Moissanite 2019 Trend: The Engagement Ring That Is Driving Brides Crazy

7.5mm Cushion Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring Set/14k white gold/Halo stacking ring/Bridal

comes with following a lot of traditions, and one of the most common one is
wearing a diamond engagement ring. Because of their stunning appearance and
toughness, diamonds are popular for being the stone of choice to buy when
proposing. However, diamonds are also known to be one of the most expensive
gems out there, not to mention their impact on society and the environment, so
it’s not surprising to see many people go for something with a different kind
of uniqueness to it. Brides have turned this year more than before to
non-diamond engagement rings as they are far more cheaper than diamonds and
just as elegant. One of those gems that has become one of the biggest ring trend
of 2018 is moissanite. Searches for 
Moissanite engagement rings on Google have
blown through the roof since 2019!

Moissanite engagement ring

you see moissanite for the first time, you might confuse it for diamond because
they look remarkably similar. But actually moissanite is a totally different
thing. Moissanite was first discovered in 1893 by a French scientist called
Henri Moissan in a crater created on Earth by a fallen meteorite. He found
microscopic particles of this gem in this crater. He had thought he found
diamond at first glance but later realized this gem contained a special element
composed of silicon carbide.

Today, moissanite gems available are not expensive, but
that’s because the are not actually authentic. Natural moissanite is very rare,
and so most of today’s gem are created in laboratories. Creating artificial
moissanite took years to eventually synthesize since it was discovered but
today the gem is now so popular as a result of this.

The resemblance in physical appearance moissanite has with
diamond is not a coincidence- they’re made to look like that. But there are
some big differences, too. Moissanite is extremely durable, but diamonds are
even more durable, in fact diamonds are the hardest known mineral on the
planet. Moissanite’s difference with diamond comes mostly from the brilliance
under light – It gives a “disco ball” effect under light. There is also a
yellow or gray tint with moissanite that diamonds don’t have.

If you are looking an inexpensive diamond-like gemstone for
your engagement or wedding ring,moissanite is your answer! Not only is it
cheaper but it’s also more eco-friendly, which you should have in mind as well.
One great thing about this gem for engagement ring is that you can have it for
long because of its durability. It’s no surprise why its popularity just ke

It’s obvious why people are settling for moissanite wedding sets this year – It has the traditional diamond ring feel to it
without spending a ton of money. We hope it will stick around come 2019.

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