How to Choose the Right Morganite Rings For Your Engagement?

Tips on Choosing the Right Morganite Rings?

Shopping for a great engagement ring isn’t an easy job. When thinking about a perfect engagement ring, you need to consider a number of factors. You would have to ponder on a number of options. The trendy morganite rings are one of such options that might get an edge over other options because of their aesthetics and durability.

If you have already decided and searching for a morganite ring, then we will walk you through the process to choose the best morganite ring.

Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring

The magnificent color of morganite is perhaps the first thing that will make you fall in love with this stone. However, you still need to know how to choose your morganite to make your selection count. Before you buy your morganite ring, here are a few important questions to keep in mind:

How to make sure that I am choosing the perfect shade of peach or pink?

What is the cost of morganite?

What morganite size should I choose?

What are the other factors I need to worry about – such as treatment or clarity?

This guide will explain how you can select a morganite in an expert way. In choosing morganite, the first important thing is the color selection. Therefore, we will start from there.


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Color Shade

Morganite is available in shades of the pink-peach color spectrum. So first of all, you need to decide whether your preference is pink, peachy, or something that is in-between these shades. A Gem expert will call this selection process as ‘choosing hue’.

Normally, a stone with a pink hue is priced higher than a stone with a peach hue. However, both colors look aesthetically appealing. Popularity-wise, stones with peach-pink hues have an edge over other shades. You can also opt for a piece that is evenly balanced in terms of shades.


Some customers feel that choosing the right color nuances of morganite is enough. However, color saturation is another important factor to look at, when buying morganite rings.

Saturation is important in measuring color intensity. Vivid color stones are more valuable, but you must choose according to your own preference. There are customers who like strong pink and there are also those who prefer light champagne peachy shades.


After picking out the color, your next concern should be to choose the perfect shape. Morganite has versatility in terms of shape, which means that you can choose from a number of shapes to make your perfect morganite ring. Here are a few popular choices:




Emerald cut

Apart from the above popular shapes, you can also consider a few other shapes, such as princess cut, heart shape, trillion, marquise, radiant cut, and pear shape, etc.

How light goes through the morganite differs according to the shape of the stone and it impacts the color saturation. For diamonds, the round shape is the most popular shape. A round shape returns white light that hides the color, which makes the diamond look more colorless.

Apart from the round shape, there are some other fancy shapes that are prevalent in colored stones because of their ability to amplify color, which makes the stone look vivid.


After choosing your shape and color, your next job would be to choose the right size. The most common morganite stone sizes for morganite rings are around 1.5ct to 2.5ct. However, you can think big and also opt for a size of 3ct+ stone. You can even opt for a smaller size morganite stone of 1ct or even below that if you like a subtler look.


Great! Now you understand the morganite selection process. The next big thing is to know how much your morganite ring is going to cost you. Here, you should understand that morganite has great value because of its growing popularity.

On average, customers spend approximately $300 to $950, when buying morganite rings. If you choose a morganite ring of 2.4ct to 4ct, then it will cost around $800 to $1800. For those who have a smaller budget, a lighter color stone of 0.5ct to 1ct would be the most economical choice.

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Some other Important Factors

Apart from the above discussed important factors, there are also a few other things that you need to keep in mind while looking for your engagement morganite ring:

1. Cut

The cut is an important factor in choosing a morganite ring. However, it is not as essential as in the case of diamonds. Why? Diamond is all about the sparkle which is why the best cut is essential.

Since morganite is a colored gem and it is all about its color. Therefore, you should be more focused on how morganite stone is looking to your eyeballs. You need to make sure that it is symmetrical and lively.

2. Clarity

Given the light color of morganite, it is vital to avoid any inclusion that is eye visible. Luckily, morganite stones’ natural form is the clear crystal. Therefore, clarity is not a big concern.

3. Setting Styles

Because morganite is a versatile stone, so you have the freedom to choose from a broad range of impressive styles. Here are the two most popular styles currently available in the market:

1.Rose Gold: It looks astonishing with morganite. The stone gets reflection from the metal color that in return, amplifies the stone’s pink color.

2. Diamond Accent and Diamond Halos: This is another popular style that enhances the center morganite’s look. Aesthetically appealing visual contrast and sparkle is created by colorless diamonds that make that morganite center stone’s color prominent.

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4. Treatment

Morganite is usually treated by heat at mine or prior to cutting. Why? This is important for enhancing the color of this gemstone. Heating does what occurs naturally during the gem formation. With heat-treatment, the yellow undertones reduce, making the morganite stone appear peachy. The heating process is common with colored gemstones, so you don’t need to worry about it when buying your morganite.

Morganite is an affordable gemstone that comes in various popular colors. By following our guidelines, you can end up buying just a perfect morganite ring for your engagement this season.

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