Beautiful Aquamarine Rings below $1000

Top 11 Low Prized Stunning Aquamarine Rings –BBB GEM designs

The sea-water stone makes perfect Aquamarine rings that emit soothing energy. The beautiful aquamarine is the birthstone for March people. Moreover, Madagascar, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Columbia, India, and Russia is exporting aquamarine throughout the world.

About Aquamarine:

Likewise emerald aquamarine belongs to the family of Beryl. Aquamarine is an affordable choice for engagement rings. However, the deep blue color aquamarine is quite expensive.

Mostly aquamarine is heat treated when used in jewelry to deepen its blue color. But raw aquamarine provides more potent energy.

Aquamarine has a stiffness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale.

Aquamarine rings

Benefits of Wearing Aquamarine Rings:

It settles emotional trauma.

The stone also cools off high temper.

The aquamarine gem relieves stress.

Moreover, it clears the mind and calms the heart.

Value of Aquamarine:

Since greenish-blue stones are available in large size. Therefore the value of stone does not increase per carat for large gems. Similarly, the worth of a gem is dependent upon clarity, tone, and purity of color.

Identifying Characteristics for perfect Aquamarine ring:


Imperfections are indeed an intriguing highlight of this gemstone. Beryl, and sea blue stone specifically, are known for having long, empty cylinders. Hence this unique characteristic will distinguish a gem as an individual from the beryl family.

This Greenish bluestone may have translucent and metallic imperfection. For example, biotite, hematite, limonite, phlogopite, pyrite, and rutile in skeletal precious stones. They may likewise contain precious stones of apatite, cassiterite, epidote, garnet, muscovite; quartz, and tourmaline. A few stones contain “snow-stars,” sporadically molded fluid beads in a star shape. The Martha Rocha greenish-blue has noteworthy “snow-star” inclusions.

Cat’s Eyes and Star aquamarine:

With enough empty cylinder inclusions and legitimate cutting, sea blue stone can show chatoyancy and even asterism. The cat-eye aquamarine has a high price in the market. Moreover, their costs are exceptionally near that of perfect, faceted diamonds with a similar shading. On the other hand, Star aquamarine is much more uncommon than the cat’s eyes and can be sold for premium costs.

Finally, without any delay, let me introduce you to the 11 most beautiful aquamarine rings. Scroll down.

15 Mesmerizing low prized Aquamarine Rings from BBBGEM:

6x8mm Oval Aquamarine Rings Diamond Wedding Ring 14k White Gold Blue Gemstone Antique Design

This Antique design oval cut aquamarine with 14k white gold band is a class apart choice for an engagement ring. Furthermore, it is also surrounded by 0.15ctw round cut SI-H conflict-free diamonds which creates a double sparkling look.

Similarly, this ring is a perfect choice to increase the beauty of your hands. You can get this magnificent piece for just $365.00.Isn’t it interesting?

7mm Round Cut Aquamarine Rings Diamond Wedding Ring 14k Rose Gold Halo Prong Set

If you want to choose an impeccable ring. Then you should go for a 14K rose gold Halo prong set. This 7mm round cut 1.20ctw. Natural blue aquamarine ring additionally contains 0.24ctw. Round cut diamonds. Have a low budget with a desire for an exceptional piece? This is the quintessential choice cost only $451.00. Therefore buy this and look a sight!!

3.01ctw Cushion Aquamarine Rings Diamond Wedding Ring 14k White Gold Fashion Pave Set

This 3.01 cushion cut IF blue aquamarine ring with the white gold band which consists of 0.15ctw diamonds has our heart. Above all this exceptional piece is available for just $645.00. Finally a nice option for people with a low budget.

Asscher cut Aquamarine ring set-Solid 14k white gold-handmade Diamond Wedding ring-2PC Stacking ring-6.5mm birthstone of March:

If you are fond of handmade rings. This aquamarine ring with a main stone of 6.5mm Asscher cut natural aquamarine looks like a million-dollar piece. Additionally, the accent stones of diamonds bring positive feels.

Furthermore, this ring can be made in solid 10K,14K, and 18K gold with diamonds of your choice.

Aquamarine and Diamond Rings 14k/18k Gold Engagement Promise Ring Halo Claw Prongs

14K Aquamarine white gold ring with a bottom band width of approx. 1.2 mm is a classy choice.6*8 mm oval cut 1.2-carat natural blue aquamarine with 0.22 carat round cut conflict-free diamonds is only available for $455.00.

Furthermore, this product has 30 days money-back guarantee with free shipping to the U.S.On the other hand Ring, size, and choice of gems can be customized as per your desire.

5x7mm Emerald Cut Aquamarine Rings Diamond Wedding Ring 14k White Gold Unique Prong Set:

The emerald cut design is by far the most amazing piece. The 1.03 ctw emerald cut natural IF blue aquamarine looks exquisite. Additionally, this piece with solid 14K white gold can be shipped at your place in the US for just $358.00.

8mm Round Aquamarine Engagement Rings Diamond Wedding Ring 14k Rose Gold Blue Gemstone Fashion Pave

8mm 1.8ctw round cut IF blue aquamarine with intricate band design is a beauty mark. Thus spend $545.00 to mesmerize everyone with your wedding ring.

Aquamarine rings 2020

6x8mm Oval Aquamarine Engagement Rings Diamond Wedding Ring 14k Rose Gold Blue Gemstone Pave Thin Design Cushion Halo:

You can pay a reasonable amount of just $499.00 for a 6*8mm oval cut 1.30ctw natural blue aquamarine ring. Purchase solid 14K rose gold for a big draw.

6x8mm Oval Aquamarine Engagement Rings Diamond Wedding Ring 14k White Gold Blue Gemstone Curved Unique Antique Design

The solid 14K white gold with 6*8mm oval cut 1.2ct VVS natural aquamarine ring is indeed a sight of beauty. Equally, important thing is to get this beautiful piece for $475.00 only. What more you can ask for!! Order this curve beauty now.

0.5 Carat Round Aquamarine Rings 14k White Gold Milgrain Bezel Set:

Love simple and beautiful design then choose this ring to match your taste. This aquamarine white gold ring with a bottom bandwidth of approx. 1.4mm indeed represents a classical preference.

0.5 Carat Round Aquamarine Bridal Set Diamond Wedding Ring 14k Rose Gold Art Deco Curve Matching Band:

The classic 5mm round cut 0.5-carat natural blue aquamarine with VS clarity is available for just $599.00.Then what are you waiting for click buy now to earn a delicate piece for your wedding ring collection?

We can make customized products as per your preference .reach out to us today.

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