Here is what you need to know about contemporary ruby rings

Amazing Facts to Know About Contemporary Ruby Rings:

Beautiful roses are red and so our favorite ruby rings as well. The red ruby symbolizes nobility, purity, and passion. Furthermore, this exotic gemstone is the birthstone of July people. In addition ruby rings are favorite choice because of their deep rich red color, brightness, and Mohs hardness of 9.

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History of your Favorite Stone Ruby:

Bible mentions ruby four times, so it is a holy stone for religious people. Ruby is a sign of beauty and wisdom. Warriors use to wear ruby rings during battles as they believed that these rings offered protection.

“Red spinels” were rubies until the start of the nineteenth century. Likewise, “Black prince ruby “and “Timur ruby” were rubies too till the discovery that they are red spinels.

Ruby mining and production hub is Thailand. Whereas Madagascar, Srilanka, and India also mine and produce fine rubies.

Prominent Rubies:

Some famous rubies for your engagement rings are:

§ Rosser Reeves Star Ruby

§ Edwardes Ruby

§ De Long Star Ruby

Ruby ring of 8.24 carat owned by Elizabeth Taylor made by Van Cleef and Arpels was indeed most expensive ring of time. It was sold for $4.2 Million in 2011.

The costliest ruby ever sold is “Hope ruby”. It weighs 32.08 Carat and sold for $6.74 million.

Ruby rings

Value of Ruby:

Your favorite ruby of weight over 10 carats can sell for a similar prize as of diamond. Rubies have sale prices of more than $225,000 per carat. Whereas comparable size diamonds have sales prices of around $125.000 per carat. Rubies having this magnitude are rarer than large-sized diamonds.

The most valuable ruby has a shade of deep red with an inkling of blue referred to as “Pigeon blood ruby”.

Inclusions are the enemy of gemstones. Therefore, when inclusion is present in ruby it decreases its value dramatically.

If you want a top quality ruby get a “Burmese ruby” from Burma or you can purchase one from BBB Gem.

Treatment for Ruby:

Some treatments to treat the color and durability of ruby are:

§ Heat treatment

§ Irradiation

§ Fracture filling

For instance when there are no inclusions present it is the sign of synthetic ruby.

Benefits of Wearing Ruby Rings:

§ Natural rubies having great quality and size are not cheap. However, if you are not conscious about the size you can get a small rich hue ruby at an affordable price.

§ Ruby is a great alternative to diamonds since it offers a warm and bright color.

§ This red stone has been believed to calm its wearer as well as improves focus.

§ It has also been believed to improve eyesight and blood circulation.

§ This royal stone has always been worn by kings. Therefore, it is an indication of authority and influence.

§ Ruby is believed to favor its wearer with a certain level of luxury.

§ Ruby helps in self-awareness and finding true destiny.

Celebrities who Flaunt Ruby Rings:

Ever Gorgeous Katty Perry:

Katty Perry is an American singer and songwriter. She owns a gift of vintage oval cut ruby surrounded by diamond. Orlando Bloom chose this ring for her for a Valentine’s Day proposal. Indeed, a beautiful surprise!!

Eva Langoria:

Eva Langoria is an American actress, director, activist, and businesswoman. Her husband Joe Antonio Baston gifts her round-cut ruby with a halo diamond ring.

Sarah, Duchess of York:

The Duchess of York truly followed her sister-in-law Diana. Sarah Ferguson requested a ruby ring that matches her hair color. A Burmese oval-shape ruby ring matched her style statement finally.

Best Contemporary Ruby Rings Designs:

If you are planning to get a ruby engagement ring. Thus the chances are you have a confusion about the design. Indeed your favorite ruby sets the bar high with so many design choices. Here are some best designs you should know about to find the perfect match.

Ruby Halo Engagement Ring

Vintage style is always a regal choice. Austen’s Co-Lab ruby halo engagement ring is the treat for the eyes. The stone paired with rose gold creates magic.

Pear Ruby Ring

Want an elongating effect on your finger? Pear cut stones create it stunningly.

Likewise, Angara pear ruby ring with diamond halo sparkles your soul and style.

Burmese Ruby Ring

As mentioned above, Burmese ruby has top quality. The Berganza Burmese ruby and diamond three stone ring is a gorgeous piece to drool over. Moreover, the 18k gold band with a gold claw setting makes it highly stunning.

Ruby Stellan Ring

Want to shop your favorite ruby on a low budget? Try BBB Gem ruby stellan ring. It consists of a small single and beautiful ruby with diamonds on either side for a simple yet elegant look.

Ruby ringsRuby rings 2020

Pigeon Blood Burmese

Pigeon blood color ruby ring is the style statement. Berganza pigeon blood Burmese ring has dark ruby in the middle hold by trapezium diamonds in a platinum claw setting.

Ruby Cluster Ring

Want your three favorite gemstones in a single ring? Bario Neal custom diamond and ruby cluster ring should be your choice. This ring has cluster shape. Furthermore, It holds a bold ruby, paired with pink sapphires and champagne diamonds to show your class.

Marquise –Cut Ruby Engagement Ring

If you want something extra buy Anna Sheffield Attelage Marquise-cut ruby ring for your engagement. A halo of diamond around a marquise-cut scarlet ruby with a double yellow gold band is nonetheless always in vogue.

Princess –Cut Ruby Engagement Ring

If you want a royal feel buy Zale’s princess-cut ruby ring and rule the style world. A white gold ring with center ruby stone surrounded by diamonds specifically is a must-have.

Oval Ruby Ring

If simplicity is the key to your heart. So, you should choose Malcolm Belt oval ruby ring. A 2.21-carat ruby placed on a gold band with side diamonds will satisfy your desire.

Cushion –Cut Ruby Ring

BBB Gem cushion-cut ruby ring is an alluring piece. The way diamonds present at either side of red cushion-cut ruby steal the glance. 

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