BBBGEM:How To Wear Your Amethyst Engagement Ring?

Amethyst engagement ring is well known as a favorite gemstone ring which has a unique many of people love purple because of its noble and romantic feature.
According to legend, amethyst can bring inspiration and love, on the evaluation of the amethyst, it can be summed up almost contains the mysterious, romantic, elegant and all the good words,However, What do we need to pay attention to when we wear amethyst jewelry?Today bbbgem will tell you six ways to protect your amethyst.
Amethyst is a beautiful but fragile gemstone,it is easy to broken when you wear it to collide with the hard objects or fall.

Normally gems are easy to damage in high concentrations of chlorine bleach, so you need to take off you ring when you in the bath, laundry, cooking, detergent and tap water contain the chlorine that easy to corrode amethyst bracelet, and amethyst will lose the original Color.

Hot environment and Strong ultraviolet light can damage gemstone easily,be sure to remember not to place the amethyst ring in these places to avoid fading.

Avoid contact with cosmetics, in modern society, cosmetics more or less will contain mercury substances, such as 925 sterling silver or solid 14k/18k amethyst jewelry, contact with these substances are prone to cause chemical reactions appear spots, So it is necessary to take off your jewelry when you make up 

Exercise, bathing and swimming time should be removed amethyst bracelet, try to avoid contact with sweat, because these acidic substances will erode amethyst bracelet.

After a period of normal wear,It wold better to do with amethyst engagement ring by demagnetization purification maintenance. Normally one useful way is the keep salt demagnetization method, this is relatively simple, generally 1-3 months to clean once. you can also buy a crystal hole or crystal cluster for demagnetization evolution.

There are other gemstones such as morganite,moissanite and aquamarine. If you are looking for gemstone rings,we suggest you take a look the great collection of white,yellow or rose gold engagement rings on BBBGEM.

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