Know Your Stone-Morganite

Morganite is the pink to orange-pink semi-precious stone belonging to the beryl, a mineral that includes emerald and aquamarine.

Why do we love this gemstone?

Affordable Price

Not only are they softer than the traditional diamonds, but this stunning pink-colored stone is also budget-friendly and much less expensive on a dollar-per-carat basis. Morganites are a great alternative to diamonds because of their combination of hardness, durability, clarity, and soft romantic hue.Morganite VS Diamond Here

Girly Color

Available in a variety of colors including pink rose, peach, purple, and salmon, the top-quality strong pink and rose-colored stones are the most sought after today. The deeper shades tend, the more rare and valuable.


Faceted morganite, in light and stronger colors, usually has no eye-visible inclusions.

Carat Weight

Morganite comes in all sizes, including large faceted gems and designer cut like cushion shape,oval or round