How to Care for the Tanzanite Engagement Rings

This content is dedicated to taking care of the tanzanite engagement rings, but it is significant to know what makes Tanzanite so rare and delicate to be extra cautious.

Why Makes Tanzanite So Rare?

Tanzanite is a birthstone for December-born. It is a blue or purple gemstone and was discovered in Tanzania. It was named tanzanite by Tiffany&Co. It is rare than a diamond as it is found only in a small 20 square-mile mining area. Moreover, people believe that Tanzanite stimulates perception and intuition. Also, it facilitates a higher consciousness.

A rich-colored 1ct tanzanite’s approximate worth is $300-425 per carat. The vivid blue-violetish blue color of tanzanite is more expensive. As compared to diamonds, they are soft and can have scratches if maltreated. It ranking on MOHS scale is 6-7.

Can Tanzanite Be Used to Mount in Engagement Ring?

Though tanzanite is delicate and fragile, it doesn’t mean that they can be mount in the engagement rings or any other jewelry item. What else would be better to give one of the rare stones like tanzanite to your loved one on your special occasion? All you have to do is to:

Avoid wearing your tanzanite engagement ring during hard chores like gardening or gym.

Ask your jeweler to protect the edges and cuts off the tanzanite by mounting it.

Is Tanzanite Engagement Ring Durable?

Tanzanite is resistant to everyday harsh chemicals, light, and heat. But, you cannot expose it to extreme heat suddenly or chemicals like hyaluronic acid.

How Can I Clean my Tanzanite Engagement Ring?

You can clean your tanzanite engagement ring by following the steps given below:

Take a warm soapy water and an ultra-soft toothbrush.

Clean all the corners and edges gently.

Use a soft cloth to dry the ring.

Make sure to rinse the soap well as it may dull the shine of stone if left on it.

The steam cleaning and ultrasonic cleaner may affect the cleavage of the gem so avoid using them.

Will my Tanzanite lose weight after Polishing?

If you have accidentally forgotten to take off your tanzanite while doing the hard chores and it has got scratches, you can take it for polish. Polishing will not lessen the weight of the gemstone. However, go to an experienced jeweler who has handled the tanzanite previously.

How Should I Store my Tanzanite Engagement Ring?

As mentioned earlier, Tanzanite is a delicate gemstone so, you have to take care of it wholeheartedly to increase durability. Put your Tanzanite engagement ring in a separate bag, pouch, or box to avoid rubbing.

Which Tanzanite is more Valuable?

Blue tanzanite is rarer as compare to violet dominant tanzanite. Moreover, blue is also superior from a saving point of view as it is likely to yield a higher return.

What should I look for while purchasing a tanzanite engagement ring?

While purchasing a tanzanite engagement ring, keep the following things in mind:

Look for high-quality Tanzanite, preferably dark violet or deep blue. It increases the value of a ring.

The stone should be flawless visibly. However, you can ignore minor flaws to save some bucks.

To enhance light and dark areas in the gem, opt for a tanzanite engagement ring with an asymmetrical cut. Also, it will enhance the grace of your engagement.

Which Is the Best Setting Style for Tanzanite Engagement Rings?

Like any other gem, tanzanite can be set in various styles. If you are purchasing it for your engagement, pair it according to your budget with white or yellow gold. You can get it mounted on an elegant white gold ring like the one below.

14 k White Gold Natural Tanzanite Engagement Ring (AAAA)

tanzanite engagement rings

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You can also get it in a pear or round shape. Moreover, yellow gold also makes a classic pair with tanzanite.

23.32 Carat Natural Blue Tanzanite Engagement Ring (With Diamonds)

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Diamond and Tanzanite Rose Gold Ring 1.2 Carat

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Blue Tanzanite Engagement Ring Solid 14 Carat Gold Ring

tanzanite engagement ringstanzanite engagement rings 2021

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How can I take Care of my Tanzanite Engagement Ring?

Just like any other gem, tanzanite also needs your care and attention. As we have mentioned above Tanzanite are prone to scratching, so avoid wearing them when you are doing any hardcore work.Keep asoft cloth to take off any dust from your tanzanite ring.

Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures and harsh chemicals. If you have a habit of knocking on the door with rings, just stop right away!

Is Tanzanite Engagement Ring Worth Buying?

Tanzanite is an attractive and delicate ring to present on your engagement. You can select tanzanite if:

You are looking for a rare and affordable gem.

You are looking for a substitute for out—of-budget blue sapphire.

You want to make a potential investment.

However, we recommend you not to buy a tanzanite engagement ring if;

You want to flaunt a well-known stone, as tanzanite is underrated.

You can’t take care of a delicate ring to wear every day.

You have a lot of handwork to do daily.

How to make sure if you are buying a real Tanzanite?

Color cubic zirconia and fake tanzanite made of colored glass are being sold by scammers. The first precaution that you can take is to visit a reputable jewelry store. Remember that the original tanzanite has no visible flaws, even if you see it with the naked eye. To identify if it is a real check for the inclusions beneath the 10X loupe scope, if it appears clear under it, the gem might be fake, folks! Move to another merchant.

Another tip is to look at the tanzanite in natural light; it should reflect blue, purple, pink, and red colors. Even if you are not a pro, you will have an idea, at least.

It is also advisable to assist someone who is experienced in dealing with jewelers and purchasing stones. Otherwise, this guide will also help determine the elements to look for while purchasing tanzanite.

Pros and Cons of having a Tanzanite Engagement Ring:

It is wise to do a market research before purchasing any item. Below are the pros and cons of Buying a Tanzanite engagement ring.


Tanzanite is rare to present as an engagement ring.

It is affordable as compare to blue sapphire.

This stone is real and not synthesized.

Sight-holding striking color.

A Rare collection of stones to have.

Potential Investment.


Tanzanite is delicate and soft so, it requires extra attention.

Wrap up:

A Tanzanite engagement ring is an incredible idea if you are looking for an affordable and rare gem. Moreover, it is delicate and needs your care and attention. You can increase this gem’s durability by keeping it in a box separately and protecting it from scratches. We hope this guide will help you to buy a classic engagement ring for the love of your life. Just keep all the tips and tricks in mind and better take the assistance of an experienced person.

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