Diamond Is Not The Only Choice Of Your Stones For Engagement Rings Now!

While seldom diamond rings under $1000 can meet customer’s demand,why not considering a moissanite ,morganite,aquamarine or emerald diamond engagement rings as a replacement? More and more people choose the colored gemstone ring as their engagement ring now.

This is a research from BBBGEM shows diamond is not the only choice of your stones for engagement or wedding rings. The colorful gemstones are playing the role on the wedding parties.

The most reason for customers choosing other gemstones is price. To make high quality products with a value that cost-conscious consumers can afford for engagement or wedding,jewelry designers need design jewelry style to follow the trend of jewelry. This designed gemstone rings usually like this: A main gemstone in center,with small or tiny diamonds around it to make the center stone shine and large,diamonds go half around the bands.

The research shows the top 5 popular rings are morganite engagement rings,moissanite rings and aquamarine engagement ring,garnet engagement rings and emerald engagement rings. Besides the 5 gemstones are the birthstones rings.

Morganite: It is the pretty, peachy-pink variety of beryl. Morganite’s beautiful, feminine pink or peach colors are the results of the presence of manganese.The bigger,the better. Weight larger than 3 carat morganite ring is the best choice.

Moissanite:Because of its hardness, it can be used in high-pressure experiments.Since large diamonds are too expensive to be used as accessories, synthetic moissanite is often used in jewelry store these years.Here is one of the most popular rose gold moissanite ring.

Aquamarine:Light blue shade of the aquamarine makes for a beautiful engagement ring.Aquamarine looks stunning when surrounded by diamonds.This stone may have few indistinct flaws in it,deeper blue shades is more expensive.

Garnet: The vivid red color is reason customers choose it.Many customers love it since red is the color of love. The green tsavorite is also a member in garnet group but it is much expensive than red one.

Emerald:Emeralds range in shades from light green to deep green. The records shows lab emerald is more harder and much cheaper than natural ones but also in high quality.The lab emerald contains little natural emeralds with heated and diffusion treated method. At present it could be a good choice for some customers who loves emerald but can’t accept the flaw and inclusions.

Price of the gemstone ring not only determines which one you will get, but also determines which design you will end up considering. So how much will you spend on the your ring? The record shows engagement rings under $500 with high quality is the most popular ones for those whose budget is limited. Here is the price of colored gemstone engagement rings:Morganite rose gold ring: $300-700;Moissanite engagement ring: $425-1000;Aquamarine white gold ring: $300-700;Other color gemstone engagement ring: $300-600.Stacking Matching Wedding band: $200-400

About BBBGEM:It is a jewelry company specializing in custom jewelry, engagement rings and wedding rings. Including morganite ring, moissanite ring, aquamarine ring, diamond wedding band and other jewelries for more than 15 years. Every jewelry in BBBGEM is handmade by themselves. Their goal is three B: Best Quality, Best Design, Best Price.They provide consumers with unique jewelry at affordable price.

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