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How to clean morganite

Morganite Bridal set is the trending engagement rings in the latest 3 years. How to clean morganite when you purchased this semi-precious gemstone?

Before knowing how to clean morganite,you should know a little about this gemstone.Morganite is one special variety of crystal. Most of the morganite producing from the area including Russia,India,Brazil,America,Africa,Madagascar,china,etc. Among those area, the morganite which come from Santiago of America is the best quality. In china, the morganite from XinJiang or YunNan is the most excellent. Due to its unique pink color and rare existence, it is very valuable and it is popular among females. Most of the morganite jewel on the market are treated(Heat treated) when they are processing. The bigger and heavier the morganite is, it will be much more valuable.

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If you have your own morganite rings, how should we maintain the jewel and keep it Brilliant all the time? Here are some suggestion from BBBGEM on how to clean morganite:

1.Clean the morganite with a soft dry cloth if it is stained. Otherwise it will lose its bright some day.

2.Do not put the morganite by the electric device such as computer, Television,Speaker and so on. Because the stronger fall out of the machine is, it will make a severer damage to the color of the gemstone. So, keep it away from them.

3.Although morganite is one kind of crystal, it may damage if it crash with some hard stuff. Even more it will be broken. So get avoid crashing the morganite and keep it carefully. In addition, please be gently when you clean your gemstone.

4.Take off your morganite ring before you take a shower, wash dishes,etc. Because if the morganite get in touch with the acid-base, it will cause a chemical process and the color of the gemstone will be damaged.

Morganites and Aquamarines. Gemstones are major oil magnets and attracts any kind of soaps and oils then dries up and builds up all over again. So it’s important to always clean before there are new layers of buildup. At home cleaning is very effective when you are thorough but you do also have to be consistent.

Instructions below but be sure to be very thorough. 

For example, when I do the at home cleaning I’ve attempted to skip the step where excess water is completely removed before blow drying and it turned right back to cloudy. That excess drop of water drying up on the stone will make it appear cloudy again. Also be sure to brush underneath the stone for a good three minutes to get rid of all that dried buildup. In fact you can soak it in warm water for a few minutes to break up the build up. Also you can use a spray of windex if it is hard to remove the grime. As long as you see the stone becoming more transparent during cleaning, you know you are headed in the right direction. Again, take your time because a quick scrub with warm soapy water won’t simply clean it. We’ve tried and it dries up cloudy again.


1.Soak in plain warm water (hot tub warm) for a couple of minutes.
2.Gently brush with soft bristle brush (kids toothbrush works great) a mixture of foamy dish soap and water all around the gem (especially under the stone) for a good 2 to 5 minutes to remove all buildup. You should notice the stone becoming cleaner.
3.Rinse with water.
4.Shake off excess water.
5.Blow dry.
Remember: annual professional maintenance is highly recommended on all fine jewelry as well as attentive care and extra love so it can be kept for generations.

Hope these would be helpful to you! want to know how to clean opal rings?click here

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