How to buy 18k blue sapphire engagement rings?

Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

To better understand 18K gold blue sapphire engagement rings, the first thing we need to know is the standard for evaluating pure gold. Based on international regulations, pure gold also known as 9999 gold, 24K gold contains gold content up to 99.99%, the rest are other precious alloys.

Gold with 75% gold content and 25% alloy is called 18K gold.

II. The advantages of 18K gold blue sapphire engagement rings

One of the outstanding advantages of 18K gold is its hardness. Compared to 24K gold, because the percentage of pure gold accounts for 99.99%, the gold is usually soft and flexible, leading to difficulties in jewelry making. Meanwhile, 18K gold has stable hardness, so the jewelry also has a variety of designs and more interesting details.

III. Notes when buying 18K gold

As a valuable item, when buying 18K gold, we need to pay attention to some points to get quality jewelry.

Choose jewelry that meets the international 18K gold standard

Currently, there are a number of products bearing the 18K gold blue sapphire engagement rings mark. But do not meet international standards or are only plated with an outer layer of gold. To avoid this, you should choose a seller that provides an inspection certificate stating the age of gold.

Consider buying time if buying gold to accumulate wealth

Like 9999 gold, 18K gold is also often comes as wealth because it does not depreciate like other types of gold. If the purpose of buying gold is to invest or save, consider the right time to buy the best price.

Choose a credit point

Because it is a valuable item, choosing a reputable and quality buying point is extremely necessary. To be sure, you should choose blue sapphire engagement rings stores with a good reputation, reliable after-sales service, and full gold verification documents. Thus, when necessary, you can still use this jewelry to trade.

IV. Popular 18K gold jewelry models

18K yellow gold bracelet

Streamlined design with unique accents, this product will make her even more excited if combined with a metal strap watch of similar color. In addition, this bracelet is easy to wear with both office attire and a date with friends or lovers.

18K CZK Gold Earrings with blue sapphire engagement rings

With a creative design, this is the ideal highlight for her on busy days but still wants to look beautiful and radiant. When wearing her earrings, she should bun or ties her hair up to ‘show off’.

18K yellow gold pendant with citrine stones

The sweet combination of 18K gold and Citrine gems will please the girls who love jewelry. Sparkling, sparkling, the pendant shines with grace and tenderness.

Blue sapphire engagement rings are sacred items that accompany the years of married couples. However, after a while, the wedding ring is tight when we use it. How to “fly” this situation?

1. The reason why the wedding ring is tight after a while

2. How to fix a wedding ring when it’s tight

1. The reason why the wedding ring is tight after a while

Wedding rings have a special meaning for couples. Not only witnessing the happy moment when the bride and groom entered the ceremony, the wedding ring also watched the two’s journey to build a home.

What should be blue sapphire engagement rings look like?

Wedding rings carry many profound values that no other item can compare. This meaningful treasure comes from different materials such as gold rings, white gold diamond rings, etc. Depending on preferences and budget, couples can choose the most suitable ring model.

No matter what material it is made of, after a while the wearer will have an uncomfortable feeling because the ring is tight.

Wedding rings tend to get tight after a period of use. So what is the cause?

First, the blue sapphire engagement rings are tight due to the wearer’s erratic weight gain. After marriage, women do more housework, become pregnant, and give birth to a baby, so they tend to change in weight without a reasonable exercise regimen. Weight gain is the direct cause of tight rings after a while.

Secondly, the wearer does not remove the ring when participating in activities that use a lot of strength, exercise, etc. This causes the ring to deform, no longer in its original shape. Therefore, it is difficult for the wearer to remove the ring as needed.

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Third, the change in weather is also the cause of the ring being tight. As you know, in the summer, the temperature is high, the body temperature is high, and the fingers will also be bigger, creating a feeling of tight rings. If this situation persists, it will cause inconvenience to the ring wearer.

2. How to fix a wedding ring when it’s tight?

Based on wedding experience, there are now many ways for us to overcome the situation of tight rings after a period of use.

What should the chat end do?

PNJ suggests a few tips to “fly away” the uncomfortable feeling when the ring is tight.

When the ring is tight, removing the ring from the hand also causes many people a headache. You can refer to a few traditional and extremely fast ways below.

First, you take a little soap, shower gel or dishwashing liquid, apply it evenly on your ring finger, then drain the water to create foam and smoothness, slowly remove the ring from the tip of your finger.

The best way to fix blue sapphire engagement rings

The second way, instead of using soap, you can also use dental floss to remove the blue sapphire engagement rings. Specifically, you thread the floss between the ring and the finger; wrap the thread around the knuckle, then pull the floss to pull the ring out.

The third way, soak your hand in cold water for a few minutes and then gently rotate the ring out slowly.

After removing the ring with the help of a professional, you should clean the part of your ring finger and check for scratches. You should only wear the ring again when the ring has been resized to match your current finger size.

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