets on a gem’s surface, which allow light and color to shine through at their best.

Why choose a sapphire as your engagement ring?

The sapphire was said to represent the purity of the soul, and the symbol of everlasting love. For lovers, the sapphire as the touchstone to test their true love.

According to the myth,sapphire will become more shinning when lover are in love ,but the luster of the sapphire faded and disappeared when one off the track. choosing a sapphire set in your engagement ring will bring the happiness and grow old together.

Besides the sapphire engagement ring,there are other september birthstone jewelry. The small/tiny sapphires which can be made as a unique band. One of the popular style is 
diamond and sapphire wedding band.Which can low your budget but you can still get the high quality jewelry.

Where to buy a sapphire ring?

Quality and price are two important matter for those who want to purchase sapphires.You can purchase a satisfied september stone jewelry either in the local jewelry store or online stores.Compared to local jewelry shops, price online is more competitive as some of them has global mining supplied straightforward, and all items are handmade by themselves. In a word – offering high quality with reasonable price .


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