Buy Pear Shaped Engagement Rings With Wedding Bands

pear shaped engagement ring is a great choice for couples who are looking for an alternative
cut that will make them to stand out from the more common engagement ring
shapes out there.pear-shaped cut is famous for its light and elegance, the
pear-shaped moissanite engagement ring is round at one end and the other end is
tapering like a teardrop. Someone also call the pear shaped engagement
ring as the teardrop engagement ring.

The reason why you choose pear shaped engagement ring:

Pear-shaped cutting, also known as water-shaped cutting, which is a hybrid cutting method that combined with the advantages of oval cutting and marquise cutting. The shape like a crystal Clear tears, there is a round end and a tip.the general elegant shape has a natural sense of smart feeling. Pear-shaped engagement ring symbolize the elegant and calm personality,it’s the best gifts for your lover,also pear-shaped diamond will look bigger than other cuts under the premise of the same carat

Pear-shaped cut is famous since in the French Louis XIV period, about 20% of the famous
diamonds use this kind of cut, including the world’s largest diamond: Cullinan I

Wedding bands his and hers for a pear shaped engagement ring:

There is a common problem that how to find a suitable diamond wedding ring ?

Here BBBGEM will share you some diamond wedding rings suit pear shaped engagement ring.

1 6x8mm Pear Cut Emerald engagement ring
with a diamond marquise wedding bands

For the diamond wedding band;

Solid 14k Yellow Gold;

Band Width approx 2.2mm;

0.15ctw Round Cut SI-H Natural Conflict
Free Diamonds,Prong;

Bezel Set,Milgrain,Art Deco style.

2 10x12mm Pear Morganite Wedding Set
Diamond Bridal Ring 14k Yellow Gold Claw Prong Halo Matching band:

Matching Band:

Band Width approx 1.2mm

0.15ct Round Cut SI-H Natural Conflict Free Diamonds;

Pave Set

5x7mm Pear Shaped Moissanite Bridal Sets
Diamond Wedding Ring 14k White Gold Cuved V Matching:

Matching Band:

Solid 14K white gold ring,

Band Width Bottom approx 1.2mm;

0.14ctw Round Cut SI-H Natural Conflict Free Diamonds.

Alos there are more gemstone engagement ring for choose
BBBGEM offer lots of engagement ring in round,oval,cushion,princess,emerald cut,heart shapes.

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