How much does Black Rutilated Quartz engagement ring cost?

What kind of ring do they propose?

Traditionally, Black Rutilated Quartz engagement ring, but the metal from which the product is created differs. Does your soul mate prefer silver? Choose a ring made of white gold or platinum – the girl will be able to combine it with everyday clothes and familiar jewelry.

If the chosen one loves gold jewelry, get an engagement ring with a yellow gold diamond. As an insert, jewelers sometimes use emeralds, sapphires and amethysts. Moreover, gold rings with green stones look especially impressive.

Pay attention to what style you prefer in Black Rutilated Quartz engagement ring

It is not difficult to understand which ring is suitable for a girl, given the style of clothing:

● sporty – choose sleek rings with no lugs or many stones. The inserts are sunk into the metal so that they do not cling to clothes, and the design itself is kept in minimalism;

● Classic – a traditional ring with a stone is often decorated with smaller minerals, but usually there is a large diamond, sapphire or emerald in the center;

● Casual – different rings with inserts and monograms will do. Black Rutilated Quartz engagement ring looks especially stylish. Convenience also speaks in favor of such a ring – it is worn after the wedding as an engagement ring.

You should not choose products with a red stone: if your half believes in omens, she may consider this a bad sign. It is better to purchase a transparent stone that symbolizes the purity of love and intentions.

What Quartz engagement ring do they propose?

Find out what size rings are wearing

It will not be difficult to choose a product if you show some ingenuity. There are several ways to discreetly measure your ring finger:

Black Rutilated Quartz engagement ring 2021


Borrow Black Rutilated Quartz engagement ring and measure the diameter with a ruler. The widest part in millimeters is the size of the decoration. Remember to read the value from the inside of the product. In order not to be mistaken, it is better to double-check it several times.

A thread

Imperceptibly wrap the girl’s finger with twine or thread and mark the meaning. In the store, consultants can easily select the model of the right size.


Ring schemes are posted on the websites of jewelry stores. Print out one of them and attach the old ring. But before that, check on which finger the girl is wearing the product. Furthermore, it is important to select the jewelry exactly in size.

Old ring vs Black Rutilated Quartz engagement ring

Take the piece and ask a jewelry store for help: sales consultants will determine the size and help you choose the right engagement jewelry. If you cannot take the ring with you, do not despair – try it on your fingers and remember which one it came up with.

How much does Black Rutilated Quartz engagement ring cost?

Black Rutilated Quartz engagement ring is one of the most serious and significant pre-wedding expenses. The cost of jewelry starts from $ 100 and reaches tens of millions. Here’s why the price varies so much.

What affects the cost of wedding rings?

Since jewelry is made of precious metals, the price depends on several factors at once:


the size,

Moreover, material.

The weight of classic women’s rings is about 3 grams, and men’s – 4. To calculate the cost of the material, find out the rate of gold, silver or platinum and multiply. This is not the total cost, because the work of the master and the popularity of the company that produces the jewelry should be added to it.

Which is the best engagement ring?

Tiffany & Co is considered the most expensive and sophisticated brand thanks to the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Most girls dream of getting such a ring on their finger, but the cost of the product can be millions of dollars. Similarly, jewelry from Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier and Bvlgari will not be cheaper – celebrities and billionaires wear brand rings.

In the 7 Carat jewelry store you can buy wedding rings on a budget.

What are the types of Black Rutilated Quartz engagement ring?

When choosing rings, remember that you will be wearing them with both casual wear and evening wear. Decorating should be comfortable, practical, but at the same time reflect the personality of your couple.

Types of rings:


A win-win option – smooth, without inserts and patterns, gold, platinum and silver wedding rings. In addition, thanks to their versatile design, they are suitable for men and women and go with any outfit. Additionally, the products are decorated with engraving with the wedding date and names on the inside.

American women.

These are minimalistic rings without patterns and inserts. Furthermore, there are several types:

Washers – with right sharp corners. They are often made from platinum and white gold;

Straight – high-tech style rings with slightly rounded corners. Models are suitable for men, as they are made in a strict style.

American Black Rutilated Quartz engagement ring is not felt on the finger. This also has a disadvantage: if the jewelry is a little larger than necessary, it is easy to lose it.


Volumetric circular rings with beveled edges are suitable for thin fingers, as they visually enlarge them. Such rings are also not decorated with inserts or patterns.


Outwardly, they look like wide donut rings. Furthermore, the models look attractive: the glossy finish lengthens the finger and adorns it.

Black Rutilated Quartz engagement ring Care Secrets

After the purchase, silver and gold jewelry looks amazing, but after a few months of regular wear, the items lose their luster. How to prevent this? What is the secret to taking good care of your jewelry and what not to do with your jewelry?

Top 5 actions that spoil your jewelry

How do you harm silver and gold without even realizing it?

Do not remove jewelry during sports activities.

During training or jogging, you can not only lose a gold earring or a women’s silver bracelet, but also ruin the product. The chains are torn from the awkward wave of the hand, and the sweat released during sports accumulates in the weaving. Similarly, this makes the metal lose its luster.

Take bath procedures with gold and silver products.

Even a shower should be taken with rings and earrings removed. Similarly, water cannot harm jewelry, but soap solution from gels or shampoo leaves a white coating.


Usually couples buy smooth rings – it is believed that then life will be happy and without difficulties. However, some people choose jewelry with inserts and patterns. Black Rutilated Quartz engagement ring with geometric patterns for men, monograms for women are especially popular.

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