Morganite vs diamond

This is a research from
BBBGEM about morganite vs diamond. This Comparison is in 4 aspects: Market;Comparison of the definition; Color, hardness and other attributes;Price difference.


Morganite is the much more cost-effective gem than diamond. In daily wearing jewelry arrangement,morganite fills a big amount of market share. It is one of the diamond alternatives. Big diamond is too expensive,as a result the gemstone with small diamonds are much more affordable.The
diamond wedding rings for her with tiny or small diamonds is also very popular in today’s market. 

Comparison of the definition:

Morganite gem: pink beryl stone also known as Morganite, the color is pink, light orange to red, rose, pink. It is named from the famous American financier J.Pierpont Morgan. Morganite’s color comes from its trace elements Mn, a small amount of rare metal cesium and rubidium substitution, so that its density and refractive index show high. From a different point of view, we can see that Morganite appears a delicate subtle color changing that is biased towards light pink and deep pink with micro blue.

Diamond: diamond is the carbide after human treated, carbide is a kind of natural mineral, is the original stone of diamond. Simply put, diamonds form by a carbon element composed of elemental crystals in the earth deep high pressure, high temperature conditions, known as a symbol of love and loyalty.

Color, hardness other attributes:

1, the diamond is cubic crystal gem, with a magnifying glass can not see the ghosting; The fire dispersion index is 0.044. It also comes in green, blue, yellow, pink, and red. The color is usually stable.

2, Morganite’s color usually is pink for peach, with clarity VS-VVS.Heat treatment can change the color, green and blue changing to blue, light blue into deep blue, yellow green to blue, orange to pink, etc. These treatments are usually at 400-450 ℃ temperature , The result is stable, belonging to the optimization type, without specifying. Irradiation treatment is a common treatment for beryl, it can make colorless beryl into yellow, green blue, pink orange and so on.


Compared the price of Morganite and diamond, with same weight, the price arrangement is: Morganite < diamond. We can easy purchase a
rose gold 
morganite engagement ring under $500 with a 1 carat weight,but a 1 carat diamond ring is much more expensive.

Generally speaking,Price of diamond is much more higher than morganite. However,morganite engagement rings are quite popular for its pink color when rose gold is a trending color for proposal.

While price of the real diamond engagement ring is so high,we want to get some rings with a reasonable price which we can afford. Then why choose morganite?

Let’s compare 4C to get a better idea of morganite and diamond price.

1, Carat:

1 carat= 0.2 g = 100 points. For Daily wearing rings, Morganite or diamond stone weight in 1 ~ 5ctw is more reasonable. However, same at VS clarity, while a 3 carat morganite ring only cost about $900, a 3 carat diamond ring may cost $5000.

2, Clarity:

All the gemstones has the same clarity scale. By magnifying glass, in the grade of I3, I2, I1, SI2, SI1, VS2, VS1, VVS2, VVS1, IF, FL. Price become higher and higher while the clarity is “more clear”. Price of diamond jumps much quicker,for example,Price of a 1 carat diamond with VS clarity will be $500 higher than SI clarity.While a 3 carat morganite with VVS clarity will be $200 higher than VS clarity.


Most of the morganite jewel on the market are treated when they are processing. There are two normal color  of Morganite,pink and peach. the most widely method changing the Morganite color is heat treatment. The diamond are natural without any treatment method.This is a reason why price of diamond are higher than morganite.


Both morganite and diamond has the same cutting method.This is a direct impact on gemstone fire color and shine level, cutting standards are divided into: EX (perfect), VG (very good), G (good), general cutting, bad cutting. The normal cutting is VG.

See  trend morganite wedding sets in 2019 at BBBGEM

Morganite engagement ring rose gold-handmade Solid 14k Rose gold ring-Marquise Diamond band-round Cut gemstone promise ring-Bridal Ring set

                                               8mm Round Cut morganite rose gold wedding set

4.4ct natural pink morganite wedding ring set,14k rose gold halo diamond ring,2pcs bridal ring set,Deco floral engraving style,Marquise band

                                                      4.4ct cushion pink morganite wedding ring set

2.4 Carat Cushion Cut Morganite Rose Gold Wedding Set Diamond Bridal Ring 14k Infinity Stacking Matching Band

                                              2.4 Carat Cushion Cut Morganite Rose Gold Wedding Set

Morganite engagement ring set-handmade Solid 14k Rose gold ring-Real Marquise Diamond band 6x8mm gemstone promise ring-Bridal Ring set

                                               6x8mm teardroped Morganite Rose Gold Wedding Set

Morganite Engagement Ring Rose Gold Wedding set, Solid 14K Anniversary ring,6.5mm Round halo Promise Ring For Her Curved "v" Matching band

                                     6.5mm Round halo Morganite Rose Gold Wedding Set Three Stone

1 Carat Cushion Cut Morganite Wedding Set Diamond Bridal Ring 14k Rose Gold Retro Vintage Art Deco Antique Flower

                                         1 Carat Cushio Morganite Rose Gold Wedding Set Vintage Art Deco

11x14mm Pink Morganite engagement ring-handmade Solid 14k Rose gold wedding ring-Real Floral Diamond band- promise ring-2pcs Bridal Ring set

                                                        11x14mm Pink Morganite engagement ring

10x12mm Pear Morganite Wedding Set Diamond Bridal Ring 14k Yellow Gold Claw Prong Halo Matching Band

                                                             10x12mm Pear Morganite Wedding Set

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