Choosing A Garnet Wedding Or Engagement Ring For The Love Of Your Life

8x10mm Garnet Wedding Set Diamond Bridal Ring 14k Rose Gold Art Desc Split Shank

Garnet is not a traditional engagement ring or wedding ring color, but it makes a very
beautiful choice for your life partner because of the many benefit its
possesses. They have a rich color that looks amazing in many different settings
which makes them the gem of choice for women who love to be original and
unique. And they are not costly too.

0.5 Carat Round Cut Garnet Engagement Ring Three Stone

Why Should You Purchase A Garnet Wedding Or Engagement Ring?

The beauty of
garnet has been known for thousands of years and they are timeless, so garnet
is not a gem stone that will disappoint you after a few years. Infact, this is
the type of gem stone that your spouse will like to pass on to their children
and grand children.

beautiful and rich color red color has also be associated with love and heart.
Imagine the joy on the face of the love of your life if you were to propose to
her with a red heart shaped engagement ring. It is literally a symbol of love
from you to her. While this gem is considered a traditional symbol of love, it
is a special type of ring that she will cherish.

Garnet Engagement Ring,8mm heart shape cut wedding

Unique Features Of A Quality Garnet Wedding Or Engagement Ring

For shoppers who
are working on a budget, garnet is incredibly affordable. It is a great
alternative for people whose budget would have been for a ruby. Garnets are
tough with a hardness ranging from 6.5 – 7.5 on the Mohs Scale.

For those
looking for an engagement ring, the meaning behind this gem stone should
interest them; it is associated with passion, fire, love and loyalty. If your
love is a January girl, you should be looking to purchase this stunning gem
stone for her engagement ring, because garnet is the birth stone for the month
of January.

5x7mm Pear Cut VS natural Garnet engagement ring set,2pcs 14k Rose Gold wedding diamond rings

Styles, Types Of Garnet And Metal Color

When surrounded
by a light contrasting color, garnet gives off a spectacular sparkle. This means that you can easily blend garnet
with diamond or white topaz. If you choose another color for your garnet like
gray, violet-red, or orange-yellow, you will need to stick with a metal color
that enhances the gem.

One such metal
that is great for garnet of any color especially for those who are on a budget
is sterling silver. They require much more care since they’ll need cleaning,
but with a stunning contrast. Rather
than sliver, go for platinum or white gold.

Garnet Pendant Necklace Rose Gold Diamond Cushion Cut 2 carat January Birthstone 14k/18k

Caring For A Garnet Engagement Ring

Garnets are not
great with high temperatures; they can fracture easily if they go through
extreme temperature. A garnet is almost guaranteed to crack when subjected to
heat if that garnet has inclusions. That means you have to clean gently and not
to use a high temperature cleaning method for the ring. Buff your ring and
polish regularly to keep it looking bright and beautiful always.

8mm Cushion Cut Natural Red Garnet Engagement ring,Solid 14k White gold,diamond Wedding Band,bridal ring,Art Deco Retro Vintage Floral

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