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Hot Summer:Wear blue gemstone jewelry to cool off

Summer is coming, have you ever wear a less to get rid of this hot
summer. However it’s still so hot,let blue gemstone jewelry cool you down and
show your gorgeous skin.

As you know,blue is closer to the color of sea,today bbbgem will
bring you to find some of the most popular blue gemstones in this hot summer.

What are the types of blue gems?

When most people think about a blue gemstone, sapphire is usually the
first gemstone to come to mind, but There are great amounts of blue
gemstones available today.for example:sapphire,aquamarine,topaz,tourmarine.tsavorite,

When it comes to blue gem, jewelry dealers tend to list availability
gem type or gem variety rather than by
gem color. bbbgem have listed some of the most poplar but cheap blue gemstones:

Blue sapphire:

Sapphire is the best-known blue

Sapphire, the birthstone of September, It is most desired in its
pure, rich blue color but is present in almost every color including pink,
yellow and green. In the Middle Ages the gem was believed to protect those
close to you from harm and also represented loyalty and trust.

It’s suitable to set in ring,pendant,earring,a rich blue color sapphire pendant can bring visual impact that shows your white and tender skin.

Blue aquamarine

Aquamarine is the birthstone of March which is one of the few
naturally blue untreated gemstones, Its color can range from blue to
bluish-green and has excellent hardness and durability.

Blue topaz engagement ring

Topaz mineral name is topaz or yellow
crystal,blue topaz has a hardness rating of 8 on the Mohs scale and is
considered to be one of the most affordable gemstones because its cheap price.which means
represent sincere and persistent love,topaz is known as “the stone of

Of course,there are many blue gemstones
that bbbgem don’t list,you can ask them to custom make other blue gemstone
rings design your own style

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