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Moissanite Engagement Rings – How Does Moissanite Compare to Diamond?

Despite the number of differences, both minerals look similar to each other

What Is Moissanite?

Moissanite engagement rings, a colorless gem, is the discovery of the French scientist Henri Moissan. The gem, unlike the property of a diamond, is something very unique and is a rare mineral.

The properties are not similar to that of a diamond instead, there are minor differences present when we compare both. The Moissanite material is a pure silicon carbide structure. Whereas, a diamond is a form of carbon. As a matter of fact, when one pitches both at the same time, one experiences them quite similar to each other.

moissanite engagement rings

The user thus finds himself in the confusion of similar appearances. However, the chemical properties of both materials set them apart. The moissanite is a rare commercial component. The one sold in today’s times is a laboratory production. The moissanite which exists in its rare form came into existence in 1893.

Diamond Vs Moissanite Price

The root cause of the rare presence of moissanite engagement rings is its incompetent value than that of a diamond. A diamond comes in the most presentable form and is feasible for several processes. It is expensive, natural, and possesses higher quality.

Whereas moissanite is not a high-end user product, the price value is lower than that of a diamond. Therefore, it simply indicates that the value of money of it is lower. The moissanite normally weighs 15% less than a diamond.

By the look of these properties, therefore, the diamond stands out in comparison. Additionally, the price and value of a diamond depend potentially upon its 4’C properties. By this, the 4’Cs are the Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. All these C’s cumulatively work in deciding whether a diamond carries beauty as well as brilliance. It is because most of the time, diamonds are natural products rather than something manufactured through artificial processes. The natural components work together to give a fine product.

On the contrary to this, we have moissanite. Most of the moissanite is available in the same price range. Also, their prices are according to their sizes. The jewelers measure its price in millimeters. The prices vary with the weight and size. It suggests that if two moissanite carries different weight and size, they will be labeled with different price tags.

Furthermore, the difference in moissanite material also affects its price. There is both enhanced-moissanite and unenhanced moissanite. The latter carry less price than that of a former type. Therefore, this simple comparison is easy to help us understand.

Diamond VS. Moissanite: Color

The color capacity in a moissanite engagement ring varies rapidly. Although the diamond and moissanite look quite similar when seen from a distance and under poor lighting. But there is a color difference one can easily spot on when seeing them closely. As colorless in nature, diamond gets a grade on a GIA color scale from D to Z. Whereas moissanite, a colorless structure, gets a grade on the GIA color scale as a K grade.

Moissanite falling under certain lighting sparks yellow, light, and green tints. This light hits up more when the moissanite is larger. No one can make a mistake in choosing a diamond and moissanite. Nonetheless, the diamond is still a colorless component. The one hitting from the D to J category on a GIA scale shows no grey and yellow tint. After all, it is the color that makes the diamond brightly white.

Forever Brilliant Moissanite Vs Diamond

The moissanite engagement rings are something that is previously in regular experimentation processes. The Charles & Colvard company was the first one to hit on the forever brilliant moissanite. To produce artificial yet colorless moissanite, the company used it in jewelry and rings. However, due to technological limitations, the moissanite never comes as diamond does.

The manmade moissanite failed to hit the market and thus gets its discontinuation. There is a rough estimate of the scientist. The GIA color grade of forever moissanite may vary. Although, they seem to lie roughly near a diamond that ranges from G to I.

orever One Moissanite Vs Diamond

With the pace in technology, Charles & Colvard in 2015 came up with forever brilliant with forever one. This moissanite was the newest form at that time and carried the property of colorless material as diamond. This moissanite at that time was available as the most advanced and marketed material. The moissanite engagement rings were all manhandled, flawless, and made with the finest quality. All moissanites came out of the rough moissanites. The moissanites that come from such a process appear to be colorless. But the color grades in the making of the stones did not always give a very accurate result. It includes D, E, or F GIA diamond color grade.

If we compare the Forever One moissanite with that of Moissanite Forever Brilliant, we hardly find any difference in terms of color. Both these colors are available in colorless form. However, the moissanite is different from a diamond. The diamond is an inseparable form of silicon carbide. When it receives the light, it disperses and displays several color patterns. The color of the display is somewhat different, and therefore, despite the continuous efforts the Forever One moissanite does not fall near a real diamond.

