How do you celebrate Women’s Day for your wife during a lockdown

For more than a century, International Women’s Day, observed each year on March 8, has been a day of celebration and advocacy for women’s rights and equality around the world.

It is a global event that commemorates the achievements of women in all social, economic, cultural, and political spheres.

In 2022, but how can we celebrate for women when we are all stuck at home? In this blog post, we share 5 excellent ways you and your family can celebrate International Women’s Day.

#1 Prepare a lavish romantic dinner

#2 Buy a gift online for your wife, mother, or sister

#3 A book collection or a movie

#4 Support a girl-owned or women-owned business

#5 Acknowledge the great women in your life

#1 Prepare a lavish romantic dinner

On Women’s Day, take on the housework and prepare a lavish romantic dinner. Actually, you should share the housework with your wife in everyday life, because your wife has to work and take care of the family.

#2 Buy a gift online for your wife, mother, or sister

No woman will refuse an exclusive gift and she would be happier and more confident because she feels appreciated and cared for. You can buy a gift online from your living room.

Here are some important gift ideas for Women’s Day if you are wondering what to give to the woman in your life

01. jewelry

Every woman is attracted to jewelry. Gift her a piece of jewelry and see the joy on her face. There is a huge selection of different types of jewelry that you can browse on the internet. The choice is limitless.

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02. perfumes

Every woman likes perfumes. The sweet fragrance makes her personality more charming and attractive. There are so many wonderful floral accents and extravagant fragrances to choose from. Choose such a special gift to make her feel special.

03. photo frame or album

Often ignored, but a photo frame is actually an exciting gift idea. A pretty photo frame or album with all the memories of you and your wife breathes new life into the photo. Just write your favorite quote and lines that she likes. Every time she sees the frame, she will remember you. It is also one of the best gift ideas for birthdays or maternity.

#3 A book collection or a movie

If a woman loves reading books, gift her a book that will inspire her to move forward in life. There are so many books on all topics that she will enjoy reading in her spare time. Gift her a book that has makeup tips. If she is a movie lover, take her to see a movie she talks about so often.

#4 Support a girl-owned or women-owned business.

Supporting businesses run by a woman or woman contributes to economic equality, representative products and services, and a more prosperous economy.

Here are some organizations doing incredible work to fight for gender equality and women’s rights, and sponsor a girl.

Women for Women International invests in women survivors of war and conflict and connects them with each other to provide resources and support so they can unleash their own power.

Dress for Success  is a global nonprofit that helps women achieve economic independence by providing them with a network of support, professional attire, and development tools to succeed in work and in life.

ActionAid – UK is an international charity that works with women and girls living in poverty. If you can spare £19.50 per month, you can sponsor a child to ensure they receive nutritious food, clean water, and an education.

#5 Acknowledge the great women in your life.

Sometimes simple words of encouragement and love can be enough to lift someone up and inspire them to keep going. Whether it’s your mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, friend or girlfriend, text, call, or Facetime message an important woman in your life to let her know how great she is.

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