January birthstone jewelry – Garnet

Every month is associated with a birthstone, which is an unique gemstone represents a birth month.Today BBBGEM will introduce the January birthstone jewelry – garnet .

Garnet is the birthstone of January. It stands for chastity, fraternity and faithful.

For a long time, people would think of the fire when it comes to “garnet” since its usual color- Red. They believe it can light up the night. Muslims believe garnet stone can illuminate heaven. Even in the ancient Greek and Roman Empire, it was the special gemstone that mainly used as exorcism to avoid evil . In the Middle Ages, people generally believe that garnet has the ability of getting rid of ghosts and disasters, enhance human vitality, loyalty and other mysterious forces, so it was widely used by knights. Afterwards, this mysterious stone was quite active on the collar of queen or royal. Therefore it automatically become a symbol of femininity beauty. Nowadays, garnet is a precious gemstone and hot in the fine jewelry.

A garnet pendant necklace with bright color and high clarity will endow ladies with particular charm.

garnet pendant necklace

4 diamonds around the red garnet, this unique design stands out the charm of the main stone all the more, such elegant, beautiful, brilliant. This pendant can bring the power of love and courage for the female friends and to find the happiness.

Heart shaped garnet and diamond engagement rings will stay with love forever.

Red garnet with diamond is the longest confession of love. As a representative of faithful love, heart shaped red garnet engagement rings will be your love, be everything that you need That we’re surrounded by the comfort the red love And protection of the highest power I wanna stand with you on a mountain, I wanna stand with you in the sea …

Four Leaf Clover garnet and diamond earrings.

The first leaf represents true love (love)

The second leaf represents health (health)

The third leaf represents the reputation (glory)

The fourth leaf represents wealth (riches)

So perfect earrings, what are you still waiting for ? The stunning Garnet Earrings and Stud Garnet Earrings for every day or special occasions.

January romance, blessings of January, given to you by affectionate garnet in January.You can find a lot of garnet jewelry in BBBGEM.


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