Moonstone Engagement Ring: How much a good ring cost?

Have you finally decided to make the fateful marriage proposal? Maybe you have even chosen how to buy
moonstone engagement ring. Well, only one thing is missing: the purchase of the engagement ring!

In this article we will see the costs and rules to keep her mouth open even without fainting.

How much does moonstone engagement ring cost?

Let’s start by seeing the cost of the engagement ring. Speaking of gold and precious stones, we can say that there is no limit to beauty and price.

In general, the very first price range starts at 300usd. In this case we are talking about light
moonstone engagement ring with very small stones (if natural). Then there is a band of more elaborate rings, with stones of greater size, purity and brightness that amount to 1,000 usd. Then there are rings for all budgets up to the highest range and value jewels.

There are no spending limits, especially for diamonds the price ranges are many and subject to numerous variables.

What is the right price for the engagement ring?

There is no “universal” fair price. It all comes down to finding the right ring with respect to your spending possibilities.

The important thing is to be able to obtain, with your budget, the maximum in terms of value and beauty of the ring.

For this reason the fundamental thing is to rely on someone competent for the purchase. And who makes you feel at ease by giving you useful information to choose and not to confuse your ideas.

Your goal is to choose a ring that your beauty wears with joy and satisfaction. To achieve this, there are some “rules” and considerations that can help you in choosing your budget and ring.

How much to spend on the moonstone engagement ring then?

In general, you have to spend as much as you feel, also trying to understand what expectations your princess has.

DO NOT pass out for the
moonstone engagement ring, there is no need, but at the same time try to be generous.

Salary rule

A very rough rule of thumb is to spend a salary / a salary and a half on the engagement ring.

In reality there is no proportion to respect with respect to how much you earn: certainly if you have a good position with a ring of little value it might seem that you do not give importance to the ring and your future bride; if you can, dare.

It is not a question of money but a beautiful ring

She is not with you for that, but if you are mean now she will certainly wonder why. Especially if your expenses are oriented to something else (for motorcycles and cars for example), it will feel overshadowed.

If, on the other hand, your salary is modest, she will appreciate your gesture regardless, she certainly did not choose you for the money.

Remember that a woman knows how to wait, you will build a life together and you will certainly have the opportunity to give her special gifts.

Choose a delicate moonstone engagement ring

In this case, you don’t need to spend a lot, but well: the
moonstone engagement ring has a great emotional value.

Remember this when you decide, and ask yourself how much you can spend on the ring she will bond emotionally to in a special way.

Can the engagement ring also be considered an investment?

Some will tell you that the engagement ring can be seen as an investment. It certainly is for your love. But the choice of the ring must not be based on purely economic reasoning.

In fact, real investment jewels are not even worn. We are talking about unique pieces with a hardly calculable value that has many zeros.

An example? The tiffany necklace worn by lady gaga at the 2019 oscars, or the ring that Richard Burton gave to Liz Taylor during the filming of the colossal Cleopara.

Why moonstone engagement ring is unique?

Apart from the cinema, princesses and sheikhs, the rest of humanity when buying a jewel is good to make sure that it is beautiful and well made. It is perhaps unique because it is made with care by artisans rather than being an industrial product. The investment is not in a
moonstone engagement ring.

It is in the relationship you are building with yours, and at most one day when you have children that object that has so much meaning for you will become an object to be handed down with history and memories.

Are you looking around to get an idea of the prices of the wedding rings?

With this
mini guide we want to give you the information you are looking for to choose your faiths.

Ask yourself what you like and we will explain how it is made and how much it costs, so you can calmly decide how to use your money for a ring that you will wear all your life.

How much do wedding rings cost?

The price of wedding rings
depends on many elements.

In principle, we can identify 4 types of wedding rings that correspond to as many price ranges:

Super-cheap (or figure) wedding rings

Factory (or industrial) wedding rings

Handcrafted wedding rings

Wedding rings of major brands

Cheap moonstone engagement ring price

They are the so-called figure faiths; very light
moonstone engagement ring, hollow inside. They often cannot even be engraved and which are made for those couples who will not wear the ring every day.

These wedding rings, in fact, are stage rings purchased only for the ceremony: they are not made to be worn every day.

They are suitable for those who, for work or otherwise, cannot wear ring on a daily basis, and therefore experience the purchase of a wedding ring as a “waste”.

The super-cheap wedding bands have a cost ranging from approximately 100 to 200usd.

Factory price wedding/engagement rings

moonstone engagement rings are produced industrially and generally sold by jewelers. They can be branded or generic, with a slightly higher price in the former case.

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