Make Your Own Engagement Ring

Making your own engagement ring, in other words is custom and design your unique engagement rings. you can customize many of hand-crafted wedding rings and engagement rings with color gemstones, color diamonds and/or alternative metal options to create a ring that is perfect for your unique personality. If you wish, a one-of-a-kind ring can be designed and crafted by using state-of-the-art technology to meet all of your specifications and brings your vision to life.

To cater to these clienteles’ special demands, discerning couples with a taste for unique engagement rings, more and more jewelry designers are offering custom jewelry and wedding bands for when it’s time to say “I do.”

Usually, how to make your own engagement ring

1, Clear your demands. Show jewelry shop pictures of the ring you like and your all requests. You can use ring builder which allows you step by step to pick and post the elements you most desire to be in your ring. Jewelry designer will combine all of these elements into one original and recreate anything while personalizing the design to fit your style.

2, Confirm price and create a 3D file or CAD for reference. All ideas has been realized and designer have known your design to specific detail. He will recreate a professional revised design for you with desired modification while providing you a price for the design ring. If both parties are satisfied on the design and price, the next step is to create a 3D file or CAD of your design. Please note: when you receive your CAD, the ring may look different than the final product will. For example, the prongs may appear to stand up too high – this is necessary for the finishing team to be able to set the stone securely. Also, pave detailing may also not look finished because the beads that are used to set the stone will not appear in CAD.

3, Waxing a model. On approval craftsmen will then use stereo lithography technology to “print” a full-size wax version of your design. This technology allows craftsman to create the most intricate and complex details possible in the jewelry industry, within an accuracy of two hundredths of a millimeter; this means you can literally expect perfection from the workmanship.This prototype is full-scale and will show you the exact detail and dimensions of your project.

4, Production the custom ring.Jewelry maker uses a state-of-the-art computerized casting machine that negatively vacuums all oxygen out of the casting chamber and replaces it with released argon gas to purify the environment for casting. This closed environment eliminates all porosity that would otherwise occur naturally due to oxidization. Porosity (tiny air bubbles in the metal) is a sign of an inferior casting and is normally seen on the surface of high-polished metal and will always occur during open-air casting. This is why argon-gas vacuum chamber is so important.


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