Buy the perfect aquamarine and diamond rings

The Legend and Meaning of aquamarine

Aquamarine is the birthstone of March which means represent “composure, bravery, wisdom”. people think that wearing aquamarine wedding rings allow them to predict the future, which it can bring them fortune and ensure the safety of their each trip on the sea.

Choosing a Aquamarine and diamond rings as her promise ring

Aquamarine was also called “the love stone” A god call Lauren in the greek mythology fell in love with a human female, but it was not allowed among the gods. At last, he died in order to protect his love with the human. Before he died, he asked the god of love ”Cytherea” to put his soul in the aquamarine. So the people of mediterranean like wearing aquamarine jewel so that they can find their own sweet love and keep their marriage forever.

Buy the perfect engagement rings for her

It’s so difficult to pick the perfect engagement ring,Normally people don’t know how to buy a suitable engagement ring,as you know,there are great amount of jewelry stores online,you can see the picture and description of the jewelry,refer the review by others,it will help you find the perfect aquamarine ring a lot. Today bbgem will introduce some beautiful but different style aquamarine wedding rings.

1: Emerald cut aquamarine ring


This is a 12x10mm emerald cut aquamarine and diamond engagement ring, split shake band,the wight of aquamarine is approx 4.5 carat,with 0.45 carat natural conflict free si/h diamonds,the gold is solid 14k/18k gold

2: Cushion cut aquamarine ring


This is a 2.2 Carat Cushion Cut Aquamarine Diamond Engagement Ring 14k Rose Gold Curved Halo Basket Stacking Band

3:Round cut aquamarine ring


6mm Round Cut Aquamarine Engagement Ring Diamond Wedding Ring 14k Rose Gold Art Deco Antique

4:Oval cut aquamarine ring


6x8mm Oval Aquamarine Wedding Set Diamond Bridal Ring 14k White Gold Pave Thin Matching Band

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