Morganite VS ​Diamond : Which Should you Go For?

This article will take a quick look at 
morganite engagement rings and see how they compare. If you wondering what morganite is, here’s what to know.

Back in 2002, movie star Ben Affleck proposed to actress and musician Jennifer Lopez with a pink diamond ring in what was one of Hollywood’s biggest celebrity couple moments and since then pink and peachy colored gemstones have become a hot jewelry trend. Many people are looking beyond the traditional diamond engagement rings for less expensive, pink or peach sparkly stones like morganite.

Morganite is a pretty rare, semi-precious stone of the Beryl family (which includes 
emerald and aquamarine) that comes in a pink or peach shade. Named after famous gem collector and industrialist J.P Morgan, the stones’ warm overtones, aesthetic and financial appeal has made it a gem stone of choice for women today, matching the styles and personalities better than diamonds, although diamond is still a cult-classic when choosing luxury jewelry.

Morganite is considered a perfect alternative to pink diamonds and is perfect for 
engagement rings, embodies ferminity, romance, love, warmth, tenderness and beauty. However, morganite and diamond are two gems that could be difficult to choose between, but let’s see which of these stones would be best for you.


It is well known that diamonds are the conventional jewelry option for engagement rings. Using them for engagement rings is a century old tradition. They are known as a girl’s best friend and are chosen by women most of the time for ring stone.

However, if you are looking for something unique that stands out in the crowd and gives a unique luster, then a morganite ring is the perfect choice. Diamonds are so traditional, there is a likelihood you won’t be spotting a jewelry any different from a friends, In fact, it is possible your parents, grand-parent chose diamonds for their rings, but with morganite, you might be the cynosure of all eyes because your ring is special.


Diamonds are not the traditional engagement ring stone for nothing. They are prestigious and morganite stones are not as prestigious as they are. This might mean people will not be as fascinated with a morganite ring as they would with a diamond ring. However, personal preferences and setting of the stone factors in how the stone might appear.


Morganite has an alluring and romantic appeal because of its pale shades of violet and pink. It makes for a great setting against rose gold or yellow gold for an engagement ring.
 Rose gold morganite bridal sets have been very popular lately. Diamonds on the other hand have a special look of bright, sparkling brilliance, unfortunately, it is very difficult to find pink diamonds or those with the peach shade of morganite.


If you are looking for a gem stone jewelry that is suitable for most outfits, that gem is diamond! They go with any color and type of outfit. This is mostly so for the colorless varieties but with the more colored ones, it gets harder to match with outfits. Which bring us to morganite. It has shades of peach and violet and therefore can be matched with a handful of colored clothes like pastel colored clothes, black or white.


Diamond is the hardest gemstone on earth, at 10 on the Moh’s scale. This means it is very durable and resistance to inclement conditions. Morganite is not as resistant to scratches, hits as diamond is. However, they are also durable and when handled with care, you can enjoy your piece of jewelry for a really long time.

Price & Value

Morganite excels most here. Morganites are a lot less cheaper and affordable compared to diamonds. Their overall value while displaying elegance is why morganite engagement rings have become so popular.

If you are looking for a great engagement ring that is also affordable, morganites are the right option for you. Ensure you check out prices before ordering from the store. In some instances, treated morganites can cost as much as diamonds even though they are not as valuable, because the semi-precious stone is special.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Morganite stones tend to get dirty pretty quickly which means the stone has to be cleaned often, sometimes as often as twice weekly. This is if you really want them to continue looking sparkly. However, they are not difficult to clean. To do this, use a toothbrush and soapy water.see 
how to clean morganite rings.

Diamonds however, don’t need consistent cleaning and thus are low maintenance. They are able to remain clean and brilliant for long periods. However, cleaning them requires a jewelry professional to handle which might be a downside for some people.


This article highlights several important things to know about diamonds and morganites. It’s up to you to choose between both. Remember if you are looking for a high-quality budget stone for your engagement ring, you should settle for morganite.

Morganites go against the norm. They are not the traditional diamonds for engagement rings, so are unique and will make you stand out of the crowd. If you decide to settle for a morgnanite jewelry, then ensure to keep it’s 4 C’s in mind, they include:

1. Color: Morganite color is more intense when the stone is larger. Darker stones are generally more expensive and the most popular ones are the ones with strong pink and peach shades.

2. Cut: Morganites come in different cuts and shapes just like diamonds. These cuts never alter their quality or appearance.

3. Clarity: While morganites are not perfect, visible inclusions or flaws are rarely found in them unlike with diamonds. In some instances, inclusions can be seen with the naked eye in large and sizable morganite stones but if you pick a jewelry with faceted morganites, you will most likely find zero flaws.

4. Carat: Large morganite stones can be bought for a fraction of the price of some small diamonds and you will still get an outstanding piece of jewelry. However, most morganite stone carats match luxury jewelry designs.

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