Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings: 5 things you need to know before buying

Engagement Rings: Ideas That Won’t Make You Bad

Let us try to guess. You are a man desperate to find blue sapphire engagement rings that will make your girlfriend’s eyes shine. You are thinking of asking her to marry you but what really torments you is choosing the right ring. Among all the engagement rings in the world, you want to discover the one that will leave you absolutely dazzled.

We believe that the solution to your problem may arise in the next 3 minutes, or 5, go. And you can have it in your hands in 72 hours. And, if applicable, you can exchange or return it, without any inconvenience. You can’t lose your nerve, exchanges and returns are only accepted 30 days after purchase, pay attention!

Some best blue sapphire engagement rings suggestions

Before we show you our engagement ring suggestions, it is imperative to ask you this question: do you know the size of your girlfriend’s ring finger? It is essential to have this information before purchasing an engagement ring or a dating ring. Usually, blue sapphire engagement rings, both the dating ring and the engagement ring. They are placed in the right hand and the wedding rings in the left hand.

However, today there are several couples who do not follow traditions and create their own rules. The size of the fingers varies depending on the hand so if you put the ring on your right hand, make sure you know the measurement of the ring finger of that hand, okay?

How to find the size of engagement ring size?

To find out the size of your girlfriend’s finger, you have several options, you can measure her finger carefully with the measuring tape, you can use a white sheet to outline the inside of an existing ring and then measure it or measure the diameter of another ring that she wears (do not measure with the ring edges, just measure the inner part).

When using the first method, be sure to drag the ribbon up a little so that you can be sure that there is a margin for the ring to pass through your knuckles. After you have the measurements with you, just see the equivalence!

That said; let’s go to the suggestions for blue sapphire engagement rings. And because simplicity always reigns, on the list we show you simple engagement rings but with a touch of refinement that she will love.

Blue sapphire engagement rings with crystals

The simple lines of this ring are complemented with small crystals that fill its entire length. This engagement ring belongs to the Never Ending Story Collection and therefore offers the advantage of being able to be combined with other rings in this line. Designed with women in mind who face all adversities, it may be the answer to her smile. It costs just € 29.90.

Treasure engagement ring

Still in the line of simple engagement rings, we suggest the Treasure engagement ring. Similarly, it has a width of 4 mm and crystals throughout its length. It features a minimalist but very refined design, ideal to accompany you and make you smile on a daily basis. It costs € 29.90.

Never Ending Story Ring

Golden in color and with a width of 3 mm, these blue sapphire engagement rings can be offered both as a dating ring and an engagement ring. Among all the engagement ring proposals given, this is the most versatile engagement ring for its classic and minimalist lines. And it can be found for the nice price of € 19.90.

Eternal Love Engagement Ring

This 7 mm wide ring is made of rose gold stainless steel and is complemented with beautiful baguette cut crystals along its entire length. It is a contemporary and bold ring, perfect for dropping your jaw. It is priced at 39.90 €

Secret of Love blue sapphire engagement rings

The last suggestion is also applicable as a dating ring, is the tricolor steel ring from the Secret of Love collection. This ring consists of three rings with a heart-shaped mesh and is inspired by women who are passionate, dedicated and true to themselves. Rose gold, silver and bright yellow are her colors and the price is 39.90 €.

5 things you need to know before buying an engagement ring

1. Do you already know what her answer will be?

The question may sound silly, but believe me, it is not! Knowing what she is going to answer is essential to start the search for an Engagement Ring! You need to have that certainty in your heart!

Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings 2021

If that answer is still a little uncertain for you, consider postponing the marriage proposal. Perhaps you are rushing things.

One tip is to see what her reaction is when you talk about long-term plans; it is very common for couples to miss out on comments about the future! Besides that, Pay attention to the details and only invest in a marriage proposal when “yes” is a certainty in your relationship!

2. What is the difference between wedding ring and engagement ring?

Are wedding rings and engagement rings the same thing?

Blue sapphire engagement rings traditionally it is the jewel that represents the marriage proposal. In other words, the engagement ring symbolizes that the couple made a commitment to get married soon!

3. Why buy an engagement ring?

If the marriage proposal can be made with the rings, why buy an engagement ring?

Have you ever stopped to think that she has been dreaming of this marriage proposal for a long time? And between you and me, I bet you have also dreamed of the moment when you would marry the woman of your life.

Of course, you can go straight to the point and already buy the rings. But the main reason for you to opt for an engagement ring when ordering is because she will simply love it! Do you know those details that make all the difference? The engagement ring is one of them.

The ring will be a daily reminder of the most exciting “yes” in your life: every time she looks at jewelry, she will remember how the marriage proposal you planned with all her affection for.

4. The tradition of the engagement ring

Does it only exist in movies?

Surely you have seen in a movie the famous scene where a boy kneels in front of a girl with a beautiful diamond ring, right? But was this just a Hollywood tradition? Nothing like that.

One of the charms of this jewel is the fact that the jewel has been a symbol of love for centuries.

5. How much does an engagement ring cost?

After all, how much will I spend to buy an engagement ring?

The value of blue sapphire engagement rings is very variable! Really much! The good news is that there are rings for every taste and for every pocket. How much you will spend is a very personal decision.

Many boyfriends fail to present their future brides with this jewel because they think it will be too expensive. This is not true! You can find a beautiful ring that fits your budget!

One of the myths about the engagement ring is to imagine that it needs to be expensive and have a huge diamond. Nothing like that. Remember that one of the most important factors of the engagement ring is its sentimental value, impossible to be financially defined.

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