Here is why you should love morganite rings

A complete guide to pretty-pink morganite rings:

Ditch the Diamond forever trend and pick the latest loved by all, morganite rings. Morganite ring could be head turner due to its pink and peach hues. This ring symbolizes romantic passion and feminine touch.

Want to know more about morganite rings? Then scroll down immediately and find details.

How to recognize Morganite?

If you find a precious pink stone it is morganite. Additionally, it belongs to the beryl family so that aquamarine and emeralds are close native to morganite. Morganite has variable hue ranges for instance from orange to coral or a subtle pink.

Lighter shade morganites are more famous however deeper shades are more valuable. Morganite bears heat treatment to fade away yellow and orange tint. So a subtle pink color morganite is ready to be placed in your ring.

Morganite Rings historical overview:

Morganite rings trend is new but the gem itself is quite old. It was discovered by George Kunz, the chief gemologist of Tiffany and Co. Kunz in 1901 on the coast of Madagascar.

Morganite was named after J.P Morgan who was a gem aficionado. Later on, during the 21st century, Morganite rings importance highlighted due to their pink hue and affordability factor in comparison to diamonds.

The pink diamond rings lovers inspired by Blake lively and Anna Kournikova may choose affordable subtle pink morganite rings. Peachy pink Morganite on a rose gold setting is a beautiful combination to beautify your hands.

morganite rings

Morganite Mythology:

The Pink beryl is the stone of love. The morganite carries an energy that warms the soul of its wearer. The morganite helps to cleanse the aura and reduces stress and anxiety of the body. Moreover, this pink gem represents purity and potential.

Morganite vs Diamond:

Diamond is the most sought-after gem when comes to the engagement ring. But why morganite is catching everyone’s sight? It is due to the price tag. Morganite is such a pretty stone and it is cost-effective.

Above all Morganite is a durable choice. Morganite has 7.5-8 hardness on the Mohs scale. Therefore this makes morganite a perfect choice to be chosen as an engagement ring. Well obviously at low cost than diamond.

Furthermore, like diamonds morganite contains a high degree of brilliance so less price but equal sparkle.

Why you should love morganite rings?

If you want to be extra classy and wanted to become a non-traditional bride then pick a morganite ring. This rosy pink beryl will help you to rock because it will be the most unique engagement ring.

Morganite ring will be your lifetime partner. Due to its strong durability, it could be the symbol of eternal love. Morganite having a pink hue can be paired up with rose gold, gold, or platinum band. On the other hand, you can add more precious gems as side stones to increase its regality.

Scroll down we have gathered some beautiful morganite ring designs for you under $1000 from BBBGEM.

morganite rings

3 Carat Round Cut Morganite Engagement Ring Rose Gold Halo Diamonds

This oh so beautiful ring consists of 9mm round cut fancy pink morganite with rounded diamonds as side stones. The 14k rose gold band adds more charm. This stunning piece is available on sale. So go and grab this ring for just $699.

6mm Heart-Shaped Morganite Engagement Ring Diamond Wedding Ring 14k Rose Gold Halo

This heart-shaped morganite ring will refract light to show exceptional brilliance. This 6mm natural pink heart-shaped cut morganite with a solid 14k rose gold band is a symbol of love. You can save $174 and order it for $599 isn’t it too less to express your love?

6x8mm Oval Morganite Engagement Ring Diamond Wedding Ring 14k Rose Gold Cushion Halo Stacking Band

The elongated shape and flattering effect indeed oval morganite ring will steal your glance. On the other hand oval shape, morganite rings are popular for looking the largest per carat. Do you want a classic style engagement ring? Order this 6*8mm oval cut natural pink morganite ring with 0.25ct diamonds surrounding it. Hurry up visit BBBGEM and buy this ring for $588.

7mm Cushion Morganite Wedding Set Diamond Bridal Ring 14k Rose Gold Retro Vintage Floral Marquise Matching Band

Cushion cut morganite ring is the perfect choice for the one who loves vintage style. Likewise, if you are drawn to the romantic appeal of soft curving shape. Then you should buy this 7mm cushion cut natural pink morganite ring having floral style to look like a million-dollar. Accordingly, you should check the BBBGEM sale and order this ring for $859 only.

9x11mm Emerald Cut Morganite Engagement Ring Rose Gold Accent Diamonds

This accent design ring is more durable due to its six prongs and an integrated trellis setting. Moreover, the emerald cut with linear facets and a large table makes this morganite ring more exceptional. Buy this 4.8carat natural pink morganite ring with South African diamonds as side stones for $822.

8×8 Cushion Solitaire Morganite Engagement Ring 14k Rose Gold Split Shank Stacking Band

Want a bold and beautiful ring with a larger stone in middle? Buy this split shank style ring to create an optical illusion of a larger gemstone. Isn’t it interesting to get a so fabulous ring having this style with not so fabulous budget? Moreover, the solitaire morganite engagement ring is the classic one among other rings. To represent your true and innocent love with this solitaire morganite ring you have to spend $620.

Art Deco Morganite Engagement Ring Set Round Cut Rose Gold

Indeed we can say that art deco morganite rings are in trend. The art deco engagement rings recall an era of sophistication. It was a prominent style in the 1920s and 1930s which makes it more desirable. Visit BBGEM and grab this ever-loving ring for $875.

Classic Morganite Engagement Ring Set Rose Gold

Buy a classic morganite ring and cherish it for years to come. The classic style ring is the perfect blend of trendy and simple vibes. This 8*6mm pear cut natural pink morganite ring with 14k gold band is breathtakingly awesome. Order it for $799.

Morganite Engagement Ring with 8 Full Cut Diamonds Rose gold

If you love morganite and diamonds equally then you don’t have to worry. Choose this design from BBBGEM. It consists of 6.5mm round cut natural pink morganite and 8 0.45ct natural diamonds placed on the band. Furthermore, with 30 days money back guarantee you can order this for $899.

Pink Morganite Odessa Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

A halo style setting makes the center stone looks bigger up to one-half carat. Moreover, Odessa brings elegance. This ring consist of 8mm cushion cut natural morganite with conflict-free diamonds as a side stone. Buy this beautiful ring for $785.

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