Moissanite Rings: Hacking My Engagement

An engagement ring is something close to one’s heart. Also, engagement rings are meant to be very special. Further, meant to flaunt, the engagement ring is the only thing a girl is concerned about besides her outfit. Moissanite rings, in this regard, can be a perfect sparkling engagement ring for you to buy or present.

Moissanite rings

What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is a gemstone created in lab using natural resources. It is made up of silicon carbide and is very hard. Moreover, it is colorless and can be round, cushion, princess, heart, pear, radiant, marquise, oval, emerald, or Asscher shape.

Why Moissanite Rings?

Moissanite looks like diamond but has much more refraction and sparkle than diamond. The Moissanite stone could be colored or colorless. Just like any gem, colorless Moissanite is quite expensive comparatively if bought colorless.

oreover, Moissanite ranges from 9-9.25 on the Mohs scale, which is quite good and makes it a daily wear item. People do mistake it with a diamond as they look pretty similar. Another imperative factor that makes Moissanite a perfect purchase is that its sparkle never fades.

People worldwide are making it a trend to spend less on weddings and save it for other essentials of life. We recommend you to buy Moissanite not because you cannot afford a diamond, but because you should hold the money for other life necessities or maybe for your honeymoon.

Moissanite bends much more light than diamond. It is less expensive as compared to a diamond.

The 4C’s of Mossanite:

1. Color:

he colorless moissanite is graded D-E-F. The typical GIA grading system doesn’t really work for Moissanite. Moreover, it can lug the undertones like green, yellow, to grey.

2. Clarity:

Moissanite is a lab-made gemstone, using natural elements. One can control the quality of a Moissanite anyway to ensure a good quality gemstone.

3. Cut:

A gemstone cutter is used to balance the proportion of stone, its symmetry, and the polished achieved. Moreover, a correct cut means better reflection and refraction.

4. Carat:

1-carat diamond is equal to 200 milligrams. Moissanite is lighter than diamond approx. 15-18%, so 1-Carat Moissanite would weigh 0.83-0.85.

Buyers Guide to get Moissanite:

If you are considering buying a Moissanite for your special day, here is the buyer guide.

Check the Price of Stone from Multiple Stores:

Before going to your jeweler, don’t forget to check Moissanite rings’ price from multiple stores. BBBGem is also a reliable source in this regard. We present you unique designs and affordable prices.

Don’t buy too big Stone:

A medium-size stone on the ring looks delicate. Moissanite particularly has the extra refraction, so even a small stone will make the ring shine like a star.

Best grade Moissanite:

Moissanite stone has three grades colorless, near colorless, and one with faint hues. These colors are graded as:

D-E-F Range

G-H-I Range

J-K Range

There is no ideal grade, as it depends on a person’s liking, which he/she selects as his/her favorite grade.

Moissanite vs Diamond:

Remember that Moissanite is a diamond look-alike, but it is not a fake diamond. The stone has its worth, and its resemblance with diamond is not meant to fake the look. Though people sometimes mistake it for diamond, but it is less expensive than diamond.

The diamond ranks at 10 on the Mohs scale whereas, Moissanite ranks at 9- 9.5, which means it is also a hard stone and will have a long life.

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, Moissanite is more sparkling than diamond. If you want people to mistake your ring with a diamond for any reason, we recommend getting round shape Moissanite.

Hacks to Buy Affordable Engagement Ring:

Here we will give you some tips and tricks to get your dream engagement ring at an affordable price:

You can go for nearly colorless Moissanite stone, which is less expensive than colorless Moissanite stone. It will also give sparkling white refraction.

Another tip to make your ring affordable is to select a little less than a carat. Trust us; it will drastically decrease the amount of stone.

Certain shapes like Asscher cut are expensive; you can opt for other shapes to make an intelligent purchase.

Finally, don’t forget to use the women’s instinct and ask the jeweler to bargain.

Is Moissanite a good Diamond Alternative?

Though every gemstone has its worth and value, it would be pretty unfair to underrate any stone; however, if you want a replacement for a diamond because of your low budget, Moissanite is a replacement. It is a hard Stone and can be wear 24/7. The sparkle of the Moissanite makes it the first choice for many. Also, it is cheaper than diamond, so it is wise to get a more sparkling, less expensive, and equally solid gemstone.

How to Distinguish among Moissanite and Diamond?

The most effective way to distinguish Moissanite from diamond is to look the Moisannite through the top or crown using loupe. By looking through the loupe at any Stone angle, you will see double refraction (two faintly blurred lines). You can see the double refraction visibly in specific shapes; otherwise, you have to make a little effort.

How to take care of Moissanite?

As Moissanite is a hard stone, it is not fragile. You can easily clean your Moissanite rings by putting them in a soapy solution and cleaning it using a soft toothbrush. Move the brush gently, and don’t forget to target the complex areas. Once your ring is cleaned, wash it with clean water.

Besides the soapy solution, you can also add a tiny amount of ammonia. Use 1-part ammonia with 2 parts of water. Again use a soft brush for cleaning and rinse underwater.

It is advised not to keep the Moissanite jewelry with other delicate items, as it is a hard stone and can scratch other fragile jewelry items. Keeping it in a separate pouch is much safe.

Moissanite rings

Though Moissanite is hard and can be used roughly, it doesn’t mean it cannot break so; it is better to take it off while doing hardcore activities.

Unique Moissanite Designs:

Below are some unique designs for Moissanite rings that could be perfect to hack your engagement.

Moissanite Rings DesignDetails

Rose Gold Moissanite Engagement Ring Halo Diamond Promise Ring

Stone Shape: Round

Metal Color: Rose Gold

Style: Halo

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2 Carat Princess Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring Set Rose Gold Accent Diamond

Stone Shape: Princess

Metal Color: Rose Gold

Style: Accents

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Cushion Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring Diamond Wedding Ring 14k Rose Gold Halo Custom

Stone Shape: Cushion

Metal Color:Rose Gold

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Moissanite Engagement Wedding Ring Set 14k 18k Rose Gold Curved Marquise Vintage

Stone Shape: Round

Metal Color: Gold

Style: Art Deco

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3pcs 8mm Round Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring,6 prongs set

Stone Shape: Round

Metal Color: White Gold

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Wrap up:

Moissanite rings are one of the best choices to opt for as an engagement ring. Moreover, it is the best alternative to diamonds and people often faux it with diamonds. They are less expensive and has more sparkling refraction as compared to diamond. 

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