Morganite Engagement Ring Vs Diamond Ring: Comparison Guide

Morganite engagement rings alternative to diamond rings –Thorough study:

Morganite engagement rings are the coolest choice you can make because colored stones are in fashion. However, you cannot help yourself by not falling into the charisma of a diamond. But the pink stone ring can break the bank due to its elegance and feminine vibe.

Why you are always following what people are following? Sometimes the most popular choice is not the best choice. For instance:

Though Mercedes Benz is the most popular and luxurious car still some rich people go for Ferrari or Tesla Model S due to their personal preference.

Nike is the most popular choice for sneakers but all the technology lovers know that Adidas is the brand that is turning sneakers into science. That is why they prefer Adidas over Nike.

In the same way, you cannot guess that every couple loves a diamond ring for their engagement. On the contrary, if the couple loves unique vibes they will prefer for example morganite engagement ring to rock their day.

Choosing a morganite engagement ring over a diamond ring will not be a daunting task if you follow this article to the end. Scroll down and read the comparison guide.

morganite engagement ring

Follow some couples advice for choosing a morganite engagement ring instead of a diamond:

The couples who chose morganite rings to begin their journey of love tell some pros of morganite engagement rings to help you clear your mind.

Morganite gemstones cost considerably less than jewels.

Morganite with a pink hue is the show stopper

The sparkling and fire effect of morganite has its charm. However, it is not as sparkly as a diamond still its glittery shine is enough to satisfy.

Morganite has great hardness compared to other stones .just as its durability with low cost attracts couples to choose this magnificent piece.

After some advice from couples, we are going to share some parameters to judge how morganite engagement rings are the better alternative to diamond rings.


In the 2017 survey, Morganite is the second most popular stone after sapphire as the alternative of a diamond. Therefore we dig it to find what the big reason is. After personal preference the main reason is cost. Though we cannot compare the cost of morganite to diamond gemstones because of certain reasons like shape, clarity, and cut. However, for your understanding, we are comparing an 8mm morganite to an 8mm diamond.

Do you know?

We cannot use carats when comparing morganite and diamond. Despite this, we can use mm. Because morganite and diamond of the same sizes have slightly different weights. So when comparing the diamond to morganite use size as the comparison parameter.

Have a look at this comparison below.

An $800 8mm round morganite:

Have poor cut quality. Therefore you should be gem literate to know about this. Sellers have written policies. You should read that before purchasing.

Is evaluated but not color graded. On the contrary, no one cares about this because it’s a pastel gem and everyone loves its peachy pink color.

Does pose some flaws. But it is type 1 stone and therefore it is eye clear. Furthermore, you can also carefully examine it before buying.

A $6,639 8mm round diamond:

Is perfectly rounded, brilliant, and has an ideal cut. Moreover, It is the sparkly diamond you wish for.

Poses the lowest color grade and it is near to colorless. This is the reason you can get this diamond for only $6,639.Otherwise, the D, E, F color grade diamond of 8mm costs much more than this.

Does have inclusions but it cannot be seen with naked eyes.

Wrapping up-Which stone is the winner?

We can say that you can get a pretty morganite engagement ring of fair quality comparing with a diamond one with an 85-87% discount. Thus it is a huge saving.


Morganite has elegant rosy tint color but it does not sparkle as much as a diamond. So we cannot compare the appearance of both stones. People who love android are convinced that IOS is not better than android though IOS is most popular. People love what they love you nobody can argue on that. Similarly, rich color is loveable as much as glitters and sparkle.


Durability is morganite quality because it ranks at 7.5 to 8 on Moh’s hardness scale. Morganite engagement ring will be your lifetime partner if you care for it.

Do you know?

There is another scale besides Moh’s hardness scale. Knoop hardness scale gives more information.

Morganite secured 8th place on Moh’s scale whereas it is 1,000 on the Knoop scale.

Diamond placed on rank 10 on Moh’s scale is about 7,000 on the Knoop scale.

This means that morganite is 1/7th harder as compared to diamond. Therefore you can easily choose a morganite engagement ring.


In terms of clarity, you have to rely on your retailer. Just as no laboratory offers a grading report. Before buying your favorite morganite you have to first see the return policy to believe your retailer. Most online retailers offer 30 days return policy. Retailer always claims that morganite is eye clean. However, you should also check it by yourself.

Furthermore, the good news is almost all morganite stones have little to few inclusions and they are mostly eye-clean.


Diamond is a transparent sparkly stone whereas morganite is available in a variety of colors from orange to peach pink. There is merely any comparison between these two. People who love colors more than shine always prefers morganite.

Shop from retailers that offer real images so that you will imagine its shades vibes.


Morganite is almost available in every shape as diamonds. The pink beryl will melt your heart with oval, cushion, round, and pear shapes.


Diamond is not traditional it is a prestigious gemstone. However, morganite is not as prestigious as diamonds. But in the end personal preference wins the game.


Your morganite engagement rings need proper cleaning as it is much more prone to dirt. However, in comparison to this diamond is a low maintenance stone. But morganite can be easily cleaned using a toothbrush and soapy water. Whereas a diamond needs a jewelry professional to clean it.


You can go for as huge morganite for your engagement ring as you want. As moissanite gemstones look so similar to diamond morganite is simply distinct from the diamond. So that is why no one will perceive that you are showing off your diamond. Therefore, go for a big stone as you want to steal everyone’s glance through your shiny pastel stone.

buy morganite engagement ring

Bottom line:

Morganite is indeed the most popular alternative to a diamond. Moreover, some sources report that morganite is rarer than diamonds. So you can decide for yourself after reading this article that morganite lovely pink color will change the diamond ring tradition and will represent your classy nature.

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