Latest Moonstone Engagement Ring Set Designs in 2021


When you think about your relationship, do the words “special”, “unique” and “incomparable” spring to mind? Then you may have had the thought of incorporating these properties into the design of your moonstone engagement ring set. A great way to do this can be wedding rings with patterns that make your alliance unmistakable, also from the outside!


In addition to bicolour wedding rings, special types of frames and specially prepared surfaces, engagement rings with a striking design are particularly impressive. The selection is diverse, from playful floral patterns to more timeless wavy and line-like patterns.

There is something for every taste. These extraordinary wedding rings can inspire with integrated stones in the design as well as without!


Tastes are different and vary from person to person. Only you can judge for yourself whether wedding rings with patterns are also suitable for you. You also radiate your comfort and satisfaction to the outside as soon as you have found your favorite moonstone engagement ring set. How your decision ultimately turns out does not matter. It is important that you get satisfaction!

Our moonstone engagement ring set recommendation

The search for your wedding rings is the starting point of a new and exciting phase of life. You should be aware that with these rings you are making a long-term decision that will accompany you for a lifetime.

That is why we recommend that you really listen to your heart with unusual and eye-catching wedding rings. And think about what you would like to see on your hands every day for the next few decades. Once the choice has been made, wedding rings with patterns can also be a wonderful seal for your alliance for life!

Diamond Ring is symbol of love

A diamond engagement ring not only symbolizes eternal love, but also the security that a steadfast relationship brings with it. If you are one of the lucky ones who have found a partner for life, you may consider proposing marriage. In our guide you will find out everything you need to know from popular moonstone engagement ring set designs to things to consider when buying a ring.


There are a few things to consider when buying a diamond ring for your loved one.

1. Budget

Tradition has it that an engagement ring should cost up to three months’ salary – but we think that a reasonable is a good option. If you are not currently able to save money on moonstone engagement ring set, then take a look at our engagement ring calculator.

2. The four Cs of moonstone engagement ring set

Diamond carat

Carat is the weight of a diamond. The larger the carat number, the heavier and larger the gemstone. This is generally true, but sometimes a diamond that has a slightly lower carat weight may appear larger or the same size as one that has a higher carat weight.

Diamond cut

The cut refers to how precisely a diamond is cut. A well-cut diamond is symmetrical and has ideal proportions, which provides shine and shimmer.

Diamond color

The color refers to the hue of a diamond. Each diamond comes on a D to Z color scale, where “clear” is most valuable and browns and yellows are the least valuable. D stands for the clearest and therefore most expensive diamonds.


The design that you choose for your diamond engagement ring should match the individual style of your partner. If your counterpart has already given hidden hints, or if you have asked friends and family for help, you should have no problems finding the perfect ring.

If you are still looking, then take a look at the jewelry that your loved one usually wears. This should serve as a guide to whether modern or traditional designs would fit better, and which precious metal would fit best.

Finally, there are many designs to choose from – from simple, traditional solitaire diamond engagement rings to ornate vintage models.

Solitaire moonstone engagement ring set

A solitaire engagement ring consists of a single diamond and a simple moonstone engagement ring set. This design is the most popular among engagement rings because it is versatile and classic. The often seen, classic design is usually combined with round diamonds.

Halo engagement rings

Halo engagement rings are glamorous and eye-catching, making them perfect for fashion. The Halo diamond ring consists of a large diamond surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds, all of which sparkle in competition. If you want your diamond to look bigger, this is the perfect choice.

Trilogy engagement rings

A trilogy engagement ring consists of three diamonds on a metal ring. This engagement ring design is especially meaningful as the three gemstones are meant to symbolize the past, present and future of a relationship.

Vintage engagement rings

A vintage engagement ring is often ornate and has a hint of antique glamor. If your partner is a true romantic, a vintage-style ring is just the thing.


The precious metal you choose for your favorite’s engagement ring can change the look of the ring greatly. Red gold, for example, gives the piece of jewelry an antique look, while platinum looks more elegant and modern. It’s worth taking a look at your partner’s jewelry collection before buying to find out which metal color goes best.

Yellow gold

Yellow gold is pure gold that is combined with metal alloys such as zinc and copper. It is an absolute classic and is suitable for lovers of traditional designs. We recommend choosing a lower carat weight for yellow gold, as this is more durable due to the lower gold purity.

White gold moonstone engagement ring set

Moonstone engagement ring set is elegant and bright white, and goes perfectly with any type of jewelry. It is often combined with platinum, which looks similar – but white gold is a softer and lighter metal. White gold engagement rings are often plated with rhodium to make them more durable.

Red gold

Rose gold or red gold is the hottest among the precious metals. It is created by mixing pure gold with a copper alloy, which creates the reddish hue. Rose gold has become hugely popular in recent years, not just in the jewelry industry, but also when it comes to interior design and technology trends. This feminine precious metal looks particularly great in combination with vintage designs. 

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