Easter 2022 Weekend Egg-clusive Flash Sale – Top 10 Pick Up Ring

What is Easter?

Easter is the single most important holy day throughout Christianity.

It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ — a central belief for Christians worldwide and the focal point of their faith. Religious scholars believe the event occurred three days after the Romans crucified Jesus in roughly 30 AD. Christians therefore derive hope that they too will experience a resurrection in heaven.

Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after March 21. For 2022, Easter is on April 17.

Christians observe Easter in ways both personal and universal. Let’s take a closer look.

History of Easter

Weekend Flash Sale with Up to 48% Off

Here are BBBGEM April Top 10 Pick Up at pinterst and all would enjoy up to 48% off flash sale until Apr 18,2022.

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Now, scroll through BBBGEM  2022 April Top 10.Pick Up ahead.

#1 Oval Pink Tourmaline SALE 16% Off

SKU:tourmaline-ring-002; Sale Price: $415+

Tourmaline And Diamond Ring Rose Gold Engagement Ring 6x8mm Pink Stone Art Deco Antique Milgrain 14k/18k

#2 Oval Red Ruby SALE 12% Off

SKU:Art-ring152; Sale Price: $149+

6x8mm Oval Cut Lab treated Ruby Engagement ring rose gold plated,925 sterling silver retro vintage wedding band,Bridal ring,Women's ring

#3 Pear Black Rutilated Quartz SALE 16% Off

SKU:Quartz-Rings-set-0720b; Sale Price: $699+

14K/18K Three Stone Black Rutilated Quartz Black Diamond Engagement Rings Set Moissanite Wedding Band

#4 Oval White Opal SALE 48% Off

SKU:opal-g01; Sale Price: $518+

Vintage Floral Oval Cut Opal Engagement Ring Halo Rose Gold Marquise 1/4 Diamond Band

#5 Forever One Moissanite SALE 30% Off

SKU:FOUS-0006; Sale Price: $1115+

Forever One Moissanite Engagement ring Oval Yellow Gold 5x7mm Moissanite Wedding Ring 0.9-1 carat gemstone with Diamond Bridal Ring 14K/18K

#6 Purple Amethyst SALE 28% Off

SKU:yri-1097; Sale Price: $279+

Amethyst engagement ring antique Diamond February birthstone 14k 18k rose gold solid wedding ring 5mm round amethyst fine jewelry

#7 Colorless Moissanite SALE 26% Off

SKU:Art-ring156; Sale Price: $69+

6mm Round Cut 1ct Engagement ring,925 sterling silver stacking wedding band,white gold plated,CZ Bridal ring,Retro vintage,marquise bezel

#8 Color Change Alexandrite SALE 12% Off

SKU:Alexandrite-set-08/12A; Sale Price: $729+

14K/18K Gold Round Alexandrite Diamond Moissanite Three Stone 2pcs Engagement Ring Set

#9 Black Opal SALE 14% Off

SKU:Opal ring set-yve-01; Sale Price: $688+

Vintage 1.5 Carat Oval Cut Black Opal Engagement Ring Curved Wedding Band

#10 Kite Cut Alexandrite SALE 11% Off

SKU:Alexandrite-YVE04; Sale Price: $688+

Rose Gold 7x10mm Kite Step Cut Alexandrite Engagement Ring Set Moissanite Wedding Band Curved V Moissanite Matching Band

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