Diamond Vs Moissanite: Clarity

The purchase of moissanite engagement rings can go wrong sometimes. The moissanite is quite an imperfect material with minor blemishes and inclusions while putting it under the magnifying glass. When we talk about the clarity of the moissanite, we tend to look at the lack of impurity, blemishes, and inclusions in the stone.

It is the reason that we sell moissanite as per the extent of its clarity. Clarity does not come itself instead, it is a graded-entity. For grading, we use the same grading scale as GIA, which we normally use for other entities such as diamond. It is a must note that the grades are not a provision of GIA, AGS, and such other gemological lab. Instead, the grader is the manufacturer or the seller itself. The artificial-looking moissanite available consequently is less graded.

Diamond Vs Moissanite: Cut

Like the color and clarity, the cut of the moissanite engagement rings also matters a lot. The moissanite is thus, found in a different type of cuts. It mainly includes radiant cut, princess, cushion, pear, and oval cut. Others designs are available to cut in the most antique forms. It was available a hundred years ago. The famous cut of all is the round brilliant cut. The reason for it is the following:


As the name suggests, the stone will brightly lit up when scrutinized under the bright light. The stone sparkles and glows in the presence of light to its full extent. It bounces off and spreads the facets in different directions.


The color element is vital when it comes to a round brilliant cut. The cut is additional support for making the stone appear colorless or to hide its colors. This feature helps the yellow and the green tints in the moissanite to disappear quickly.


The round brilliant cut, as it is appearing carries extreme dimensions and uses. The versatility factor is its inheritance. Hence, the brilliance in design exhibits in moissanite engagement rings and jewelry.

The brilliant-cut in moissanite is what generally matters the most. The cut produces excellent results as it tends to hide the color. Therefore, the most famous of all cuts is the radiant, oval, princess and marquise cut.

Diamond Vs Moissanite: Hardness

When comparing the two, diamond is the most preferred one. However, the moissanite engagement rings are still reliable. Diamond naturally is a hard-core substance and thus, the Mohs scale of it is 10. Whereas a moissanite scale is 9.25. Thus, the diamond is quite reliable, and durable in use. It, therefore, is scratch-resistant material and is highly preferable in engagement rings and for everyday wear. The moissanite, in comparison, shows that it is a lower-rated material.

The 9 to 9.95 is still a better scale that still helps in protecting the material from scratches. The only minerals that can scratch moissanite are the ones that are equal or higher on the scale. It mainly includes diamonds and other moissanites. The diamond, which is in the hardest and sustainable form, can resist most of the strong minerals. It mainly includes Tungsten carbide and Steel. The measure of performance, therefore, varies from overall structural performance.

moissanite engagement rings 2021

iamond Vs Moissanite: Brilliance

The moissanite engagement rings are excelling in brilliance and cuts. The moissanite is far better when it comes to measuring its refractive index. The measurement shows that it is 2.65 whereas for a diamond is 2.42. Moissanite holds a color frame reference. Under certain lighting, it shows off an extensive range of colors.

It, however, is not preferred by most people. Otherwise, the diamond fulfills the remaining preference. Just like the diamond, this stone also emits fire which is the rainbow light. It also gives out a reflection of vibrant colors. However, sometimes it gives off extensive colors, which people generally don’t like. When we compare diamond and Moissanite, we know that brilliance and fire are factors that appear obvious with the change of sizes. It matters most with stones when we observe them in varying lighting environments.

Can We Consider Moissanite Equals to A Diamond?

The two gemstones are entirely different and the experts prove it. The moissanite engagement is thus a form of lab tests. The material used in the making is silicon carbide. The moissanite appears different when we examine it under the wide light. It, therefore, demands an entirely separate route when it comes to color and brilliance. The two features, when paired up together, form the ultimate positive effect.

Whatsoever it takes to compare a diamond with moissanite, one cannot differentiate between them. It is only an expert eye that spells the difference between the two. The two gemstones which hold high importance sounds good with its difference in qualities. After all the differences, the bigger question remains. It is of judging the best gemstone. Either diamond is the best or moissanite. The clearer, the better. The answer is that both possess superior qualities that make them stand out in nature.

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