How to Buy Emerald and Diamond Ring and Avoid Getting Ripped Off

If you are confused about what to present to your loved one on her special occasion, we bet there is nothing better than an Emerald and diamond ring. Yes, the idea is good, but the process of buying the perfect piece can be a challenge. However, you don’t have to worry, we will guide you in the best possible way.

So, whether you are buying the ring to propose to your dream girl, present it to your bride, or it’s any other special occasion, keep the following things in mind.

What to Consider While Purchasing a Diamond Ring:

Emerald and Diamond Ring

The first thing that you should consider is your budget. Besides the budget, the choice of your partner and her preferred cuts and shape also matter. We recommend you to go for the most classic round or square shaped-diamond.

The 4C’s of Diamond:

It is wise to do a little research before directly stepping into the jewelry store. The first thing that you should educate yourself about is the 4C’s; Clarity, Color, Carat Weight, and Cut. All these factors impact the value of the diamond.

These four C’s will also help you determine where you can compromise and not buy the most appropriate item. Reword this

Beware of Scams:

If you hear a jeweler using the term “blue-white diamond,” immediately make up your mind not to purchase it. This term symbolizes a play of light on the diamond, which renders it a different color than it is.

Moreover, this notorious term is strictly monitored by the FTC, as used in the scams previously.

Check the Weight of the Diamond:

If you have selected a ring that has diamond fitted already, ask the jeweler to tell you about the weight and quality of the diamond. Also, ask him to write the weight of the diamond on the receipt separately. If he refuses to do so, go to some other store.

Usually, the rings have the overall CTW (carat total weight) of the ring mentioned on the tag. Smaller diamonds are not as good in quality as one big diamond. Let’s say one big diamond is better than eight smaller pieces, so go for the substantial piece.

Compare the Prices:

If you see a store with a sale sign and decide to get the emerald or diamond ring in the budget, don’t forget to compare the price with some other store before purchasing.

Most of the stores excite the prices and then put on the sale sign to attract the customer. Sometimes we compromise on a product by thinking that it was on sale. To avoid future regret, always compare the prices before making the final purchase.

Purchase a Certified Diamond:

GIA, HRD, EGL, GSI, and IGI are the labs that provide certification for diamonds. Before making this significant investment, it is vital to be sure that you have made the right decision. The third-party hi-tech labs have certified gemologists who evaluate the color, clarity, cut, and Carat weight (4C’s) of the gem.

Some jewelers avoid certification. The reason might be the low quality of the diamond or the extra expense they have to bear to get the certification.

However, getting a certified diamond will assure you of what you are buying. Rest you have to rely on the merchant’s verdict, which is not reliable.

GIA is considered the gold standard grading in diamond certification as they are the most precise ones.

What to Consider While Purchasing an Emerald Ring?

Emerald and Diamond Ring 2021

As compare to diamonds, Emeralds are easy to select. Let’s have a look at things to consider while purchasing an Emerald.


Emerald are treasured for their color, so the first thing to look at in an Emerald is its color. Columbian Emerald is ruling the market. Usually, these Columbian emeralds are bluish-green; the other varieties include light or dark green. The color is among the 4C’s that matters the most when it comes to emerald.


It is advisable to go for a smaller emerald with excellent color quality than buying a bigger stone with poor color quality. It takes a lot of finishing to get a gem-quality emerald of 1 carat. Adding to your general knowledge, 5 tons of dirt is removed to get the 1-carat quality emerald on average.


A rectangular or square cut is ideal for emerald. They can be modified in oval, pear, cabochons, and round cuts, but they are expensive comparatively.


It depends on your budget. More carats mean a high price with the same qualities. It is wise to concentrate on the color only while purchasing emerald.

Emerald Tone Vs. Saturation:

There is a wrong perception that an emerald’s dark tone is better to buy, whereas an emerald’s saturation defines its excellence and grace.

Moreover, a light green emerald with intense saturation looks more delicate and attractive. Though the high saturation and dark tone end up at a higher price, you can opt for the light green with vivid saturation.

Inquire about the Emerald Treatments:

It is common to use various polymers, synthetic oils, and Cadel oil to improve emeralds’ clarity. According to US Federal Trade Commission, all emerald treatments should have the disclosure before selling.

How to Detect whether Emerald is real or Fake?

Unlike diamonds, Emerald does not sparkle with fire. Moreover, an emerald shines with a dull fire if you hold it up in the light source. Hence, the emerald is fake if it has intense fire or sparkle with fire.

Tips to avoid getting Ripped Off:

Following are the tips that will help you get the Emerald and Diamond ring without getting ripped:

As compare to brands, go to whole sellers to get the emerald and diamond ring in a better deal. They may not negotiate on prices, but you will get the best rate comparing to the market.

Rather than going for a whole carat, go for a little less than a carat, i.e., .90 or .99, to avoid the skyrocketing price.

A little inclusion in a diamond can save you thousands; it is not a bad idea to compromise a little on the invisible flaw.

Save the tax by asking the merchant to deliver the emerald or diamond ring to an address where you have to pay the lowest tax jurisdiction.

If you have an emerald or diamond ring on the family inheritance, use that to stone to remain within budget.

Think of buying an emerald or diamond ring if you have enough budget.

Final Verdict:

The emerald and diamond ring is the best possible gift for a woman. They are a bit expensive but truly worth it. We have given you tips to avoid getting ripped off. Seek assistance from a friend or family person if it is your first time purchasing the emerald or diamond ring. Otherwise, this guide is efficient enough to help you. Good luck.


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