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Blue Sapphire Rings: What They Offer

During ancient times, sapphire stones were very special to the Persians. According to them, the earth was created over the most gigantic blue sapphire and that’s probably the reason behind the sky’s blue color. Doesn’t this theory of the Persians put great romantic meaning to the blue sapphire rings?

Of course, it does! Sapphire is September’s birthstone and it symbolizes faithfulness and romance. If your birth month is September, then you are lucky to have romantic sapphires as your birthstone.

A Romantic Choice of The Royal Family

For centuries, the sapphire has been the first choice for the royal family, when it comes to jewelry like engagement rings. Because sapphires are highly romantic and supposed to offer protection.

We can see sapphire rings as a very common choice of royalty. In the 1980s Lady Diana received a romantic blue sapphire ring from Prince Charles. After the passing of Princess Diana, Prince William gifted the same heirloom sapphire ring when he proposed to Catherine Middleton.

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Why You Should Choose a Blue Sapphire Ring?

There are literally so many compelling reasons why you should choose blue sapphire engagement ring for her or even for yourself. Here are only a few:

1. Every Girl wants to be Unique

Most of the brides these days are choosing sapphires and other colored gemstones for their engagements because it really makes difference in the crowd. A little color splash will take your engagement ring from dazzling to beautiful. This is just perfect for the brides who want to be different.

2. Highly Valuable Blue Sapphires are Easily Recognized

Recognizing a quality blue sapphire is fairly easy than the other colors. The sapphires with the most saturated hues are highly valuable. All you need is to make sure that the sapphire is velvety and vivid.

Sometimes, they come with a great subtle violet tinge. If you find these qualities in a sapphire, then go for it. Don’t opt for a sapphire stone that is very light, very dark, or has grayish color as they are less valuable.

Even the royal family of the British takes blue sapphires very special. As we already cited above, the royal family owns the most famed blue sapphire rings ever.

The love affair of the royal family with romantic blue sapphire stones goes way back. In the mid of 19th century, Queen Victoria also had the most-famed blue sapphire & diamond brooch. Well, you know if it is good for the monarchs of England, then it must be good enough for you.

3. A Symbol of Love That Stays With You Forever

Every girl wants an engagement ring that she can put on her finger for almost forever. This is where the strength of the gemstones becomes important.

Fortunately, the score of sapphires on a hardness scale is 9/10, which is quite remarkable. Therefore, sapphire sits in the category of the sturdiest gemstones, making it a great choice in terms of longevity. Blue sapphire rings are highly durable and you can wear them anywhere.

4. Financially-Savvy

Sapphires have greater value than diamonds without losing their beauty and quality. This gemstone retains its value exceptionally, so once you have this gem in your family, it will easily become your beloved heirloom. So, you can say that sapphires are financially-savvy gemstones.

5. Brilliant Alternative to Traditional Diamond Engagement Rings

Traditionally, diamonds are popular for engagement rings. Those who want to be a little unique on their engagement can choose blue sapphires instead of diamonds.

Sapphires are practically the best alternatives for the diamonds. They are durable and highly appealing to the naked eye. And yes, they are of course affordable than diamonds.

Tips for Buying the Right Blue Sapphire Ring

When choosing your blue sapphire ring, you should:

1. Choose right metal

Blue sapphires complement all setting types. But, if you want the best look, then you should opt for the white metals, like white gold and platinum. These metals greatly complement the sapphire’s rich blue color.

2. Sapphire measurements

A blue sapphire when compared to the same size diamond will be heavier in weight. Therefore, it becomes important to check sapphire’s measurements also alongside carat weight, while you are sizing up the stone.

3. Choose halo setting

Blue sapphires look extremely beautiful when they are surrounded by a halo of small diamonds. Therefore, you are advised to select a halo setting for your sapphire engagement ring.

4. Pay attention to color rather than clarity

When choosing sapphires, your focus needs to be on the stone color rather than clarity. Generally, there are no inclusions in the sapphires, unlike diamonds. A sapphire that is ‘eye-clean’ is free of imperfections and would look great in the ring.

5. Don’t worry about heat treatment

You don’t have to worry about the heat treatment of sapphires. Undergoing heat treatment is a common process with sapphires. Basically, it improves the clarity and color of the stone. It is a normal process that doesn’t damage sapphire.

By following these tips, you can easily pick the best value sapphire ring for your engagement.

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Places to Buy

You can buy blue sapphire rings from any trusted vendor like Leibish & Co., James Allen, and BBB-Gems. These are the most trusted vendors selling the complete range of sapphire rings. Their prices are competitive and offer high-regulation photos of inventory that helps you check the actual color of sapphire. You can choose from a wide range of high-quality ring settings. However, you can also go to your local vendor but make sure he is trusted.

Bottom Line

Romantic blue sapphires look stunning and elegant as engagement ring stone. The rich color of sapphire makes it stand out from many other gemstones. It is also less technical to buy blue sapphire engagement rings than buying diamond stone rings.

Because the cut and clarity of sapphire is not as ital. as with the diamonds, so you can easily recognize the best value sapphire. All you need is to find a perfect-blue sapphire that has captivating, impressive color.

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