How to measure the size of amethyst engagement rings for bride and groom?

methyst engagement rings for the bride and groom are bought on the same day. They should stylistically complement each other, look harmoniously in a pair. That is why it is difficult to find an option that would suit both the groom and the bride. With different tastes, getting wedding rings is a good reason to learn how to find compromises.

The fashion for wedding rings is quite conservative

Traditional options prevail here, the convenience and practicality of which has been tested for decades. However, current trends are making their own adjustments.

Before running to the store, familiarize yourself with the main fashion trends, look through the catalogs of manufacturers and jewelry stores. It is important to collect as much information as possible and only then start shopping.

The main amethyst engagement rings selection criteria:

metal (gold (lemon, white, red), platinum; silver; combined version of gold of different colors),

style (classic, romantic or modern),

design (inscribed, engraved or not; patterned or coated)

presence of stones (with diamonds, cubic zirconia or Swarovski crystals),

the shape of the ring profile (the classic version is a convex profile on the outside; the European standard is a “washer”, rectangular shape; comfortable – with an oval cross-section);

ring width (narrow: 2-4 mm; medium: 4-6 mm; wide: 6-8 mm).

A few tips for those who want to make the right choice

Family life should begin with a joyful event. And let this event be the acquisition of wedding rings. Bride and groom amethyst engagement rings should be bought together to pair and match each other. It is necessary to take care of a beautiful case in advance or purchase it together with rings in a jewelry store.

Wedding rings should fit comfortably on your finger. Here it is better not to be guided by the size, but to measure and choose the most comfortable fit. When trying on a ring, squeeze and unclench your fist; check that the ring does not squeeze the skin or dangle on your finger.

It happens that rings of the same size, but different thicknesses and sections, feel differently. These differences are especially noticeable in wide models.

The ring should be tried on exactly on the finger on which the ring will be worn. As you know, the fingers of the right and left hands differ in thickness.

How to measure the amethyst engagement rings?

It is not recommended to measure the ring after physical activity and in hot weather. Due to the possible swelling of the palms, you can make a mistake with the size.

Wedding rings should harmoniously complement the everyday wardrobe of the newlyweds. If the groom prefers a sporty style of clothing, he should not choose too elegant models. If the bride prefers silver, she should pay attention to white gold, platinum or combined models of two types of gold, white and yellow.

How to choose same style engagement rings?

If the bride is already a happy owner of a beautiful engagement ring and plans to wear it further, it is necessary to choose amethyst engagement rings in the same style.

Wedding rings are a symbol of loyalty and eternal love. However, do not think that rings are bought for life. If, for example, the family’s wealth has grown over time and the financial situation has improved, you can again buy more status rings and solemnly exchange them for your wedding anniversary. And put the old rings in the case, keeping

Size matters!

Moreover, when it comes to the choice of rings. How to choose the size so that the engagement ring or just a dream product fits your finger flawlessly? A few practical tips and life hacks are in our material.

How to choose the size of the ring for a girl and a young man?

Size in this case is the size of the jewelry’s inner diameter in millimeters (mm is a unit of measurement).

it is not difficult to find out the circumference of the finger, but you should NOT:

after sports, baths and saunas, since there is a possibility of tissue edema;

after a flight, after suffering a cold, a large amount of fluid consumed;

in extreme heat, early in the morning or late in the evening, when there is a possibility of persistence of edema.

In short, if you need to know the size of the amethyst engagement rings, your condition and self-awareness should be the norm!

Method # 1 – by diameter

The easiest method is to measure the inside diameter of an existing piece of jewelry that fits well using a regular ruler. For example, the diameter is 1.8 cm, which means that your size is – classic 18 millimeters.

When it is difficult to take measurements on amethyst engagement rings, you can put it on a blank sheet of paper, put two points around the circle and connect them through the center of the circle. The length of the straight line connecting the points will be equal to the diameter.


Large models with an impressive shank fit more tightly than graceful and thin ones. Consequently, the diameter of the former will be slightly larger, and it is not recommended to choose them “back to back”. In the meantime, it is possible to acquire thin rings, the rim of which is up to 3 mm, exactly “end-to-end”.

Method number 2 – Use a ready-made template

There is a template on the site, to which it is enough to attach a perfectly matching ring, and you will find out what its size is. There can be errors here, especially when the scale is not calculated. That is, on the smartphone screen the template will be of the same size, and on the computer monitor – another, already an order of magnitude larger.

Method number 3 – thread, string or rim of paper

The way is as easy as shelling pears! You need to take a thread or a thin strip of paper, wrap your finger below the joint and make notes – cut or mark with a pen. To get an accurate reading, divide the length in mm by 3.14. Thus, if your thread length is 47.5 mm, then your choice is the fifteenth.

Perhaps the surest method is to measure the amethyst engagement rings size directly at the jewelry store using a specially designed ring tester tool.

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